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Late, I know, but I wanna tell you what happened last Saturday night. We went out to to Eyz Wide Shut, no big surprise there. This time we remembered to pack the flogger….

I’m gonna skip right over the dancing, drinking, games and potential hook-ups that didn’t happen to tell you about the sexy stuff that actually went down. We went over to the lodging side. I was sure we were gonna head straight over to the dungeon—but no! Miguel wanted an audience. We went into the “Hedo” room, which is full of beds covered in black leather and bondage furniture. The bondage furniture is not really a big attracting feature. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone play on the furniture. I had to admit I had not even noticed it really, (but you have to consider how much I usually drink). Miguel remembered seeing the benches there, though. He even remembered which one of the two benches had straps.

So he pulls the blindfold out of his pocket and puts it on me. There are at least eight other couples in the room. He helps me out of my skirt, shirt and bra. Then he leads me over to the bench and he straps me in. I am now strapped onto the bench wearing only my panties, my thigh high lace top fishnets and my high heels. I am blindfolded and he brushes the flogger over my back and ass. I am totally relaxed knowing what is coming next. I am finally going to get the flogging I deserve. He alternates hitting my left and right side as he flogs my ass, thighs and back. I would be in heaven at this point except for the stupid fucking girls giggling in the corner with their hook-ups. It gets quiet finally and all I have to listen to is the door opening and closing behind me, Miguel’s footsteps as he circles around me and the slap of the flogger on my skin. Now I can go to that place, the white sting of bliss. I am butter.

Miguel undoes my straps and helps me to stand up and guide me over to a bed. I lay back and open up for him. How long did I entertain, I don’t know. Miguel later tells me we had an audience of at least twenty people. This makes me happy. I know spanking is sexual, but it is also so much more than that. It is a quick release for all the shit I carry around. For countless minutes I let go, I gave him control. I blindly trusted him to deliver the sting of my redemption.

We had mad crazy sex after this. I was so ready for a good fucking. I was still blindfolded as he guided his cock in. I came on contact. He pulls the blindfold off of me so I can see how close we are to a couple engrossed in passionate sex right next to us, they are still fucking well after we are done. A stranger approaches and touches my leg, but Miguel pushes him away. It is just us tonight. Another man is 6 feet away jacking off while he watches us. Single men are not allowed in this room and I can only assume that he was invited by a couple and stayed after to enjoy the show. I don’t care if he watches. He asks if I will suck his dick after we get done, but I decline. He was uninvited. He gets dressed and so do we. This is the end to a great night.

It is nice to have a place so close by that we can play at. We are looking to purchase another flogger. Miguel really wants to florentine. I can hardly wait! It is Friday already, so we might have to go to Phoenix. Phoenix is another club, it is even closer to home. It is a true private club in every sense and they do not allow alcohol or sex on premises. I guess we’ll just wait and see where we end up tonight!

Till next time Lovelies, Keep it Sexy!

Me Lately

So I got the day off today. My babysitter kinda overdid it over the weekend and I needed to stay home with the babies today…bummer right? Not really! I hate the job I have currently, so I am loving this time off. I would really love to work from home more but the opportunity has not presented itself….yet!

Miguel and I did not go out this weekend. It was a good thing and I got a lot of “work” done. My work reviewing and making videos. I have a bunch of new stuff on the way to review and hopefully another giveaway real soon! Miguel bought me a tri-pod a few weeks ago and I think he ordered me a new video camera, too. Making videos is fun and easy and he knows I love to do them. So I don’t really have any new adventures from this weekend to share with you, but I do have a story I haven’t shared that I am sure you will enjoy!

Miguel and I were at a swinger club two weeks ago on a Saturday. The place was pretty slow to start off, but before I knew it, it got packed! I was being my usual self and talking to everyone, drinking and dancing. I was getting pretty lit. There was a group of people going off site for something more intimate in a pool. I really wanted to go but we paid for lodging, and I wanted to get me some before we left. Miguel and I went over to the lodging side and got a place in the Hedo room. It is an open room with the lights down low and many leather covered beds and fucking furnishings. We sucked each other. Then I broke out the MiMi for some extra fun. Eventually I was riding Miguel with the MiMi working my clit. His cock felt so good filling me completely. I had my eyes closed when all of a sudden someone jumps on the bed beside us….”Hey, we are leaving now!” he shouted. OMG! He scared the shit of of us…that was the general idea thou. Miguel lost his hard on, so we got dressed to go to the after-party.

