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Bound by Lust

Bound by Lust is a collection of stories of submission and sensuality. It is edited by Shanna Germain and features a forward by Alison Tyler. Shanna Germain can certainly pick an exceptional story just as well as write them. I enjoyed almost every single story in this book. This book wasn’t just well written smut, it was a collection of finger-licking fabulous fables of lust bound up and presented to the reader.

It must have been hard to wrestle through the piles of submissions for this book. I do not envy her that task. For these stories BDSM is a given, but the story also had to lend to the heart in a way that any sensible reader could melt and agree that “it is bound lust”. This collection of stories is well chosen for the depth of situations and bound desire in the characters. The stories also give variety to those whose tastes vary. There were a few same sex couples featured in these stories and one story featured a cross dressing male and his dominant wife.

“Oh, god. Yes, Please. ‘Bondage with Someone You Love’—there’s a category of society that’s just begging for its own Hallmark section. Thankfully, Bound by Lust is here with nineteen whip-smart stories to fill the need.” —from the foreword by Alison Tyler

I had a hard time picking favorites from this book. The book includes stories from Sommer Marsden, Janine Ashbless, Donna George Storey, Allison Wonderland, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Justine Elyot, Evan Mora, Kristina Wright, Kristina Lloyd, Dominic Santi, Andrea Dale, Nikki Magennis, Alana Noël Voth, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Vida Bailey, Craig Sorensen, Clarice Clique, Sharazade, and Veronica Wilde.

This book has some very memorable characters and I love that the scenes were pretty realistic. Most of the stories are written by the sub, but a few are written by the Dom. It was enlightening to find how bound these characters could be when it came to training their subs.

I loved the story Being His Bitch by Alison Tyler. A night out at the club and the theme is “The Pet Show”. She literally becomes his bitch. The story features body paint, sexy cats, and a black sub on his master’s leash. This story really set the tone for lust and whet my appetite for more.

I also adored the story Brushstrokes by Kristina Wright. The story is about an artist who can’t seem to verbalize her needs. She contemplates leaving the relationship and then she finds a unique way to communicate to her lover.

Defining the Terms by Sharazade was steamy hot. This story is about a writer who absently frustrates her lover with her work. She gets justly punished for her actions. The punishment gives her clarity.

This book was a good read and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys a bit of bondage with someone they love. Bound by Lust is published by Cleis Press and can be purchased here and here

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Three Way

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The book Three Way, edited and co-authored by Alison Tyler, features some of the hottest menage a trios in print in some of the most original ways. Not one story was the typical three way I would have imagined. I imagined some hot stories, but I also imagined typical girl, girl, guy stories. This book was such a refreshing surprise. Maybe that is why I am a reader and not a writer…

My favorites from the book:

Three for the Money by Marilyn Lewis. What a hot original story about a hooker attending a funeral!  The character development in this story is something to be admired. Well written doesn’t say enough about the spin this writer takes on where a threesome ends up. This ride is very sexy, and definitely worth the money.

Endings by Julie Moore. A love triangle takes center stage in this story of a girl torn between two lovers. You think you know where this story is headed but it turns out you have no idea of who is deceiving who. The real cuckold in this story only lives in the females head.

All McQueens Men by Alison Tyler. Nothing is more fierce than a woman scorned. Julissa gets exactly what she deserves after being accused of cheating in a monogamous relationship.

State of Grace by Sommer Marsden. Being told he should abstain from sex at barely 40 this loving husband opens the doors of possibility for his new wife. This sexy love story takes pleasure to another level as he introduces his wife to another man.

This book also features stories from Dawn M.Pares, N.T. Morley, Michelle Houston, Thomas S. Roche, Rebecca Henderson, Dante Davidson, Zach Addams, A.J. Stone, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Emilie Paris, Eric Williams, Helena Settimana, Saskia Walker, Tom Piccirilli, Marcelle Perks, and Sophia Valenti.

I loved the originality of stories in this book. I recommend this read for anyone with a taste for more! Check out this sexy read for more tales of Three Way sex from Cleis Press.

Three Way can be purchased at Cleis Press and is available at Amazon.

I received this product from Cleis Press free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Lustfully Ever After

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The book Lustfully Ever After is a collection of 17 stories by various authors. The book is edited and co-authored by Kristina Wright and includes a Foreword by Sylvia Day. This book is full of fairy tales for grown ups. The stories contain forbidden lust and love found only in folklore.

The stories are so familiar, the authors only give you a hint and you think you remember the tale. Then the authors spin it into something more sexy and erotic then you remember. The authors in the book include: Anya Richards, Jeanette Grey, Anna Meadows, Emerald, Michelle Augello-Page, Shanna Germain, Kristina Lloyd, A.D.R. Forte, Donna George Storey, Charlotte Stein, Sacchi Green, Michael M. Jones, Lisabet Sarai, Evan Mora, Lynn Townsend, Andrea Dale, Kristina Wright.

