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Anal fun

I tweeted yesterday that we were going out looking for trouble. We ended up at a swinger club that was pretty packed. The FetCon is in town so I am guessing alot of folks were looking for trouble after all the demos at the show. There were quite alot of sexy people at the club. We drank and danced with quite a few people but in the end….I just wanted to fuck and not have to wait for a hook-up. I had brought a box of toys with me, just in case, and we made sure to bring it with us when we went to play.

We went over and got a room on the lodging side. Miguel and I stripped down and then he put the blindfold on me. He turn the lights down low and handed me a toy. He told me to work it on myself. It was my new Bimini Flash! I worked myself to orgasm with this little wonder then worked my clit some more. He then handed me my MiMi. The MiMi is a very strong personal massager that is rechargeable. I love this vibe because I can use its awesome vibes on my clit while working something else in my pussy.

He then inserted my glass dildo and it put me right over the edge. I was so wet it slid right in. My glass dildo is a little something called the Pink Swirl G. This glass toy has a bit of a curve to hit for g-spot stimulation. It also has a swirly ridge going up and down the shaft. The pleasure of the MiMi combined with the glass toy was unbelievable.  I was cuming all over these toys. I asked Miguel if he was gonna fuck me as I lay there with the blindfold on and he replied “Soon”. He then put his cock in my mouth as i continued to fuck my self with my toys. He said he wanted to double penetrate me with the glass toy.  I stopped sucking his cock and I asked him to put some lube on the glass toy. He slathered it with a bit of lube and then I slowly worked it into my ass. Once the big head went in, I was able to get it all the way in to the bulb at the end. Then Miguel came up and put his cock in my mouth. I had it in all the way before Miguel came over and put his dick in my pussy. He fucked me missionary at first. The glass toy still in my ass and me working the MiMi on my clit. He said he could feel the ridges of the glass toy and it felt incredible! I suggested we turn around so that he could work the glass toy while fucking me. I flipped onto my stomach and he fucked me a few minutes working the glass toy by leaning his body on it as he fucked me hard and deep. I had both my holes filled and the MiMi working my clit, it was such a hot fuck! “Ready for the real deal baby? I wanna cum in that ass tonight!” I responded by pulling the glass toy out and begging him to fuck my ass.He slid his cock in and worked the head a bit before going in all the way. I was so caught up in the pleasure that I forgot the MiMi and just concentrated on his cock filling my ass. I wanted all his cum, I wanted him to cum in my asshole so bad! My ass was stretched from the glass toy and now accommodated Miguel’s thick cock with no problems. He worked it in and out and was soon able to fuck my asshole with full gusto. He came with a grunt just as I finished another great orgasm. It was a really hot anal fuck!

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Squirting Mystery Solved!

Eyz Wide Shut

Last night the plans fell through. I thought they might, because I posted about it on my blog…..that is irony for ya!

I was determined to have fun, though. I noticed my favorite swinger spot was having a Bar-B-Que, so we headed out there instead.




I have missed going out so much. I got such a warm reception when I got there. The check-in girl, the DJ, the bartender, and my favorite hostess all remembered us, and made me feel back at home. It wasn’t very busy as you can well imagine, since it was Sunday night. As luck would have it, another sexy couple was there that we had played with before. They made our night super sexy!

The sexy girl from the couple greeted us in the entrance, she was upside down on the pole in the cage. A nice thing to see if you ever get the chance….this girl has skillz! We sat outside with couple for a while and enjoyed the food and good conversation with some friends. Miguel and I got to dance a bit. At first there was no one dancing but after we got up there, other couples joined us. Then we played a few games of pool. I think Miguel practices when I am not around because he spanked me at pool so bad, it was almost embarrassing!

Then we decided to go next door. Miguel and I were both pretty lit by this time, we almost forgot the sexy couple, but luckily she remembered and found us before we left. Sometimes the house gets so crazy and we are so tired that it seems we have to leave in order to have good sex. This was the case this weekend. We were just so happy to get out and be with each other. I would have “settled” for a sexy time with Miguel. But fate and the universe lined up and we had a sexy swinger encounter last night!

We all got outside and I remembered about my box of toys. I have a brand-new “Share” from Fun Factory that I won on a facebook contest from Babeland that needed to be “broken-in”. I won this $119 toy just for liking them on facebook. I never “win” anything, so imagine my surprise when my most coveted item that Fun Factory makes is being givin to me! Anyways, I had the Share and the We-Vibe and the MiMi in my box along with some toy lube and some wipes that  I need to review. So we grabbed the box and headed over to the lodging side.

