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Ah, Christmas! That time of year that is all about the decorations and lights. I do love decorating for Christmas. It is something I have always done (no matter how poor we were). There is something really magical about this time of year.

Unfortunately, I have no decorations of my own to show you. As some of you are aware, we are closing on a house Friday. Which means we are about to move….it is happening tomorrow! My tree is sitting in a box in my storage room right now. All of my decorations are in another box under it. I am really sad about it. Monday my baby boy asked “if” we could please get a Christmas tree. That broke my heart. This is pretty hard for him to understand. I vow to spend a few hours once we get into the new house setting up the tree, and then decorating the house outside. I actually has aspirations of getting one of these…


I especially LOVE snowglobes. They are like my favorite little trinkets. Having one in the front yard would be like, it would be like HEAVEN.

I would love to go all out and make my home the most ridiculously lit on the block. I want my house to look like this…


Hehe! My neighbors would hate me, (not to mention the flak my Miguel would give my for the power used on something outside). So I am a bit more conservative. Mostly because we move around so much. Give me a few years though, I’ll get there.

Oh, but I do have some pretty cool Christmas traditions. Okay, I have ONE cool tradition, every year I let each child buy a new ornament for the tree. I have them all marked with the child’s name and year. The goal is that they take those eyesores really cool ornaments with them and then they have a bunch of ornaments for their own trees. The ornaments are to remind them of all the awesome Christmases we have had over the years. Then each child will have decorations for their own tree, (in their OWN homes).

Realistically, I wish my tree looked like this….


Let’s face it though, with all those different decorations, my tree will never look like that! I got Chewbacca next to Bart Simpson sitting over a Ballerina from the year 2002. My tree is stuffed with ornaments from 4 children with 4 very different tastes. My tree is a hodgepodge of children’s stuff, and a few “babies first” ornaments. Also, I got a nice collection of hand-made ornaments that only a mother could love. I can’t find a single picture of a recent Christmas tree at my house without my favorite decorations in front of it.

Actually, these are my favorite decorations…


I would LOVE to see your decorations!

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