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Lifestyle Mentors

Another awesome weekend! We went to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL…..again! I really love that club!
We went both Friday and Saturday night. We won a VIP pass a few weeks ago that gives us a discount on the entrance fee, so we are taking FULL advantage of it!
Sorry to say that we didn’t play with anyone this past weekend. Sometimes it is like that…
Of course we met some new people. We met a couple that comes pretty regularly. To be honest, I have not approached this couple because well….she looks like she is really focused on her man. They are both pretty focused on each other and I have never seen them talk to anyone. I really thought they just weren’t into other people (swinger club does not always = swingers only). I was wrong! She has an un-approachable look, but she is super-sweet. And oh did I mention sexy? Both of them are really sexy, but pretty shy. As a result of lack of aggression to pursue other couples (or singles) they have never had an encounter. I don’t wanna say how long they have been going to swinger clubs,…….but it has been a long time. We would have been happy to pop that cherry, but they did not get full access. There was mention of a hotel? Why would we go to a hotel when the club we are at has lodging right there?? Ahhh! Maybe next time. They have our number (card), maybe they’ll get bold.
Okay moving on….
We met some great people on Saturday….hopefully soon to be FWB! Saturday was a White Out Party at Eyz Wide Shut. Miguel and I dressed in white from head to toe. I wore some new white jeans with a white undershirt and Miguel’s dress shirt on and tied up with white sandles. We should have got pics, duh! Oh well! Miguel said it looked really good. I loved that many people there wore white. The black lights made everyone glow. We had more than a few drinks and danced so much I think I wore my thighs out! I talked to so many people and gave out some cards.

One couple in particular we met were newbies. They were smoking hot and young. I think I met her in the bathroom, typical me (I talk to everyone, making friends in the loo sounds so like me!). Anyways, they had a whole bunch of questions and Miguel and I took our time to try to answer honestly as much as we could. We encouraged them to do what feels good and to tell potential hook-ups their rules before play. *That was a lesson we learned the hard way* After about 20 minutes she said, “You guys are like our swinger mentors!”
Miguel and I just looked at each other, sure we’ll take on that role! We suggested to this couple to start off by what turned them on about it, being watched. We told them about our experience How It All Started. Later we saw this couple enjoying a little exhibitionism, fucking doggie style with the curtains to their room open. They had quite a crowd enjoying in pure voyeuristic fashion. We enjoyed the show as well! (Thanks sexy newbies!!!)

We do alot of talking to newbie couples. Swingers are suppose to be, by nature, friendly people. I have seen many couples talking to newbies and offering advice. This is a good thing. I recommend every new couple thinking about going into the lifestyle talk to someone that has been there. Most of what is second nature to Miguel and I now, is because we have had a bad experience and learned the hard way. We have also seen plenty of couples cum and go. They start off for the wrong reasons or don’t have any idea what this may do to impact their relationship. Then we see them on the site….they become singles. Or worse! They walk away, with the wrong idea of what the lifestyle is about, never to trust anyone enough to play again. So sad!
If you are thinking about the lifestyle, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some great places to start are Swingers AtticGentle Nibbles, and or 7946437 (that spells SWINGER on a keypad). Swingers Attic and Gentle Nibbles have both covered a wide range of topics and they will answer a question if you submit it directly to them. Lots of swinger websites have forums Swinglifestyle has one here and there you can set up a free account and ask away.
Of course you can e-mail me directly…[email protected] I will respond and post (anonymously if you wish) any questions that you ask of me…..
Till next time Lovelies! Keep it sexy


Three Times we’re out

Finally! I am ready to tell you about Saturday night. Is it too late?
Nah! It is only Tuesday, and this is a short week anyways…us Irish folks are gonna start the weekend on Thursday.
We went to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL….I don’t have the camouflage skirt in these pics put the stockings are enough to tell the story I think….

We ended up going over to the lodging side about three separate times. I knew it was gonna be a really hot night. I could feel it. We choose to go into the orgy room. There were people all over the room in various states of arousal and lust. I saw people there letting their inhibitions go. All the couples played separately, but together, in this massive room of sex.


We started out with Miguel licking and sucking to get me ready, but every session of lust ended with me riding his cock. I didn’t mind at all cause sitting up gave me a great view of all the sex going on around me. We had a few couples just watching. Some were just getting or receiving oral, most were fucking. Feeding off of all the sexy people in the room. I saw a couple across from us and he was jacking his cock on her clit. He was probably trying to get it hard, but she was getting off on it and it was so damned sexy to watch.