I was so turned on the whole way there. I took Miguel’s cock out of his pants and sucked his cock for most of the ride. It is a miracle we found the place following my drunken scribbled directions. We got there and the house we went to sits on 1 acre. The house we were at has a wooden fence around most of it and the other side of the street is nothing but woods. We were pretty secluded so after a few minutes of negotiation, Miguel bent me over the car and fucked me on the road. It was so hot knowing we might get discovered at any moment. His cock slid right into me. I had my jeans pulled half-way down and my heels still on. It must have been a hot sight. Miguel decided not to cum just yet and we got semi-dressed and proceeded to go and join the party. We were a bit late so everyone was already naked and in the pool. Miguel and I found ourselves a drink and stripped down to join in. Mostly everyone was standing in the pool talking. There were about 6 couples there. It was a nice mix of conversation and I floated around to everyone. Miguel had himself leaning against the wall, so I backed into him so he could get it in. It didn’t seem awkward at all to be having conversation with his cock sliding in and out, people mere feet away from us fucking. I made out with another guy and a girl while we were there. We stayed about 2 hours before tiredness kicked in and we decided to go home so we could finish what we started. It is a long drive for us from there to home so leaving seemed like the right thing to do. When we got in the car, I was determined to finish right there. We have a small car with a stick shift and bucket seats. I tried my best to straddle Miguel but after a few minutes we decided on top of the car was much easier. So once again we got out of the car and fucked on the side of the road.

It was another hot night for us! I guess we can check outdoor sex and car sex off the sex fantasy wish list. I hope our next car is a little more comfortable, with 4 doors so I can play out my cop fantasy. Mmmhmm!

Till next time, keep it sexy!

Yes to BDSM!

Okay Lovelies, it is no big secret that I have been wanting to explore the BDSM lifestyle for a while now. I have my reasons…. starting with a whetting of my appetite by our friends at Blissful Lotus. The problem is that most swingers only dabble into the fetish lifestyle so we haven’t found a nice crossover couple to introduce us around. Something about letting go and letting someone else take control. I get everything I need when I submit. I have come to grips with the fact that a good spanking can take me there. This is pretty delicate, though. After some of our not so great experiences when we started at swinging, I knew we needed some good mentors.

Miguel has been really busy trying to find us a hot spot to “play” (when he isn’t too busy looking for that mythical unicorn, that is!). He found us a club a few weeks ago and we choose last night to go try it out. This place has everything we need to get us going in the right direction. The website was nicely laid out. We still didn’t know exactly what to expect. Honestly, after what happened at the last BDSM club we had very low expectations.

We arrived at the club sober, aware that they didn’t allow drinking on premise. Normally this would have been a deal-breaker but I think we needed to be sober for this. We were greeted at the door by a very friendly sexy couple. There were various displays of whips, floggers and other BDSM gear for aesthetic pleasure and some for sale. The couple seemed totally taken aback that we didn’t have a “sponsor” to the club. Ummm oops! We didn’t know we needed a sponsor! Oh well, then meet with one of the owners and see if you can charm your way into membership. We did, we are now members of a local BDSM club. Details about the club name and location….. (I wanna respect the privacy of the club and its members I wanna talk to the owner before I do this.)

The club itself is like a big dungeon. Half of the club was for play, with various “scene” furniture, (scenes are what they call playtime, I am trying to use the right lingo). The other half of the club had tables and chair and a small kitchen. There was an upstairs loft as well for those that desire a bit of privacy. There were quite a bit of rules, most of them for safety and to keep stupid at bay. These members have a lot of respect for others peoples play, so we felt very safe and welcome. Most of the Subs make food and bring it in to serve their Doms. There was alot of symbolism rules that I was made aware of including what color my cup should be. I guess at a place like this you will want to know right away if you are talking to the Sub or the Dom, so that makes sense.  As luck would have it, it was the owners birthday. We made some small talk and when we met the owner he agreed to do a “scene” with me. The owner, (like everyone except us) had a bit of luggage full of tools. He whipped out two bags and proceeded to tell me all about the variations. I stripped down to my panties and bent over a table (not sure what to call it, it wasn’t a bench it was a 2 tiered table) I was eager to have everything tried out on me! He did a great job of explaining which toys/tools gave me the best pleasure. It is all about sensation and allowing me to go there, to my happy place, while enjoying a great spanking. He had some wonderful tools, and some that were too stingy for me. He rubbed and talked me through everything, I was able to go there. I was so lucky to have this Master working on me, I really enjoyed his techniques. The owner and his Sub had to leave right after that though. Hopefully we will see them again soon!