The stories feature magic and wish granting as only erotic authors can imagine. The stories also include the re-telling of Rapunzel, Mermen, Jack and the beanstalk, Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Puss in Boots, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast they are not the way I recall them from my youth. I want to remember them just like this.

Wolf Moon by Michelle Augello-Page re-tells the story of Red Riding Hood. The way the author tells it Red is the wolf and she needs binding and discipline by her master. He becomes her savior and her hunter. Only he can tame the beast within.

You by Charlotte Stein tells the story of three wishes. Only the story tells of the cost for those wishes. The beast-god that grants wishes does so at a high cost. Will the fair maiden pay and will it leave her wanting more from this mythical creature?

The Long Night of Tanya McCray by Michael M. Jones weaves magic into a place. Tanya finds herself lost a neighborhood where she finds her prince charming in the most peculiar way. Tanya is resourceful and she saves him not once but twice before this night is over.

Real Boy by Evan Mora was my absolute favorite. This is a story for this generation. The Pinocchio in this story has to earn his right to become a real boy. It is not the Pinocchio you might remember. The yearnings of Pinocchio to be real are so true they hurt my heart. The Pinocchio in this story gets to live happily ever after with his fairy and Geppetto by his side.

I loved this book. The authors spend a lot of details into reinventing the characters. The book was very imaginative. There are some bondage and spanking in the story but all of the characters submit willingly. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was a nice erotic break from reality!

This book is published by Cleis Press and it can be purchased here and here.

I received this product from Cleis Press free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


Say Please – Book Review

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Say Please is a collection of lesbian BDSM erotica. The Introduction is written by the editor and contributing author Sinclair Smith. This is her first full length anthology. She was a contributing author of one of my favorite erotica anthologies, Take Me There. This book is all about control, exchanges of power, sex and gender.

The 23 contributing authors include some names I am familiar with and some who are new to me. The stories include:

  • Baseball Cap by Miriam Zoila Perez
  • First Ride by Wendi Kali
  • A Slap in the Face by Rachel Kramer Bussel
  • Housewife by Gigi Frost
  • Call Me Sir by BB Rydell
  • All of Me by Amelia Thornton
  • Taking Direction by Vie La Guerre
  • Black Hanky by Sassafras Lowrey
  • Spanking Booth by Dusty Horn
  • The Cruelest Kind by Kiki DeLovely
  • Going the Distance by Elaine Miller
  • Spoiled by Shawna Elizabeth
  • Gentleman Caller by Sossity Chiricuzio
  • Three Weeks and Two Days by Meridith Guy
  • Counting Love by August InFlux
  • Purge by Maria See
  • A Public Spectacle by D.L. King
  • The Keys by Anna Watson
  • Coming of Age by Dilo Keith
  • Not Without Permission by Sinclair Sexsmith
  • Feathers Have Weight by Alysia Angel
  • Strong by Xan West
  • Unworthy As I Am by Elizabeth Thorne

As I think about the collection of stories a few surprised me with the direction it took. These are not the lesbians I would imagine. They are strong and strange in their gender bending. I was a bit surprised to find that almost every Dom in this book had a “cock” of some sort. There was very few Doms who made their subs serve them orally without it. Most of the characters in this book wield cocks and get off on pain (giving or receiving). In some stories the gender shifts enough that I forget what the players originally were. The story Strong had me so confused when she says “my submissive is both my girl and my boy”. I forgot what’s what and just tried to go with it. This story made me feel alienated. There is a place that gender doesn’t matter, I just don’t know how to get there no matter how sexy it seems.

Some of the stories were so very sexy. A Slap in the Face was a story that really appealed to me. Jade and Amber love to make a public spectacle of their power exchange. They push the limits by shocking a bar full of people with their almost “taboo” exchange of power. Hot sex on the edge of getting caught in an alley, I loved it!

Coming of Age was a trio of fun. Barely legal, a girl wants the attention of a Dom and the experience of playing. She wasn’t expecting the competition of the full-time sub already there. This story is told from the perspective of the Dom. I loved how this book told stories from both angles. Unworthy As I Am was written from the sub’s point of view. This story told of wanting to please by being submissive enough. The sub thinks back on the relationship and then she gets her hearts desire in this tale of becoming worthy.

My favorite tale was Not Without Permission. This story was almost equal in it’s exchange of power. This story was written from the Doms perspective but showed such care and consideration for the sub, I was completely smitten by the TPE. The writing in this suggests some one who knows how to Dom and doesn’t miss the small details of her sub’s reality. “You said I could…” She hesitates. “You said I could come tonight.” The timing is everything in this story.