We checked in our cell phones and choose the “good” room that has a bathroom of its own to play in. This room has a bed, a round chair and a lover’s couch. We all stripped down and the girl set out to show me how she “squirts”. (I have this running debate about weather this is a real phenomena or is the girl just peeing? I told her about my dilemma and she assured me it was not pee in her case) Okay, so her man grabbed a bunch of towels and laid them out and she got on the lovers couch. I grabbed my We-Vibe and got to work on her clit. I had the thing on high, but she asked if I had anything stronger. The pin-point stimulation was just not enough for her. I then grabbed the MiMi. She squirted right away, after only about 1 minute of stimulation. It was a lot of squirt and it came out twice and shot across the couch.

This was not urine. This was sweet tasting and a bit slick. I have to concede that not ever woman pees when she squirts. It was pretty awesome!

Afterwards I continued to work her clit. I worked her clit for so long and with so my trust that my arm is a bit sore today. She had at least one orgasm with it before we decided to get the Share out. I had her get on her knees on the couch so I could stand and hit her from behind. The guys got a good show as I lubed the toy up a bit and worked it into my pussy, and then into hers. There was too much lube on my end and I had a bit of trouble keeping the toy inserted. This is where great kegal muscles come into play. I guess I need more practice. Trust me, I was lubed up enough just watching her get off. So, I tried to wipe some of the lube off and proceeded to fuck her with the Share.

After a few minutes and a bit of aggravation at the height of the couch, we decided to move to the bed.  She is about 5′ even and I am about 5’8″ so the trouble was me I am sure. That worked out thou, because she decided it was her turn. She wiped off the Share and the MiMi. She handed me the MiMi and had me lay back. She inserted the share first into herself and them impaled me with it. She was so good at this! She started off just fucking me on her knees, then she laid on top of me and we both enjoyed the closeness and mutual stimulation of the MiMi working on our clits and the Share fucking us at the same time. The Share is awesome in its design as it the person who has it inserted also gets a lot of g-spot stimulation. I came hard all over that silicone cock as she fucked me good!

We then exchanged partners as we both first sucked their cocks and then got a good fucking from the real thing. We had such a good time with this couple we invited them to some vanilla outing with the kids. They are really cool and laid back. One of my favorite couples indeed!

On the way home Miguel and I realized that we still hadn’t fucked each other in a few days. When we got home we remedied that right away! Miguel fucked me missionary, then I got on top, then I made him fuck me doggie style where we both came together! It was such a fantastic night. Well worth the wait for a great fuck!

I am looking forward to tonight after the babies get to sleep to get some more great sex.

For now we are getting ready to take the trolley downtown and enjoy a night of fireworks with the kids. I did get my hair done and I think it looks awesome. As a bonus, my stylist hit on me and told me that he would love to take me out, were I not already in a relationship. I felt flattered and thought…if only he knew how I really was!

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!





Night Out Fail, Night Home Win

Miguel and I ventures out Friday night. We were pretty excited to be going to a BDSM club for the first time. I was excited/scared at what we might find. It was pretty early and I was just getting my drink on.

We arrive at the club and there are not many cars in the lot. This club is placed in a commercial district in a warehouse storefront, so I knew it would not be deluxe. The website looked like it had a pretty interesting layout. Anyways, so were we potentially the only patrons at this early hour (9:30pm).

We go inside and we are greeted by a person vertically challenged and a bit on the bigger side. She had a laptop opened up to facebook on her desk. I wondered at this point why it took them so long to respond to our e-mail inquiry, and why did we get such a generic message that didn’t really answer our question of pricing. The lady then informs us that we will be charged individually $50 for men, $5 for women, and they have a $55 membership that is required up front.

“Can we get a tour?” we politely ask.

“No, sorry”.

“Are we the first ones here tonight?” we inquired.

“Yes, it picks up around 10:30″.


Okay, so it is gonna cost us over $100 to get in, and we are the only patrons here? And we can’t even look around first?

Yup, that troll really thought we might pay! She wasn’t even friendly folks. If you are gonna be a troll, at least have a nice personality. Ummm, no sorry! We have never been that desperate for sex play.

