COLLIDE  (The Solomon Experiment #1) by Christine FonsecaCollide by Christine Fonseca
Series: The Solomon Experiment #1
Published by Christine Fonseca on July 7th 2014
Pages: 264
Genres: Action & Adventure, Fiction, Paranormal, Young Adult
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The most dangerous secrets are the ones that kill.

When a surprising mental breakdown draws too much attention from a secret government group call the Order, 17-year-old Dakota discovers that her so-called boring life isn’t so boring after all. Between the lies, secrets and assassins out to kill her family, Dakota discovers there’s more to paranormal activity than ghosts and cheap mind tricks. Now she must uncover the truth before a new breed of terrorism takes everything away – including her life.

Reading time 2 mins

I was so looking forward to this book. The cover is awesome. The premise has so much promise. The delivery fell flat me, though. I have to admit that I didn’t finish this book. I got 77% through this book. I got the gist of what the story was about. I met the characters (even the ones that died right away), I just couldn’t get into this book. There was not enough of an intro to get me attached before things started to fall apart.

Maya and her brother were part of an experiment that gives them special powers. They are being chased by government agents. There is a bit of misinformation given to Maya to try to keep her safe. Everyone knows but her… Maya has special powers but she doesn’t use them when she needs to. This girl just frustrated me. There were big gaps in her memory and her story. There wasn’t enough of her for me to like Maya or care about her story.

This book has switching POVs which might have been part of the problem for me. It was so confusing from the start and then it picked up and started to make sense. By then, I had lost a lot of interest. There were a few scenes in this book that were well written. Most of what I read lacked the sort of detail to keep a readers attention.

I know I am in the minority here. This book was loved by plenty of people, so don’t let this one bad review stop you from seeing for yourself. I, however, could not force myself to read another page.

About this author

Critically acclaimed nonfiction and YA author Christine Fonseca is dedicated to helping children of all ages find their voice in the world. Drawing on her expertise as an educational psychologist, her nonfiction titles address issues of emotional intensity, resiliency and giftedness. In fiction, she explores the darker aspects of humanity and delivers gothic thrillers that take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. In life, she teaches her own children to embrace their unique talents and find their voice by being a force of positive change in the world.
When she’s not writing or developing programs to support children with exceptional needs, she can be found spending time with her family, sipping too many skinny vanilla lattes at her favorite coffee house or playing around on Facebook and Twitter. For more information about Christine Fonseca or her books, visit her:

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