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Poppin Newbie Cherry

Friday we went to meet a couple we have been talking to for almost a year.  This couple Miguel and I have both chatted with on yahoo and they are super friendly people.  I had actually gave up on an actual meeting with them for a date, thinking we would eventually run into them at some point.

Miguel set up the date, he is the scheduler after all.  I had no idea who we were going to meet, but I trust Miguel completely.  We headed out around 9:30 for a vanilla bar,  for a no-expectations meeting.  We met them at a pool-haul type bar and as soon as I glimpsed them I knew who they were.  I was relived not to have to go threw the whole thing about how many kids we have, etc.  She admitted she was a bit nervous.  Despite the fact that we had been talking for so long, they had never “played’ with another couple.   So they still had rules and everything to work out.  We sat at the bar talking for a little more than an hour,  the date was going so well.  She expressed that we ad put her at ease.  She excused herself to the ladies’ room and texted him she wanted to take us home.  This was so slick and a smart un-intrusive way to let her partner know she approved of us, really, and was not just trying to be polite….take mental notes people!

Okay, so we headed to their place.  We chatted for about another hour or so and ackwardly got to the naked part….

At this point, they pulled a “rule” out of their butts and said there would be no exchange of kissing, from the neck up.

I gotta stop at this point and mention that we did say that we go with the flow and pretty much let the mood dictate how much partner involvement will be included.  I was very disappointed that kissing would not be involved.  Yes, Miguel is a great kisser.  Yes, sex is more than just kissing.  I think it is a cornerstone to lust thou …just look at the title to my website, (kissinbluekaren)!

Other than that,  I have NO complaints about how this evening progressed!  We went into the bedroom and we each played with our own partners to set the mood.  We cautiously touch and kissed the other couple.  We did not want to overstep our bounds or make them uncomfortable.  She was so sexy, grunting and moaning as he ate her out.  She was a very vocal woman and I find that to be such a turn-on.  She was a bit petite, with nice full curves and plump breasts.  Not by any means BBW,  just the right amount of full-ness to make her seem deliciously sexy!   He was almost a foot taller than her and in great shape.   He had a really sexy smile and his cock had a nice curve to it.  It almost pointed up towards him, which made sucking a bit of a challenge,  but I bet it would have hit a g-spot without even trying!  We did not actually get to fuck them, but I am confident we will get a re-match with this couple.   In fact,  I didn’t even get to taste her puss.  I could tell by the flavor of Miguel’s mouth after some oral that her pussy was good.  This was pretty much a soft swap, with some oral play.

I take back my no complaints comment and I want to say that I wish I would have gotten a chance to do that for her.   I am so thinking about licking her pussy and clit,  just to hear her sexy noises and to get a taste of her.  Whether or not she would want to reciprocate,  I wanna do that with this sexy chic!  I know we both will enjoy it,  not to mention the guys would get a sexy show!

The next day they texted us that they had a great time and have decided to dismiss the silly “no kissing” rule.  I respect what-ever rules a couple puts into play,  but I was really looking forward to some passionate kissing, it just helps to get the ball rolling…  This makes me especially eager to meet up with them again!!

I think what happened on this night is that we smitten this couple by surprise. *patting myself on the back for putting them at ease*  They had no intention of taking us home and panicked with the kissing rule.  Really, no big deal.  I was very glad to have popped their newbie cherry!!!  We gave them a nice certification on SwingLifeStyle and I think they are gonna be so glad that they have chosen the lifestyle for their relationship. Even if they never full swap, they are so in love I know that this will only add to their passion for each other!

How It All Started

One of our favorite questions is “Whose idea was this?” We always ask new couples that we meet and it is almost always the guy who brought it up. Wanting to spice things up, or he was feeling like a stallion stud and wanted to share his hot tamale with a lucky friend, or they had a female friend and she got in the mix one night. Of course in my relationship, it was Miguel’s idea.
I think it is always interesting to hear the story, so I am gonna tell you mine.

We used to go out to bars to play pool and one night Miguel said he was taking me somewhere special. I got dressed in my sexy black dress and we headed out. We had talked about it for a few weeks and I had shared my experiences….seems like I had something extracurricular in all of my past “monogamous” relationships. With the guys consent of course, or we had talked about inviting someone in our bed….damn that was a reoccurring theme in all my past relationships, how much different could it really be to have a swinger title?
So we headed out to a swinger club. I gotta be honest, I was scared. What kind of people do this? Ewww, is it gonna be a bunch of ugly people who hate their mates. Or is it gonna be a bunch of porn stars that I can’t even compete with? We met both that night at the club for the first time. Mostly thou it was people like us…voyeurs and exhibitionists, people who like to get sexy and fuck…
We had a few drinks, we watched other people. I gave Miguel head in a room full of people, most didn’t seem to notice. We picked a room we liked, it ended up not having any doors, and we had sex.
We did our first show that night. Nobody joined in but they got real close and watched, some cheered us on, it was pretty damned hot! We could get loud and no babies would wake up. I loved being watched, I loved getting to watch others.
It was so hot we we went back the following week.
Then, the club closed. Some stupid zoning law, and it was just as well it was pretty far to drive. So we got on some websites and made some new friends. Our appetites were wet for it, the thrill of sharing our bedroom with strangers, and new friends. We are not gonna give this up anytime soon. Luckily we found out how much fun we could have before we got too old. I am glad we tried something new, that we had enough trust. I have not regretted any encounter. I learned so much about Miguel and myself, and our relationship.

So that is how it all began. We have no problems meeting people now. We both know enough about our partner to know if the person(or couple) is a possible match. Each encounter is different, we keep adding new things to the list of things we are gonna try. It is really fabulous! We keep our simple rules and no one ever takes one for the team, lol!
So that’s it for our swinger lifestyle, the making of history. I would love to hear your story.