Friendly Friday

This weekend we did not go to the club.
I know, WTF?  Money is kinda tight right now so we decided not to go.
We did have some fun Friday night thou….

I invited my best friend over since she had a recent break-up with her loser boyfriend of two years and it was her birthday weekend.  A single guy I know wanted to meet her, so we went over his place.  This guy is good looking, a great host, and he has a hot tub, so it didn’t take too much to talk her into it.  (I have never actually had sex with my best friend right there, and I am pretty sure this was her first swing with another couple.)  I tried not to think too much about it and I went with the flow…..had a few drinks, got naked, got in the hot tub….played with Miguel….rode to orgasm on one of the jets…..had sex with Miguel with both of them watching.
I got right up on Miguel and rode his cock in the hot tub. He was sitting in one of the corners of the tub and I fucked him like a frog.  Ahhh slippery sex with an audience, I loved it!
I am such a slut!
I noticed that they were getting to know each other better, too. I couldn’t see it cause of all the bubbles but there was definitely some manual manipulation going on under the water.
I decided we should go in the house and fuck on his king sized bed.  I sat down and sucked Miguel’s cock, not that it needed and help from me…he was rock hard and I could taste his pre-cum.  When I stopped Miguel motioned for me to lay back, so when the two of them walked in that was what they saw.  Miguel’s face buried in my pussy, and me writhing to his titillating tongue.  I heard them talking in low whispers and then the guy appeared on the bed next to me.  He was on his knees with his cock in my face and I engulfed it into my mouth.  It was difficult to concentrate with Miguel working on my pussy but I did my best to suck his cock and lick his shaft and balls.  Then I felt warm breath on my face and smelled the cigarettes on her breath as my best friend got as close as she dared to the cock I was loving with my mouth.  The guy told me later that she was extremely wet from watching me and totally ready to go after this.  He pulled his cock out of my mouth and buried his face in her pussy, just as Miguel was getting his cock ready to enter me.  When we re-positioned, he had her bent over the bed and was fucking her from behind.
Miguel and I fucked like we hadn’t had sex in a week with grinding and moaning and hunching to relieve the pressure of our stressful lives.  I got what I needed to feel whole again as he fucked me.  He had his eyes closed every time I looked at his face, the fuck face that tells me he is enjoying the feeling too much to look.  We were both getting exactly what we needed with this fuck.
I looked over again and she was fucking him while he lay on his back.  She had her knees hiked up for better leverage and she had her eyes closed, off somewhere else as she rode his cock to orgasm.  She came with a loud moan and Miguel and I climaxed together shortly thereafter.  Later the guy told me that after I left the room to get cleaned-up, he had just talked her into letting Miguel have a try.  Sexy whispering into her ear that double penetration would be so fuckin hot, and she said yes.  Miguel didn’t know, and he was spent anyways, as he walked out of the room. Missed opportunity, maybe next time…..

So that was our Friday night excitement.  We got traditional Taco bell on the way home and my best friend stayed the night with us.
Saturday and the better part of today were spent trying to get one of our vehicles fixed, and we were successful.  I feel so good that I was able to help Miguel with this endeavor.  I found time to go to the gym with all my kids in tow and I actually got some homework done.  We might have something with a single guy lined up for tonight so stayed tuned. The weekend isn’t over yet!

I have got some interesting comments on the masturbation blog and the poll. People are seriously getting off, by themselves, a hell of a lot more than I expected.  Glad to know we are all perverted and into pleasure.

The results were that most people masturbate 1-3
times a day. Shocking! Okay, maybe not so much considering the content of my blog….. I only masturbate about once a week now but when I was single it was at least once everyday.

An equal amount of people like newbie and experienced couples. I like experienced a bit more, but I have had some great newbie hook-ups so I don’t really have a preference.

And most people use AFF or SLS or “none” to hook up with new people. I would say we have used AFF for some and SLS and some we just meet at clubs. I am gonna assume my audience is about the same slutiness as me……yum!

I got some new polls up, so get your vote in.
Want more pics? How would you like daily pics? How would you feel about some pics of me suffering “jungle fever?”
Leave me a comment and tell me what you more of, (or less). If you are reading me on your kindle (thank you!) and feel free to contact me I would love to hear from you.