This book is not for those looking for “lipstick lesbians” whipping each other into orgasms, (as fun as that sounds…). This book is about the exchange of power between women, women who take on the form of what ever they want in the relationship. From my perspective it was a bit out of my comfort zone in some places. Shouldn’t fantasy be that way though? Pushing us to imagine a world where anything can happen.

Say Please is published by Cleis Press and can be purchased here and here.

I received this product from Cleis Press free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Red Grows the Roses -Book Review

Six sexy vampire conquer the city and their lust in this erotic tale by Janine Ashbless. This book is very well written and full of sexy scenes. These are the vampires of my dreams. They are sexy, powerful, and sexually dominant. This book is a great read and I highly recommend this author. She writes eloquently and gives the characters depth and allure.

I could scarcely put this book down. I have to admit it unfolded a bit unusually. Each of the first few chapters tells a sexy tale of vampires and lust and then introduces the vampire star. Each of these chapters could have been a book on its own. The characters range from selfish extroverts to hermit recluses. The author reminds us of the wide spectrum of fun and the burden of being a vampire without being overtly obvious. The nice thing about each of these chapters being a story on their own is that I never really knew what to expect from the next chapter.

The characters:

  • Ben The youngest vampire in the city. He is easily influenced by his vampire peers. His is almost harmless except for his youth gives him a blood-lust/fuck-lust that won’t be sated.
  • Roisin The oldest of the city vampires. Her existence is as a mirror ghost. She is so old she breaks the rules of matter and has all but forgotten what she is.
  • Wakefield The recluse vampire. He tends to his roses these days. He has all but stopped hunting. He was mentored by Reynauld.
  • Estelle The star. You have to earn the right to be her victim. A sexy siren with a lust for power. She loves the limelight. She runs BDSM and fight clubs all over the city.
  • Reynauld He runs the city. He has authority over all the vampire in the city. He is fair and ferocious. He is the Good Shepard.
  • Naylor He is dangerous. He has no empathy or compassion and now he wants to see Reynauld fall.

There are other human characters, some of which the author invites us to identify with. The humans in this story are not the point and the author reminds us time and again by leaving their stories incomplete. The author invites you to enjoy a day in the life of…and tells a bit of the history of the characters. The erotic aspects are written very well and some of them took me by complete surprise.

I wasn’t satisfied by the way the book ended simply because I wanted more. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and erotic tales in this book. This is a good read and I recommend it!

The e-book Red Grow the Roses is available at Mischief Books for £1.99. Red Grow the Roses is also available on Kindle for $2.99.

The Ultimate Guide to Kink -Book Review

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This book is exactly what you need if you have ever had questions about kink. This book is such a nice introduction into kink, and it is also an instructional guide if you are not sure where to begin. If you are like me, the idea of BDSM is very alluring, but I am not sure where to start. What the heck do those acronyms mean and how can I speak the language at a BDSM club if I don’t know. I am also a bit leery of learning from dabblers or allowing myself to be in a “scene” with inexperienced players. This book answered questions for me and allowed me to learn from experts.

Tristan Taormino is the editor and a contributing author of this comprehensive guide. The guide includes an Introduction by Tristan and a Resource Guide. The guide is full of illustrations by Katie Diamond. The book is broken down into two sections: Skills and Techniques, and Fantasies and Philosophies. The skills topics are contributed by experts in that specific variety of kink.

The topic list is pretty extensive and these writers go into detail. Details in this section include techniques, tips, and key points. The book is littered with illustrations, quotes, and how-to. The book speaks on a level I can relate to and covers things I never would have thought of, as a newbie.

The Fantasies and Philosophies section approached each kink topic a bit more in depth. In this section I found the chapters easy to read even if that kind of kink didn’t really appeal to me. The book doesn’t glaze over anything or try to make it appealing to everyone. I enjoyed the way the authors introduced the topics. Obviously, these are folks that don’t dabble in their kink. This part of the book explains things rarely talked about. The topics include:



What is so great about this part of the book, is that it gave me an inside peek at what exactly these kinks might entail. This portion of the book included personal accounts and a non-apologetic look at all different kinds of kink. The authors share their thoughts and give examples of their kind of kink. This book was a great journey for me into self discovery. I found myself identifying with some of the writers and wishing I could relate to others. Some of the authors invite you to join them. Some parts of it made me uncomfortable and other parts made me hot.

Just get the book, find things you like, share it with your lover, tell them what sounds do-able. This book is meant to open your eyes and expose you to kink. This book is published by Cleis Press and can be purchased for $19.95.

