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Excuse me

Mind Vomit

I know I have been only posting sporadically lately. I feel very far away from my site at the moment.

I started my new job. The great news is that it doesn’t suck. It isn’t overwhelming. I am putting my learned skills to use and that feels really good. I find myself not watching the clock at work. I can’t really express here with words how fucking good it is to have a job that doesn’t insult my intelligence or my integrity. I feel really lucky. I know I may not feel this way next year, or next month even. In this economy getting this job was such a blessing. To think that just a few months ago I considered leaving my career due to lack of opportunities. I know that spell of hard times has made me really appreciating how things are going now. Strange to feel this way.

I got my other big wish two weeks ago and my babysitter moved out. The details are complicated. It needed to happen. I felt suffocated in my own home. I have a big empty room now. I also have no adult to leave home with my kids. I didn’t really think that would be a big deal. The older kids are legally old enough, but it makes me uncomfortable. Fucking hindsight is always 20/20! So we will be going out less. Really trying to make each night out count.

We did get out last Saturday night. We chatted with a couple we see there often. The man seemed a bit mad. I prodded, cuz that is what I do, and he shared that he was frustrated with going out and not hooking up. He expressed frustration about the distance, the cover charge, the cost of drinks. All of that, and not even a glimmer of hope that there would be a hook-up.

I bit my tongue.

The truth is that I have heard these same complaints from Miguel before. I agree that there is always a bit of pressure to make a hook-up happen when you go out. It just seems like a pointless expense without it, but… sometimes I just want to go out. I sometimes don’t want a hook-up. I am still milling this over. I could totally understand his frustration. I see both sides of this argument. But I have to admit that we didn’t hook-up with anyone at this party.

We met a lot of nice people. We even met a poly/TPE/swinger couple. So rare at a swinger club. We talked about how fetish and swinger don’t mix so well. They could if they had an understanding of the ground rules, but people are stupid. Each side has views on the other and generally, they just don’t mix well. It is ridiculous that swingers or fetish folk might be judgmental of anyone, but I have witnessed it. Once I really opened myself up to being sex positive, there is no going back. I am committed to keeping an open mind and hopefully we will be checking out some of the recommended venues coming up in the coming year. I don’t care what people think, this is my life and I don’t want to miss a thing.

So that is my mind vomit of the moment. The other thing really on my mind is the tragedy that happened last Friday. I don’t really want to talk about it, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I know a lot of people, like me, are still in shock. That something like that could even happen. I am heartbroken. I keep thinking about it. I guess it really hit home that this is the world we live in. I don’t really know what else to say about it that hasn’t been said already. I am trying to not waste today.


Vampire Gloves Review

One day Miguel and I were in a local sex shop looking for an outfit to fit the “theme” of the night. The sales lady was incredibly helpful, she tried to sell me on a few new toys she had in stock even though I assured her I didn’t need anything. She then pulled out a set of Vampire Gloves she had just gotten in stock. I was entranced with them. The feeling of these gloves on my skin was incredible. They were over $50 and make of leather, a bit out of my price range for an impulse item. I have thought about owning a pair ever since.

What are they, you ask? They are gloves with teeth, each of the fingers has little metal spikes that can be used for sensation play. I think they are genius. These gloves are the perfect addition to a night of BDSM. The studs are sharp but will not pierce the skin under “normal” use, according to the website. I found they feel delicious especially on the back, buttocks, nipples, inner thigh, inside of arms…any where you want to goosebumps! Leather can be a bit tricky to clean though. Don’t imagine for one minute that you would want to use these and then just stow them away. They will need to be cleaned. Along comes SereneSin with a solution….These gloves are not only washable, but they are available in lots of sexy colors. Also, they are only $25 a pair with 10% of sales going to charity!

The secret to these gloves is the rivets carefully placed inside.

Now the bad news…..the gloves are small. Probably too small for most man hands. I wore them and played with them all over Miguel, much to his delight, with no problems. They felt good on my hands and were easy to use. Miguel put them on and instantly the glove ripped as he tried to get his fingers in. The rip happened at the base of the the middle and ring finger. Really, I could still play with these gloves, but I would not take them out to an event. The rip doesn’t interfere with any of the spikes, but it looks ghetto.

I am torn, excuse the pun, on how to review these. Good for $25, bad if you have big hands, good if you don’t want to invest a bunch of money, bad if you play hard. I want to recommend them to you, since I would buy a pair myself. Just make sure the wearer has small hands.These gloves can be purchased at for $25.

I was supplied this item free of charge from SereneSin in exchange for an un-biased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

On the bench

My eyes are covered by the blindfold you seem to carry with you all the time. I know what is coming when you slide it over my head. I switch off, I give you the reigns. You take my sight and you take control of me. You assist me with taking the desired articles of clothing off. I can’t see and my balance wavers in my high heels. You steady me as you slip my skirt and panties down and off of me. You leave my thigh high stockings on. They make me look even better when we are fucking. I know you like the way they feel on your back as I wrap my legs around you. But not yet, first I need to get on the bench.