Bad Girl

Wow! I totally neglected you all on Valentine’s day….damn I am so sorry!
If it makes you feel any better, Miguel and I did not even have sex on Valentine’s Day
I know!  Unbelievable right?
Well it is just that we had sooo much fucking over the weekend, and then the baby is the best cock-block I have ever seen.  He wakes everyone else if we just let him cry in the crib, blah, blah, blah!  I know you don’t really care about that, just know that we would be fucking a whole lot more if we could.
I realized looking at the date of my last blog, that those events actually transpired on Friday night.
So, I actually still have Saturday to tell you about…..
We went back to EWS, it was crowded with sexy couples.  Miguel and I did some drinking and dancing.  It is such a turn-on to have my Miguel dance with me…so then we go next door to the lodging.
Miguel heads straight for the dungeon room.  Lucky for us the x-cross is unoccupied.  I walk over to it and Miguel whips a blindfold out of his pocket.  He covers my eyes and straps me into x-cross, this time I am facing him.  He pulls down my top exposing my breasts and then he reached and pulls my pants down to my knees.  He tells me to turn to the side and he told me what a bad girl I was, smacking my ass.  He reached down and rubbed my clit and fingered my pussy.  I know at this point we did have an audience because I heard other voices.  I was so bad getting so wet in such a submissive position.  I can’t help it, I want a man to be in control.  I want to be conquered and ordered around.  Sex is where I relinquish control of myself.  I just wanna please and be pleasured.  So when Miguel takes my arms down and tells me he is gonna take me to a room and fuck me, I get dressed enough to walk the hallway and leave the blindfold on.  I let him lead me through the crowd of people to a room.  The attendant lets us in a room.  Later she smiles at me knowing I was the bad girl who got smacked and fingered and fucked, I guess it is nothing new for her.  We go into a room and Miguel has me lay down with my knees under me so he can fuck me from behind.  When he slams his cock in my wet pussy I moan and cum right away.  I am such a bad girl when he rubs my clit as he fucks me and I moan some more, telling him “Yes, I am a bad girl”.

He asks me if I want another man to fuck me, too. Of course I do and he withdraws his cock and pulls the blindfold off.  He tells me to look to the left out the door at the man in the suit, he asks if he will do.  Yes, I tell him and he calls him in.  We thought the guy looked Hispanic and I was looking forward to hearing my Miguel  converse in Spanish about the situation unfolding.  He was Greek instead, so he spoke with an accent.  He was so handsome but his cock was pretty small. Thank God he knew how to find my clit and he played and played with it till I was shaking from orgasm.  Gonna skip right over the sex with him, cuz it was quite disappointing.  He came in the condom, and before he had the thing all the way off, Miguel was on the bed telling me to sit on his cock.  I rode his cock while handsome Greek guy played with my tits.  Miguel came in buckets in my pussy and it ran down my legs as I un-straddled him.  Hot sticky cum warm on my inner thighs.
We cleaned up and went back to the club for something to drink.  Outside we met a couple that was brand new…..they were sooo hot!  We gave them a card and tried to make them feel comfortable.  I guess we succeeded cuz they e-mailed us a few days ago.  Mmmm, hot newbie couple……awesome!  I might get to pop a cherry.


Eyz Wide Shut x3

Last night was pretty fucking awesome! I drank before we left so I was buzzed the moment we walked in the door. It was a sexy scene. Most of the women that go there do not dress as provocative as I was dressed last night so I generated a bit of attention. The only dress rules for women there are that they gotta wear panties and the areolas must be covered. I met the requirements, barely… top kept sliding. Well my tits are pretty small, (sigh!). That is the first thing I am gonna fix if we ever get enough money…..New boobies for me! I don’t want like DD or anything. I am only a B now I just want a really full C cup. I know guys always say a handful (or is it mouthful) is enough, but I want more!

Miguel went to the bar for me all night, so I really have no idea how many beers I had….enough I guess. Everytime I needed a beer, it just showed up. We met the couple there that we were suppose to, but they were really talking to another couple. She is a little older than me and I think they were probably a more comfortable match. We met another really hot couple, they were newbies. I mean new-newbies. Everytime I saw them outside, a different couple was trying to give them newbie advice. Happy not to be there anymore! Although if you think about it, every new adventure is totally different. So you never really get out of the newbie stage in that sence. But as far as the testing of trust in the relationship, I am totally happy that phase is over.