Another couple was talking to us and they really seemed to enjoy taking us under their wing, if only for the night. They weren’t really a sub/dom couple so much as they were a power play couple. The Dom definitely was not Sub about anything, but she was much too outspoken to be meek in her demeanor. She allows him to play the Dom. That is the best way I could describe this. Totally not like from the owner and his slave. His Sub was owned and meek, a perfect sub type. The whole time he talked to us, she sat quietly by his side. Only when the conversation intentionally shifted to her did she talk. I don’t know if I will ever be that way, I am a Gemini so the urge to take-over the conversation would probably kill me! Right okay moving on…..they agreed to take us upstairs so Miguel could get a feel for the tools. They volunteered me to use them on….yes! I got down to my panties and go strapped to a St. Andrew’s Cross. The cross was not as comfortable as the table. They did alot of talking too. The most surprising thing about the whole experience was how lightly Miguel used the tools on me. He loves me alot and did not want to make it a bad experience. I love him for that. When we came home it was different though, we had rough sex. Miguel grabbed my hair and really took control, I loved it.

We learned so much about the tools.

  1. In the BDSM community limp is a good thing. (referring to the flogger folks!)
  2. A little refers to a grown up. (cuz they like their bigs alot!)
  3. A Dungeon Master has nothing to do with the game Dungeons and Dragons.
  4. Leather is something you earn.
  5. A dragon’s whip can take me there in 3 smacks.
  6. Thud is better than sting.
  7. All cats have nine tails.
  8. The more surface area the better.
  9. A “wrap” is not just a sandwich.

I think the night was a success! I am so glad we became members, so we can go back again soon. I have been trying to find all the people we met on fetlife so I can get more involved in the community. The members there were eager to tell us about all the local events so we can learn more. there is so much we didn’t know. They said there is so much going on in this area….I am sure our weekends will be full of sexy events.

Night Out Fail, Night Home Win

Miguel and I ventures out Friday night. We were pretty excited to be going to a BDSM club for the first time. I was excited/scared at what we might find. It was pretty early and I was just getting my drink on.

We arrive at the club and there are not many cars in the lot. This club is placed in a commercial district in a warehouse storefront, so I knew it would not be deluxe. The website looked like it had a pretty interesting layout. Anyways, so were we potentially the only patrons at this early hour (9:30pm).

We go inside and we are greeted by a person vertically challenged and a bit on the bigger side. She had a laptop opened up to facebook on her desk. I wondered at this point why it took them so long to respond to our e-mail inquiry, and why did we get such a generic message that didn’t really answer our question of pricing. The lady then informs us that we will be charged individually $50 for men, $5 for women, and they have a $55 membership that is required up front.

“Can we get a tour?” we politely ask.

“No, sorry”.

“Are we the first ones here tonight?” we inquired.

“Yes, it picks up around 10:30″.


Okay, so it is gonna cost us over $100 to get in, and we are the only patrons here? And we can’t even look around first?

Yup, that troll really thought we might pay! She wasn’t even friendly folks. If you are gonna be a troll, at least have a nice personality. Ummm, no sorry! We have never been that desperate for sex play.

So we left the place. We weren’t quite ready to call it a night thou… We were kind of in the neighborhood so we headed out to our old stomping grounds, a house club that we used to go to all the time. It had been 7 months or so since we visited. This place used to be great, but they stopped updating everything, and it just fell apart. People stopped going and so did we. Now that I have seen their competition, I can see why.

We got there and there was no patrons but us. The owner greeted us at the door and waived the entrance fee for us. We checked in our alcohol (it is a byob club). He showed us all the “updating” he has been doing and reminded us that Friday is always a bit slow. Disappointment rolled over me as I realized he had moved the St.Andrew’s cross to a common room. We were the only ones there for the better part of an hour. As much as we like to put on a good show, the owner was not exactly our type. Another guy showed up that helps around the place, and then one single showed up. Neither one of them would have done it for me either. So after about an hour we decided to head home.

I didn’t want the night to be a complete waste so in pure “old stomping ground” fashion I did the usual one way home…I undid Miguel’s pants and toyed with his cock the whole way home. I had brought along my we-vibe touch and I removed my panties. I alternated working his cock with my mouth and hand and using the we-vibe touch on my clit. I had three fantastic orgasms before we got home and Miguel got a good show.