You guide me over to the bench and place my hands on the end of it. It is difficult but I manage to get myself into position while blindfolded, for my punishment. My knees rest along either side on the padded bars. My chest is flatten down against the leather. I am strattling this leather bench with my ass exposed. I put my head to the side and wait for you. You ask me if I am comfortable. I assure you that I am and I hear the straps of the leather falling on the flogger as you set it down. Sizing me up, you see my corset covers too much skin. You have me take it off hook by hook while blindfolded, then you strap me in. First my hands then my feet are bound. I am completely vulnerable, naked, exposed and blindfolded. Your voice and movements are all I am thinking about as I lay on the bench.

The first strikes of the flogger hit my ass and you move the licks up my back until you find a rhythm. The falls hit my skin at all the right spots, no wraps tonight. My eyes close under the blindfold. I am slipping away to a place full of white sparks and nothingness. If you are saying anything now, I can’t hear you. I am an empty shell upon that bench. My mind is focused on the next strike, the next blast of white light. I am home here. I have no need of the safe word right now. None of the straps cut into my flesh, they just leave a dull aching sting behind. The rate and intensity is perfect. Just as I start to come to and focus back on you, you stop. I can fell you cock rubbing on my ass, it is hard and now covered in my wetness. You slide it up and back before plunging inside of me. With you cock rocking my insides you smack my ass. I am so intune with every sensation. It is bliss as you use the flogger on my back as you fuck me.

You stop thrusting just long enough to untie my straps and guide me over to the bed. The blindfold comes off the reveal an empty room. We are the only ones here right now. If I listen hard enough, I can hear moans of passion coming through the walls, but I don’t try to hear. All I want is your breath in my ear as your cock thrusts into me. I want it hard and fast. So rough now, you pull my hair and thrust into me. I am drenched and the sound the wetness makes as you fuck me is enough to fill the room. You lean close and whisper Spanish into my ear. I don’t know what you’re saying but the words make me cum. You pull your cock out just in time to cum on my stomach.

I love every bit of energy you give me on the bench. I took it all from you tonight. I feel renewed in my passion for you. You give me pleasure with a bit of pain. You rock me till I cum and never leave me unfulfilled. I would do anything you asked of me, I know you would never ask too much. I look forward to the next time you put me on the bench.



Halloween Spanking

Eyz Wide Shut

I couldn’t wait to get started partying this Halloween weekend! At Eyz Wide Shut they had parties wed-sat this week. We usually only attend the Saturday party, but I wanted to get out Friday too. Miguel had to get up and work on Saturday and I had a full day of events for the kids planned. So this was a bit of a sleep sacrifice, but it was so worth it!

The club was a bit slow at first, no wonder since the big party was Halloween night. Our plans were to hook-up with another couple, *spoiler alert*, it didn’t happen. We participated in the costume/popularity contests. I wore last year’s costume. I was beat out by a sexy cat and her animal trainer, they were hot. I won 2nd place, but I ended up giving my prize to another sex couple, (The prize was a high quality silicone sex toy, I really do have enough toys). We mingled with everyone and made some new friends. Miguel and I went over to the lodging twice to play.

Since our lusts have wandered over to domination and submission, Miguel was happy to oblige me. We fucked twice that night. The first was more of a teaser. I was so hot for him, so he had to put his cock in me. He didn’t cum just then so we could go party some more, but I did. We were still really turned on when we went back to the club and it resulted in some naughty play on the club side, but I won’t go into detail about that. We were flirting, drinking and dancing and all of a sudden it was after 12:30! So we rushed back to the lodging side to finish what we had started. We went over to the dungeon this time. Miguel strapped me in to the St. Andrew’s cross. He pulled off the my panties and pulled up my skirt over my ass. He pushed my face into the cross and told me to keep it there. I closed my eyes and waited…

He rubbed on my ass a bit before smacking me. He smacked my ass full-on alternating sides, then he rubbed my pussy. I was so wet from the excitement of pain and sensation. I became aware of someone else watching and it turned me on even more. I was arching my back to meet his thrusts. Miguel rubbed his hard cock on my ass through his pants keeping me flush with the cross. He smacked my ass and then he undid one of hands. While keeping me pinned to the cross he pulled my arm down and directed my hand over to another man’s cock. I gave that stranger a hand job while Miguel rubbed my pussy. I was pinned with Miguel’s hand forcing my head in the other direction. We had no blindfold, but I kept my eyes shut most of the time anyways. It helps me to focus on the sensations on my skin. He kept commenting on how wet I was getting. I was drenched. After about 10 minutes of this. He undid my other hand and the stranger pulled away. The man commented to Miguel that I was so obedient. I was being such a good girl, Miguel was going to give me the cock I deserved. I got myself dressed enough to walk down the hall and the stranger thanked me and Miguel for allowing him to play a little. The stranger did not join us as we walked down the hall and got a room.