So we left the place. We weren’t quite ready to call it a night thou… We were kind of in the neighborhood so we headed out to our old stomping grounds, a house club that we used to go to all the time. It had been 7 months or so since we visited. This place used to be great, but they stopped updating everything, and it just fell apart. People stopped going and so did we. Now that I have seen their competition, I can see why.

We got there and there was no patrons but us. The owner greeted us at the door and waived the entrance fee for us. We checked in our alcohol (it is a byob club). He showed us all the “updating” he has been doing and reminded us that Friday is always a bit slow. Disappointment rolled over me as I realized he had moved the St.Andrew’s cross to a common room. We were the only ones there for the better part of an hour. As much as we like to put on a good show, the owner was not exactly our type. Another guy showed up that helps around the place, and then one single showed up. Neither one of them would have done it for me either. So after about an hour we decided to head home.

I didn’t want the night to be a complete waste so in pure “old stomping ground” fashion I did the usual one way home…I undid Miguel’s pants and toyed with his cock the whole way home. I had brought along my we-vibe touch and I removed my panties. I alternated working his cock with my mouth and hand and using the we-vibe touch on my clit. I had three fantastic orgasms before we got home and Miguel got a good show.

We arrived home pretty early but we were lucky and all the babies were asleep. I stripped immediately and we got busy right away fucking. We tried various positions and broke our new liberator “BonBon” in right. We did it doggie style, missionary, me on top…we tried a double play with one of my vibes and even some anal. It was awesome sex and we orgasm-ed together to finish it off. I went to sleep well spent. I had delicious thoughts of Miguel all day at work Saturday. It was the perfect end to a night out!




Swapping Fun Minus One

We went out to the beach bar to meet a couple. I was of course over-dressed because I misunderstood where we were going. I had on my sexy little black dress with stilettos, and no panties. This dress is almost too short for that, but I wasn’t planning on wearing it that long.

We arrived at the little bar and the couple was sitting at a table on the porch/deck. The table was bar height so I had to fight the whole time to keep my dress from sliding up too much, lest I share my kittykat with the whole vanilla crowd. I eventually just kicked my shoes off and resigned to crossing my legs to keep some discretion.

The couple was very casual and we shared a few drinks and a few stories. At some point I got up to use the bathroom, and wouldn’t you know it? My monthly friend paid me a visit. Damn it! It was not full-on but just enough to create a spotting nuisance! I confessed to everyone that I was now out of the game. They were great hosts thou, and invited us back to their hotel anyways. This hotel was more like a motel with separate little bungalows and a big courtyard with chairs for enjoying the Florida sun. They had drinks on hand and we all got pretty lit. As luck would have it, they had the motel pretty much to themselves. We got pretty loud and no one complained. Just talking and telling stories with us girls outside chain-smoking and the guys inside mixing the drinks. We talked for hours and really got comfortable with each other. Eventually it came time for us to leave, but then we didn’t. We almost left again and then we all decided not to waste the night and let the playing begin, even if we were one person short. This was fueled by the fact that I had brought toys. One to share and one for my own pleasure, so we were guaranteed to have some fun!

I think she got naked first. I went to licking her clit and labia and she was “neutral” tasting for an added bonus! She tasted so good and rewarded my efforts by moaning and twisting to meet my hungry tongue. Then I got a toy out and worked her clit. She didn’t seem so into this until I finger fucked her and stroked her g-spot. The result was awesome as her juice spilled onto my hand. The guys were taking turns fucking her open mouth. She made the sexiest sounds as she sucked each of them in turn. Each of the guys took turns fucking her and she responded with moans and milking their cocks till they came. I love to watch a live fuck and I got my toy out and played with my clit as I sucked whichever cock was not busy in her cunt. I love to watch couples fuck. It is so much more intimate than you can imagine seeing two people who love each other sweating and grinding into each other. The sounds of bodies slapping together and hot breathe as they please their desires in familiar body language and positions. Watching a foursome I can always pick out the couples vs. the strangers. I know this is true when Miguel and I are getting it on and he knows all my favorite things that will send me over the edge. The best part of this night was when Miguel got to fuck her last as she sucked her man’s cock. I got their camera out and took pictures. I haven’t seen them yet; I hope I got a good shot of how sexy it was. This couple is fast becoming one of my favorites and I do hope for more swapping fun in the future.

Until next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Berman Venus G Review

The Berman G is manufactured by California Exotics and endorsed by Dr. Laura Berman. The Berman G is mainly for G-spot stimulation. Some of you may remember that this has been an issue for me. This is the first toy that has enabled me to hit my g-spot on my own, ever! Usually Miguel can hit my g-spot for me. He is able to hit it with toys also, (I guess it helps being able to see what you are doing down there!). I wanted so bad to find a toy that actually worked with my anatomy. This toy did it for me!