We arrived home pretty early but we were lucky and all the babies were asleep. I stripped immediately and we got busy right away fucking. We tried various positions and broke our new liberator “BonBon” in right. We did it doggie style, missionary, me on top…we tried a double play with one of my vibes and even some anal. It was awesome sex and we orgasm-ed together to finish it off. I went to sleep well spent. I had delicious thoughts of Miguel all day at work Saturday. It was the perfect end to a night out!




Birthday Spanking

Where do I begin about last night…?

So much occured that I am having a hard time putting it all into words without getting lost in the details.

Last night we went to Eyz Wide Shut to celebrate my birthday. The placed was packed with sexy people. My favorite hostess made me a beautiful “Boobie Cake”. I don’t know how she does it folks, but the cake was a pair or boobs with big nipples and margarita flavored. The hostess called me out onto the dance floor and I got a few birthday lap dances. It was a lot of fun. After the lap dance people all over the club were wishing me “happy birthday” all night. A fellow blogger showed up with her entourage and she brought me a present, nipple jewelry. It was actually some rhinestone stick-on meant to adorn my nipples. We danced, drank, and socialized so much last night! I gave out about 4 cards last night, (calling cards). Who says they don’t work? We had a call today already from one couple and we got lucky last night with this approach.


At some point we decided to go next door to the lodging. We did take a tour of the place and it was packed with people. Miguel took my hand and headed straight to the dungeon room. He wanted to make sure I got my birthday spankings…this time tied up on the St.Andrew’s Cross. I approached the cross and Miguel placed a blindfold on me. He then strapped only my arms in place allowing me to move my feet. I was wearing all black last night. A black shirt with a little black skirt and my black fishnet stockings with my black high heels. I removed my shoes and he helped me out of my skirt. Then he smacked my ass a few times before rubbing my pussy threw my black thong panties. I heard other voices at this point (the dungeon door stays open for other’s viewing pleasure). I heard Miguel ask them if they wanted to help him out and give me some birthday spankings. Then I got the birthday spanking I deserved.


Many different voices and hands caressing my buttocks one by one before smacking my ass. I lost count as each person stepped up to give me a smack. Miguel encouraging each person to smack me as hard as they could. He made sure no one showed me mercy. When they smacked me lightly, he gave them another turn to smack me. I was lost in the intense pain and pleasure as they caressed and then smacked me each in turn. A few smacks were so hard that I saw white and then the stinging pain across my bottom. After so many I thought I could take no more and I begged for mercy. Miguel undid my straps and teased that I was done with my spankings for the night. I took the blindfold off and realized that we had quite a crowd in the hallway. It looked like people were lining up to smack my ass. I put my skirt back on and hurriedly grabbed my shoes. I wanted a minute alone in the bathroom to collect myself. Once I got in the bathroom I examined my bottom in the mirror.  My ass was welted and bruised and almost bleeding in places. I was feeling humiliated and upset at Miguel for letting it get so carried away. Can anyone say “safeword”? Ya, I guess we will have to work on that now that spanking is a regular occurrence in our sex play.


It was over thou. I let Miguel know about how I felt and then we moved on….


We began to look for an open room because at this point, I was just ready for a good fuck! A couple that I had given a calling card to earlier that night was in the hallway also looking for a room. So we agreed to share one. It was so packed last night that they opened the other big common room next to the dungeon. The other common room was packed with bodies and since all the rooms were full, that left us no where else to go. The room we got was huge and it had it’s own bathroom (bonus!). We had a nice soft swap with a sexy couple before going back to the other side to say our goodbyes. I am not giving a lot of details about this since it is all a bit hazy to me at this point…..sorry! I am sure, had it not been for all the spanking to help sober me up, I would of ended up being sick!


So that was pretty much our night. Today I was suppose to take the kids for a swim. I am not really fit for a bathing suit today thou…


If you think that is bad, you should have seen it last night. It actually looks better today!



Flogging Friends

This past weekend found us at Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL both Friday and Saturday.
We were so hammered on Friday that my details are a bit fuzzy. I always get so touchy feely when I am hammered. We were drinkin rum and cokes. I think I had 4 or 5 before we even got to the club. Everyone even remotely sexy got groped by me. Yup, I am that drunk. You know, the one that wants to dance with everyone?


So Saturday morning I had to have Miguel re-assure me that I was not so bad that we need to stop going there or anything, haha!

Saturday night I only had beers.*grins* So I can actually remember enough to tell you how our night went….