Once we got in the room I stripped down immediately. I was still in a very submissive mood and I got down on my knees and licked all the pre-cum off of Miguel’s cock. After a few minutes he ordered me to stand and to get on the bed. He told me to get on my back so he could fuck me. I followed orders and lay spread eagle on the bed in anticipation. His cock slid in easily and we fucked. I came so many times I lost count as he pumped his cock into me. He kept threatening to fuck my ass but in the end he did not. In the end he pulled out and came all over my stomach.

We left the club after we were done but by this time it was already 2:30 am. I slept the whole ride home. When we got home I striped down and passed out right away. The next day was really rough as we were both so tired. I was so horny all day thinking about the night before. We definitely made up for Thursday’s disappointment. Miguel did something really awesome while he had my strapped to that cross, he whispered that he owned me. He made me tell him that he was my master. He made me tell him that I was his sub. I loved that part the most. I submitted to him and it turned me on so much to be dominated. He is so good at dominating me. I love that he is willing to be that for me. We talked about it and I think you will be seeing more and more posts like this one. I am looking forward to the next time I get my ass punished.

The best part was that the weekend wasn’t over yet! I promise full details about our sexy Saturday night tomorrow. Saturday night was the best swapping night we have had swinging so far!

Until next time Lovelies, Keep it sexy!

The Fetish Party

We were so excited to go a fetish party last night! We went down to Central Ybor city and met our friends for a fun filled night of fetish fun! I had never been to The Castle Club there, but it totally reminded me of clubs I used to frequent in Orlando. It was full of long lines and weird folks walking around. As it turns out, I am not too old for this shit, I just wished I had worn more comfortable shoes!

They were 4″ heels. This looked fantastic with two exceptions….the boots were not made for walking long distances and that outfit really needed a collar! I had already walked almost a mile around central Ybor by the time we got in the club. First from the car to the bar we met out frinds at, then I got lost trying to buy cigarettes, then to the club itself.

(A funny thing happened when I went to the store. Miguel stayed at the bar since I forgot my cigs and so I walked to the store. Not only did I get all lost trying to find the store we passed, that was only one block away, but I tripped and I fell on the way in. You gotta picture me in the whole get-up, I was already a fucking spectical so people were watching me…then I tripped in pure Dena fashion on the way in to the store. I felt like it happened in slow motion! How fucking embarassing!!! The people in the store were quick to tell me that the step gets alot of people on the way in, a bit late for that now though. )

Okay so we were actually the first people in line to the club and we got in around 10pm. The club was really full soon after we got in. Wall to wall people walking around in crazy looking fetish gear and costumes. It was great except the only real seating they had was for VIP folks only. We did talk one of the VIP’s into letting us go sit with them, but by that time the show was starting upstairs. Upstairs they had professional Doms working. I volunteered myself, almost accidentally, just by playing with the equipment. Curiosity killed the cat, or maybe just whipped it to ecstasy.






Shortly after this “scene” (yup, I am picking up the fetish lingo!), the show started with some guy hanging by 2 hooks in his skin on his back downstairs. We went back upstairs to watch another show that turned out to be pretty interesting. The players in the show were nothing short of sex and the stuff they did was incredible. I would give you more details but umm the alcohol has hazed my memory. I did end up getting a collar at this event it is so nice and leather. I wore it all night and it felt really nice around my neck. It has a big ring on the front and Miguel was dragging me around by it. Unfortunatly, the only picture I have of me in it from the night was also hazed by the smoke in the room. I had to cut out the other folks in it to protect the innocent, especially the guy next to me known only as the “Senator” who was only wearing his see though short gown with his cock showing for the club to see…


It was a great night! I did end up carrying my shoes back to the car, my feet had just had enough. I passed out in the car and then again when we got home, it was a sex-less night for us. I am glad we went, I am sure we will be going to other fetish events, it just keeps feeling more like home to us. These people are just as accepting as swingers of really anything except sex. If only we could find a group that knew how to incorporate both aspects, we may have to invent it ourselves!

It didn’t feel the same without going to to Eyz Wide Shut this weekend. They had a costume contest, but the Halloween party is happening this Saturday. Coincidentally, the fetish event at Eyz is next weekend as well. We will definitely be there. Eyz Wide Shut is doing something really awesome this year in that they are not jacking up their prices for their Halloween party. It seems like everywhere else is charging more, at Eyz the price is the same as any other night. it should be a great fucking time. I can’t wait to wear my costume, thankfully, it has more comfortable shoes!

Until next time lovelies, keep it sexy!