We danced a lot! I had new shoes and this actually didn’t cause me any problems, except that it made me slightly taller than Miguel. He is 5’10″, I am 5’8″ so in a 6 inch heel, …..well you get the picture. Anyways, we didn’t hook up with anyone else…. I think we just get to this point that we wanna go fuck, and well, I didn’t wanna have to wait to see if anyone else wants to join in. We went next door to the lodging and into the big common room. There are plenty of places to fuck there and I laid back on a bed. There was another couple there fucking on the bed in the corner and we love to have company. The sheets on the bed are black leather, it feels good on my skin. Miguel takes down his pants and I lick and suck his cock till he tells me to stop. Then he gets dressed and says he wants to go back to the party. I throw a bit of a temper tantrum on the way to the door, and he gets bit frustrated with me. Ya, I am like that sometimes. It is pissing Miguel off. I love him so much I want him to read my mind, and want what I want, when I want it…..kinda ridiculous! He gets almost angry and says, “What babe, you want me to fuck you right now?”  ….YES! Right now, at least a little bit. So he throws me over a lounge type chair (gently, and I am so willing), pulls my panties to the side and fucks me right there. I have one leg on the floor and one leg cocked up so he can get it in better. He fucks me till I cum real good on his cock, then he stops and sacastically asks if we can go back to the party now? Yes we can…..

Ok so fast forward threw the party a bit, we danced, I smoked, we drank, we got really horny…went back to the lodging, and back to the big common room. This time the room was full. I mean really full. There were sex acts happening everywhere I looked. There was nowhere for us….but just then I saw what looked like a leather dentist chair. An awesome sight to me, since I was totally ready to get fucked again. I had Miguel lay back on the chair and expose his cock so I could get it mice and hard with my mouth. I pulled off my panties and straddled his cock. This position is a little comical for us since Miguel used to be a dentist’s assistant. I fucked him real good, and gave anyone who might have been looking a good show. The angle would have been perfect for anyone to see his cock, slick with my juices, sliding in and out. I went real slow, then fast them slow again till Miguel told me to stop. He wasn’t ready to cum just yet….

Fast forward again threw the party, we drank, I smoked, we danced, I was so fucking horny……went back to the lodging. This time we decided to get our own room. Miguel pulled a surprise out of his pocket….the blindfold! I stripped down and put the blindfold on. I laid on my stomach and begged him to fuck me good. He did just that, then I asked him to put it in my ass.
He did.
I worked my clit the whole time rubbing it and pinching it, I was so horny.
He got his cock nice and wet with my pussy juices.
He took his time and slowly, gently guided his cock in my ass.
Then he slowly started to work it in and out. He could go really fast or be rough cuz my ass is so tender and tight, but it felt so good.
Eventually he could take it anymore. He pulled out and wasked his cock off in the sink, then he came back and rammed my pussy. He told me to stand up and put my hands on the window as he fucked me standing up from behind. I can’t really tell you if we had an audience. I still had the blindfold on. The angle wasn’t perfect, (I should of put those shoes back on!), so he had me lay back on the bed and he rammed my pussy with his cock. The he moaned and he came inside me.
It was an awesome night.


Christmas at Eyz Wide Shut

We went to a different club on Christmas night. I had a blast and met some new people. We also saw some old friends there. Something so nice about fucking in a different atmosphere, ya know?

It was kind of a drive from our house, but what the hell it was Christmas and like the only place open. Except for the fact that it was a little expensive, we will definitely go again. They had a full liquor bar and a buffet bar. It was only half-price to get in so that saved us a little dough. The play rooms at this bar were totally separate, but very tastefully done. All the rooms had curtained windows except one….we didn’t play in that room. The website for this club is: Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL.
I know all my local friends have probably been there, but we are such creatures of habit…it kinda took us a while.

Miguel and I got there and I still had a purty good buzz from the Christmas day cheer at home. We danced……a lot. Miguel has all these sexy moves that I never knew about.  I read on the site that they might have a dance off for some adult toys… but when I asked the DJ when that would be she said they decided not to have a contest since the crowd was kinda thin. The DJ did hook us up with a year free membership to Love Voodoo

We played, just the two of us, in one of the rooms. They had a huge common room with some real sexy couples playing right for everyone to see. Miguel and I got so hot watching that he gave me some great head right there with strangers looking on. We met some really sexy couples but it was our first time there and we didn’t think to bring any condoms….our regular club has them all over the place. This club didn’t, they did have some for sale but we had already spent all our money at the bar….ooops! Well next time we will come prepared.

We have been pretty relaxed this past week. Miguel and I have been chillin at home for the most part. Now that Christmas is behind us we can start looking for someone to help us try out this strap-on….

Fantasy Girl (con’t)

…….He immediately gripped my breasts and pinched and tweaked both my nipples and engulfed them each in his mouth licking and sucking them with suck urgency it bordered on pain. I fumbled with his belt, button and zipper to free his now fully erect cock. He picked his head up from my chest and looked me in the eye and turned me around so that I could sit on the wooded bench. He reached down and pulled his pants and shirt completely off so that he now stood naked before me. Then he reached over and pushed a curious button on the wall. Then a shade lifted and we could see the guy in the room next door. He was stroking his cock and now turned his attention from the movie playing in his room to the action unfolding in ours.