We stayed on the club side for a long time. I am not actually sure why, but it worked out awesome! There is a sexy couple that we see there almost every weekend. It is kinda funny that we have seen them at other clubs too, we hang out with the same people. We have even played with some of the same couples, but we have never hooked up. Sure there has been some heavy flirting. She is like 5″ nothing with a banging body. He is like Miguel’s size and a really great conversationalist. Okay fast forward through the details…….tonight is the night that we finally hook up with this couple. We go over to the lodging side of the club….

Btw, if you haven’t ever been to Eyz Wide Shut, now would be an awesome time to check it out. They just opened more themed rooms and added more staff to keep everything clean and ready. So now they have a total of 22 themed rooms! The new rooms have some awesome furniture… “throne” chairs and lovers couches (the sexy S shaped ones), four poster beds. And the room we picked had a St. Andrew’s Cross and a red light!!! Everything is so much sexier in red!

As soon as I saw the cross, I knew that would be our room. Back when I had my “First Flogging”, she was the girl on the other cross, she wore the guy trying to flog her out! She is a super hot tamale! >Did I mention she was kinda short? I don’t know what it is about people of smaller stature, but they are always so aggressive! She was no exception.<We made out a alot, and took off all our clothes (everything except my fishnets!!). She was an excellent kisser. I suggested we put her up on the cross first. She could barely reach to get strapped in, but we managed to get her bound. I got a hold of Miguel’s belt and I smacked her ass a bit with it. Her ass looked so nice I kept rubbing it after the smacks and I licked her all over before she asked to do me. I was very “nice.”

Hey! I am a submissive, so it is a bit uncomfortable for me to have that much power .

When it came to be my turn, this girl showed no mercy. She smacked my ass and pulled my hair, she licked and sucked my tits and made me beg for more. She kept saying “You are such a bad girl, say that you are a bad girl!” I complied and told her what a very bad girl I was…I was so fucking turned on! I actually have one welt from last night on my hip…mmmm, good times! The guys did not participate at all. The room was completely silent as she smacked my ass, tits, pussy and back with the belt. The room had a stained glass door, we had an audience the whole time! After I got down we went over to the bed, where I couldn’t wait to lick her pussy. She had a neutral pussy, so I licked it and sucked and fingered and played with it. I really enjoyed her pussy! Once again, I was so nice to her. When it came to be her turn she showed me no mercy. . She finger banged me and rubbed and licked and bit, I was writhing on her face! I was cumming so much I begged her to stop! By the time we got to the fucking part, I was well spent!

She was really aggressive….Miguel says that she tried to suck his cock off! He LOVED it! WE did a full swap, and I am absolutely sure we will do it again. They are such a hot couple, I don’t know why we waited so long!


This is a pic takin at Eyz Wide Shut, of Miguel rubbing my sore feet after hours of dancing….Thanks Sexy, I needed that!

Sexy Dance-ing

Last night we went to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL. I love going to this place cause the clientele is so damned sexy.

Miguel and I danced a lot last night, and got some nice compliments…..he makes me look good dancing. I am so fucking Caucasian, so having my Latin lover for a dance partner is awesome!
Some thing I can barely stand is when women ask me to dance….a pet peeve of mine. Dancing with other women always feels so forced, and I feel awkward. Worst thing is when she is only doing it to please her partner, and look sexy to him….grrrr! There are lots of girls who can do this shit effortlessly and put me to shame. I dance just because I love the song, or I wanna get closer to Miguel, not to try to look sexy. Cause lets face it, dancing ain’t really the thing I am best at, lol! Maybe this seems weird? I have actually ruined hook-ups by not dancing with the ladies.
Maybe they should try harder to turn me on and ask my man to dance, now that would turn me on! This could play out for both players too cuz what swinger wouldn’t want to see his chick dancing sexy with another guy? Sex is a form of dance right, between players?? Also, watching my man dance would make me more likely to wanna look sexy for him, by dancing with you.

….I think I am really alone on this thought trail….so I am gonna leave it….