The Berman G doesn’t look special. I was instantly skeptical of this product.


It is made of silicone, which is body safe. The Berman G has an ABS plastic cap and ABS with silver plating decorative ring. It is multi-speed via a turn dial on the cap. The vibrations are not very strong, I think this adds to g-spot comfort. I would rate the vibrations of this toy at about a 3 out of 5. The vibrations are based in the top of the shaft just before the curve, so the curve carries them nicely. I didn’t need to put it on full speed to fully enjoy its effects. It is 8 3/4″ in length with 6″ being insertable. It is made of shareable silicone in a pretty purple color.The material is a bit tacky and will pick up lint or hair, so store it away in a drawer or box and not out and exposed to dust. This toy is waterproof for extra fun and easy clean up. Silicone is easy to clean with some soap and water. The cap has a slide lock to make it watertight. I tested this product in a sink and it did not leak at all. This toy could be used in the shower or tub.

I tried this toy specifically to see if Dr.Laura Berman knew what she was talking about. Laura Berman, LCSW, PhD has been working as a sex educator and therapist for 20 years, and is considered a leader in her field. She is suppose to be an expert, so any toy with her name on it should be quality.

I put the 3 AAA batteries in and a small amount of lubrication (a little goes a long way since silicone does not absorb the lube like some other materials). Silicone toys are compatible with water-based lubrication. (Do not use silicone based lubrication as it will ruin the finish on the toy.)  The tip is flexible for comfortable G-spot stimulation. The curved tip is just the right size and flexible enough to be very comfortable on my g-spot. Mine is a bit low so I didn’t need the entire shaft to hit the spot (pun intended!). It took me about 1 minute to find it. I am not saying it will be the same for everyone, but I am saying that it worked for me.The silicone on this toy is a bit harder than I have found on other products. Only the tip is bendable, the shaft is more rigid. The silicone is smooth except for the three strategically placed ridges. This toy is pretty quiet, too. It would not be heard through a closed door unless you had you ear to it.

I highly recommend this toy! California Exotics and Dr.Berman have produced a quality product. It is not fancy with bells and whistles. The packaging is very modest. But, this toy has inspired me to try out other g-spot toys. (now that I know where mine is!)

You can get this product for yourself at HedoVibes.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Masturbation Month and My First “O”

May has been Masturbation month since Good Vibrations started it in 1995.


Earlier that same month the Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders, was fired for suggesting that masturbation should be included in sex education….what? Yes that is a fact! We live in a society where being open about sex can get you fired. Things have not changed that much since then.


It is a bit late, but I am telling you now and challenging you to celebrate this masturbation month by doing it every day!

Hey some of you already do, just do it because it is fashionable now!


I have always been curious about other people’s masturbation stories.  Or rather, the first time they achieved orgasm by themselves.

I’ll tell you my story.

I was pregnant with my first child.  Although I was a bit promiscuous in my youth I had never had the big “O”.  By the way, cuming and orgasm are not the same thing.

I didn’t know that…until, well back to my story.

The guy wasn’t with me for various reasons, mostly because he was not ready to be a father.  Anyways, my sister had a friend who sold sex toys at private parties and we held one at my house.  I made one single purchase that changed my sex life forever….a silver bullet from California Exotics.  It was a curious thing, but the girl with the toys said every woman should own one. A few days later I found myself playing with the bullet.  I didn’t know what to do with it really.  It had a cord, which suggested it was not really for insertion, so I played around with it a bit on my labia.  I gotta be honest and tell you that I felt pretty stupid.  Then I found my clit.  It felt pretty good there and so I played with it there.

And then….Oh My God!  What was that?  A shuddering orgasm.  I spasmed and got the warm tingely feeling all over my body.


It was all downhill from there.  I used that bullet daily, sometimes twice a day, to bring me to orgasm.  That was my sexual awakening.  I guess for most guys this will seem strange.  Some girls need clitoral stimulation to achieve the orgasm.  I don’t know how everyone else figured it out.  I fumbled my way into my first orgasm.  I can tell you now that a silver bullet is the one toy I would want on a deserted island…well that and a shit load of batteries!

I am very interested in your feedback.

So I put together some polls for you….





Although, I would really love you comments too!