My attention was focused on the man in the next room who was now standing next to the glass so he could get a better view. He was a tall man with dark hair and his cock was large and strained as he pulled and stroked mindlessly to get to his climax. My guy told me to keep my skirt on as he pulled my panties down. I was so wet and remarked at that as he played with my clit and easily stuck two fingers in my pussy. He got down on his knees and buried his face in my snatch and I gasped as he moaned and licked and sucked on my clit, with his two fingers fucking me. I climaxed easily and came all over his face. He then got next to me on the bench and told me to ride his cock.

I quickly assessed that he meant for me to face away from him, and I got in front of him and turned around. I lowered myself on his cock and it slid right in. He groaned as it went in and then he put his hands on my hips and helped with the tempo as I bounced my pussy on his cock, covering it with my juices. We fucked like that for a few minutes and I was sticky with sweat. He pushed me forward to gain access to my asshole and worked a finger in. I was bent all the way forward with my hands on the dirty floor. I couldn’t keep up with how fast he wanted to fuck so he told me to stand up. I knew he wanted to fuck me doggie style. I bent way over with my legs straight and put my hands on the bench. He stood behind me and rammed his cock in my pussy so hard I almost fell over. The guy next door was really enjoying the show. His face distorted when I looked over and he came. His cum shot all over the glass and onto the floor. My guy was fucking me hard and ramming two fingers in my ass, giving me such pleasure I wasn’t sure when I was cumming. It was so lubricated and I tightened my pussy muscles to help him come. He moaned and increased his speed. I fucked him back for all I was worth. I knew he would come soon and when he did I felt his cum flood my pussy.

When he pulled out some of his cum mixed with mine ran down my legs. I felt so deliciously whoreish and he promised there was more to cum when we got home. He pushed the button for the shade to go down. I tried to put on my panties and he told me not to as he put them in his pocket. I pulled my skirt down and put my tank top back on, trying to look somewhat put together before we walked out. When we walked back to the front of the store we saw the clerk again. He had the same smile and I recognized him as the guy in the next booth! He thanked us as he walked us to the door and unlocked it. Apparently, he closed shop when we walked in and got in the booth next to us hopeful for a free show. I guess he got his wish.


How It All Started

One of our favorite questions is “Whose idea was this?” We always ask new couples that we meet and it is almost always the guy who brought it up. Wanting to spice things up, or he was feeling like a stallion stud and wanted to share his hot tamale with a lucky friend, or they had a female friend and she got in the mix one night. Of course in my relationship, it was Miguel’s idea.
I think it is always interesting to hear the story, so I am gonna tell you mine.

We used to go out to bars to play pool and one night Miguel said he was taking me somewhere special. I got dressed in my sexy black dress and we headed out. We had talked about it for a few weeks and I had shared my experiences….seems like I had something extracurricular in all of my past “monogamous” relationships. With the guys consent of course, or we had talked about inviting someone in our bed….damn that was a reoccurring theme in all my past relationships, how much different could it really be to have a swinger title?
So we headed out to a swinger club. I gotta be honest, I was scared. What kind of people do this? Ewww, is it gonna be a bunch of ugly people who hate their mates. Or is it gonna be a bunch of porn stars that I can’t even compete with? We met both that night at the club for the first time. Mostly thou it was people like us…voyeurs and exhibitionists, people who like to get sexy and fuck…
We had a few drinks, we watched other people. I gave Miguel head in a room full of people, most didn’t seem to notice. We picked a room we liked, it ended up not having any doors, and we had sex.
We did our first show that night. Nobody joined in but they got real close and watched, some cheered us on, it was pretty damned hot! We could get loud and no babies would wake up. I loved being watched, I loved getting to watch others.
It was so hot we we went back the following week.
Then, the club closed. Some stupid zoning law, and it was just as well it was pretty far to drive. So we got on some websites and made some new friends. Our appetites were wet for it, the thrill of sharing our bedroom with strangers, and new friends. We are not gonna give this up anytime soon. Luckily we found out how much fun we could have before we got too old. I am glad we tried something new, that we had enough trust. I have not regretted any encounter. I learned so much about Miguel and myself, and our relationship.

So that is how it all began. We have no problems meeting people now. We both know enough about our partner to know if the person(or couple) is a possible match. Each encounter is different, we keep adding new things to the list of things we are gonna try. It is really fabulous! We keep our simple rules and no one ever takes one for the team, lol!
So that’s it for our swinger lifestyle, the making of history. I would love to hear your story.