So a girl asked me to dance with her last night, a smoking hot dark skinned girl. She radiated sexy from across the room. The first time I saw this fox, I had to try to talk to her. I felt plain jane in a room full of sexy competition, but I wanted her to see me. I hoped to get a glimpse of Miguel fucking her…her man was really hot, too! I gave her a card and tried to express to her that we were interested. She was doing all the talking at the table but I complimented her man too.
This was a few weeks ago….she remembered us, and when she saw me she asked me to dance. I obliged her request and after the dance,(which really wasn’t that awkward after all), I politely told her that I do not normally do that, and why…She said she had a hall pass that night and she wanted to use it on me. But just me. Her man likes dark skinned girls, and Latino girls….(should I mention here that her man was white?). Okay so she wanted to hook up with me and made it pretty obvious all night. But I didn’t want a hook-up last night with just a woman, especially if Miguel would only be a watcher. Last night I just really wanted some cock. I am regretting this now…..I missed out on all that sexiness. We were unprepared, I had no toys to help me out. The thing that really, I think, made it a “no” for me last night, was when she mentioned that she spied the blog and she thought I could teach her a few things……OMG the pressure! I don’t handle pressure. Yes people I am a bit of sex talker, yes I have had some fucking awesome experiences, but I am not an expert or over experienced at all. Like I said, I am almost a boobs lesbian and full of insecurities when it comes to women.
I don’t know, am I a bad swinger? I know there have to be other female swingers that are with me on this. I am with a guy because I love his cock. That’s how I get off. When we swing, I am not insecure with another man. I know how to use my mouth to please. I know how to get a guy to cum, usually….women are trickier. Our anatomy is pretty specific, and I still have yet to find my own g-spot… blah, blah, blah!

Okay, so Miguel and I went over to the lodging, sans company. I wanted to play in the dungeon. This is something that really turns me on lately….mmm, being tied up!! After a momentary confusion as to where to play, we ended up in the dungeon. At first we were alone, and got to pick where we wanted to play. We choose the cross and so I took off my shoes, pants and my panties. Miguel strapped me in. First my arms, then my legs, then he rubbed my clit, and tuned me a bit so he could smack my ass, then he kissed me aggressively…..yes that did get me a little wet.
Two more couples walked in at this point. One couple got right up on the table with stirrups (like at a doctors office), the were a young bi-racial couple. The black guy mounted the blond girl as she lay back on the table. His pants around his ankles and her dress bunched up around her waist. The were fucking and smacking the shit out of each other. She was smacking his ass and face and and he was smacking her back. It almost looked painful, but they were so fucking lost in the lust of their fuck.
They were fucking like animals.
As I watched them, Miguel went to slapping my clit and pussy, which made me even wetter. The other couple sat down across from us on the bed with the straps, and just watched. We were so ready for a good fucking session after all this sexy play. Miguel grabbed me a towel to wrap around me and undid my straps, we got in the first room we could find open. I sucked his cock, realizing how much I missed sucking his cock. It has been like two weeks. I got it so deep in my throat, I wanted it completely. He had me lay in the middle of the bed and then we fucked like animals, sans all the slapping….After an exhausting, earth shattering fuck with my legs wrapped around his waist and him hammering his cock into my tight pussy, he pulled out and came on my stomach.
After we got cleaned up and went back to the club, we met some people and I got the actual invite from the sexy girl that had been pursuing me all night…but alas, we went were fucking spent. The couple we went were super nice, and we almost went next door with them, (they were newbies!!). It wouldn’t have been our best thou, at that hour. We gave them a card, referred them to the blog, and hopefully we will be seeing them soon. We are getting up too early these days to make it an all-nighter……someday we will get back to that, hopefully!
I gave Miguel an awesome blow-job in the car. His cock was so hard it was level with his abs. I wanted him to pull over and stick it in me, but he just kept on driving. I argued with him in my mind, but he won, cuz it was really late and we were both really tired…so I layed the seat back and passed out for the rest of the ride home. I am such a bitch!

Three Times we’re out

Finally! I am ready to tell you about Saturday night. Is it too late?
Nah! It is only Tuesday, and this is a short week anyways…us Irish folks are gonna start the weekend on Thursday.
We went to Eyz Wide Shut in Tampa, FL….I don’t have the camouflage skirt in these pics put the stockings are enough to tell the story I think….

We ended up going over to the lodging side about three separate times. I knew it was gonna be a really hot night. I could feel it. We choose to go into the orgy room. There were people all over the room in various states of arousal and lust. I saw people there letting their inhibitions go. All the couples played separately, but together, in this massive room of sex.


We started out with Miguel licking and sucking to get me ready, but every session of lust ended with me riding his cock. I didn’t mind at all cause sitting up gave me a great view of all the sex going on around me. We had a few couples just watching. Some were just getting or receiving oral, most were fucking. Feeding off of all the sexy people in the room. I saw a couple across from us and he was jacking his cock on her clit. He was probably trying to get it hard, but she was getting off on it and it was so damned sexy to watch.