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I have been thinking about this topic a lot. I am not talking about which actual books you read next, but how I pick books for the future, even into next year, that I want to read.

I mainly read new releases and it is hard to know which ones will be a hit, but I have found plenty of ways to find which books are coming up that are a good bet. There are so many resources I use and I wonder if other bloggers/readers use some of the same methods. Here are the places I look to find books to add to my TBR. Plus, this gives me another reason for a list type post, and I love lists.

Bloggers on Goodreads

Some people are super-duper organized and have books on their wishlist way in advance. I sometimes look through my friend’s wishlists on Goodreads to see what is coming out next, especially if we have similar taste. Unlike them, my wishlist mostly contains books I missed the boat on. There are a few new releases, but more than not I have back list books.


This actually took me a long time to figure out. If you are on Goodreads (and you really should be) click Browse from the top menu, then go down to New Releases and click that. Then scroll to the bottom and hit next month again and again and you will see the books the most readers are adding to their TBRs. I also click more new releases (found on the right under the covers) for even more books coming out that month. This isn’t foolproof as some books have more than one release date (why should it come out at different times for different continents I will never understand), so I choose carefully from these lists.


NetGalley is the hero and villain of my TBR. I am currently sitting at 89% but it takes all my willpower to control which books I request from here. That tab on the left saying Most Requested is my favorite haunt. Some of those books aren’t even available anymore, or they are available in another country, but I still look anyways.

Publisher Catalogs

I don’t use these as much, but there was a time when they were my go-to for new releases to add to my TBR. I love Edelweiss for this. From the front page I just click which publisher I want to view (some approve almost all of my requests and some don’t). If the book I am interested in is not available on Edelweiss, I just go over to NetGalley and request it there. If I still can’t find it, I will sometimes write the publisher and request it directly (please note: some of these contacts may be old since I wrote that post 2 years ago). You can also google Publisher’s Name Catalog Season Year (ex: St. Martin’s Press Catalog Winter 2018). Most publishing houses have contact information for requesting reviews right on their website.

Bloggers’ Blogs

Maybe this should have been first since I use this one most frequently. Those reviews and recommendation lists keep my TBR list pretty full. I have more than some backlist books on my TBR thanks to those lovely reviews of books I didn’t know I needed to read. Recent TBR adds and reads from bloggers I have read include: I have included the type of post they wrote that made me want to read the book.

Recommendations from Publishers

Review enough and you are bound to end up on some pub’s email list. I currently get direct email recommendations from St.Martin’s Press and Sourcebooks. Sometimes it is a book by an author I have read before, and sometimes it is random. I almost always download these books.

Shelf Awareness

I really enjoy getting these daily emails from Shelf Awareness. Some of what they recommend is not to my taste, but a lot of my books come from their giveaways. I have to take all their reviews with a grain of salt since I have never seen a negative review ever, but I have found a few gems there worth my time.

So that is pretty much where I find books for my TBR. I definitely choose books by their cover for the most part, so maybe that is worth mentioning here, too. I rarely read indie books but if I did I would have no problem finding them since authors contact me so much from my contact page, even though it clearly says I am not taking any review requests at this time.

Anyways, do you use any of these methods? Am I missing some cool way to find new books?

How do you find books to add to your TBR?


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