I have included a link to all the authors, because they some of them made me curious. (Oh and just in case you are wondering, Edge doesn’t need a f’n website or internet presence. His chapter needed to go last, since the impression it leaves is so bold. Thank you Edge.)

I received this product from Cleis Press free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Smart Girl’s Guide to G-Spot -Book Review

This is the most comprehensive book on g-spot I have ever found. The author, Violet Blue, covers all the basics and then takes it a step further. She includes all the things every girl should know about g-spot and also includes some real experiences and stories to make it personal.

Violet Blue is a sex educator who lectures to Human Sexuality students at San Fransico State University, UC Berkley and to trainees at the National Sex Crisis and Information Hotline. She is a bestselling author to many sex guides and instructional books and an editor to many erotica collections (some of which I have reviewed here). She can be found at The forward was written by Jesse Bering PhD. He is the author of The Belief Instinct and the former director of the Institute of Cognition and Culture at Queen’s University. I found it a bit odd that a gay male would do the forward to a book about g-spot, but he writes about female ejaculation and the g-spot from a scientific perspective. I admire his opinion on the matter.

This book is written in a very conversational matter. It is as if Violet Blue is talking to some very young or at least inexperienced woman (or man). Her tone is delicate, there is no shame in this book. This is a woman with years of experience and training talking to a friend or peer about g-spot. What it is there for, how to find it, why she should own it and how to tell her partner about it. There is even some talk in this book to the partner of this woman, explaining how best to get to it and why it might be important.

I know I have a g-spot, this book only served to validate it’s place in my sex play. Violet Blue goes over the best ways to explore and discover g-spot play using toys, your partner, your fingers, whatever it takes. I really enjoyed this book, but I am not sure who best to share this with in my life. A good friend who doubts it’s existence? A man who isn’t quite sure? A grown daughter I might want to empower? Yes, yes, yes!

This book is broken up into easy to digest chapters with sub-chapters diving this book up even further. I enjoyed the writing style and the way this book felt less like a textbook and more like a self-help book. The only part I wasn’t sure about were the sexy stories that she included at the end of almost every chapter. While they were very well written and erotic, I wasn’t sure who they were written for. Maybe they were just for inspiration? Also, I have no way to know weather these are true stories or just imaginary. I really hope they were true stories, but it worked either way. After reading this book I am ready for g-spot play!

The Smart Girl’s Guide to G-Spot, 2nd Edition written by Violet Blue with a Forward by Jesse Bering. This 160 page book is published by Cleis Press and can be purchased here for $14.95.

I received this product from Cleis Press free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Curvy Girls -Book Review

This book is a collection of erotica with bigger girls. This book has 19 different stories by various erotica authors. It is edited and co-authored by Rachel Kramer Busssel and includes a forward by April Flores. All of the characters have curves and “a little extra padding” I think there was a need for an erotica book like this. I hate that these are not the sort of characters you see in every book. I could love some of these women and see the allure of the bigger girl.

I am happy to report that almost every story was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think I would be able to relate to most of this book. I may have a little extra, but I am not a curvy girl. I loved In the Early Morning Light by Kristina Wright. This story, about a new Mom with a new body full of extra padding, is something that struck so close to home.

One theme I noticed was that two of the stories were about women who had quit smoking and put a bit of extra pounds on since then. Albeit these stories were completely different, I could enjoy them both. Champagne and Cheesecake by A.M.Hartnett is about a woman who has a reunion with two men. She celebrates her “victory tits” and voluptuousness with two former playmates in a very sexy scene. While Decadence by Satia Welch was about a woman treating herself to a little food indulgence after quitting smoking. Both of the woman oozed confidence and relished in their bodies.

My favorite erotic story was Before the Autumn Queen by Angela Caperton. This erotic story about a painting in a museum was very well written. I wanted it to go on and find out how what happens after the show where the museum working and the painting’s sexy fan hook-up. This is an author I have never heard of, but she wrote so exquisitely about being beautiful I am now scoring the internet for more of her work. This is why collections by various authors are awesome.

Although I think this book set out to break a stereotype, some of the stories were full of bad characters. The story Runners Calves by Sommer Marsden did a poor job of trying to represent the bigger girl. I think most bigger girls are not runners. The main character made too many excuses for the body she was suppose to be loving and was eventually lavished upon. The low self esteem of this character was just a damned shame.

Passing the Time by Gwen Masters was another story that I think derailed from the main message of the book. This girl was stood up and she even suspected her boyfriend was cheating. I could relate to this girl, but it did not make me feel good.

I recommend this book even for those whose major turn on is not a Curvy Girl. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself and my kink in its pages, I think you will too. I loved the few stories about woman loving woman, they did a good job of not apologizing for their sexiness. This book is published by Seal Press and can be purchased for $17.00. It is also available on Amazon for $11.49.