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If my reads and I were a relationship I would be alone, left a long time ago. Despite what my man thinks, (he is always reminding me I read too much, as if!) I do much more than just read. First of all, I have four, yes 4, children. Free time is a myth for an adult in my home. I work full time, too. I cheat on my job sometimes with my reads. Shhh! Don’t tell, but sometimes I sneak a peak when I get a moment. I do not watch too much television anymore. The book is just much better for me most of the time. I don’t miss parts because I get interrupted. I don’t have to ask what I missed. Hell, I can even take a book with me into the kitchen when I thirst, or into bathroom when I need a pee break

Of course, I watch The Walking Dead. It is only on for a month of two during the year, but I keep that hour long commitment weekly when it is in season.

I glimpse from time to time what my Miguel is watching. I watch movies occasionally. We rent movies almost weekly, and when it is something I wanted to see, I put the book down and watch. I have a few movies I can watch again and again, even though I have seen them a hundred times. (Mostly movies with Russel Crowe; Mystery, Alaska, Gadiator, Cinderella Man, and few without him. I didn’t even realize in had so many favorite movies with him in it, until Miguel called me out. “That’s your boy!” he said as we watched the Superman trailer.) Anyways, I do more than read. If one of my favorite movies is on, I catch myself drifting from my book. I don’t look at it as cheating.

Reading is something I do for fun, so I don’t feel bad when my life keeps me from reading.

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