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Elastabind Restraint Contest Winner


I am happy to announce the winner of the Elastabind Restraint Corset is…

Jen of GeekInMeReviews

I am really grateful for everyone that entered and shared this contest via social media. I am especially grateful for all the awesome feedback that you offered about my site and things you would like to see more of. Jen has already been contacted, but feel free to go check out her website and offer your congratulations. Play Passions sponsored this contest and she will also be receiving a blindfold to go with her new corset for extra fun!

Don’t fret if you didn’t win…the Elastabind Restraint Corset by Sex & Mischief can still be purchased at Play Passion. Also, Play Passions is also giving away a RodeoH harness click here to go there and enter. There are loads of contests going on this month, check out my contests and giveaways page for more.

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C-Sling Giveaway Winner!



I am delighted to announce the winner of the Tantus Cock Sling Giveaway! Thanks again to everyone that entered and shared my contest via twitter, facebook, and other places on the www.

Thanks to SheVibe for allowing me to host this giveaway. Don’t fret if you didn’t win…the Tantus C-Sling Cock Ring is only $29.99 so you can get one for yourself or someone you love without breaking the bank.


The winner of this contest was #130 for liking KissinBlueKaren on Facebook.

Congratulations Sunny Megatron!


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New Winner


I had to pick a new winner for my contest since no one claimed the prize. The new winner is Raine D. #403 with a tweet about the contest. Thanks everyone for playing!

Sex Stories Giveaway Winner



Thanks for playing everyone! I enjoyed reading all the comments. My favorite part of a contest is seeing all the toys readers are interested in.

I want to thank Sex Stories and Toys for allowing me to host this giveaway.


The winner has 48 hours to respond to me via e-mail at [email protected] if not I will pick another winner. There are still plenty of contests going on right now. Hop over to my Contests and Giveaways page for more places to enter and win!



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I Got a Winner!


Thanks to everyone that entered my contest, shared it on social media, linked me in their blogs and followed me and SheVibe. I love giving things away. Thanks so much to SheVibe for offering this prize and allowing me to host the giveaway on KissinBlueKaren.

For those of you interested in getting a few bucks off SheVibe’s awesome stock by submitting reviews, check out their review project by clicking here.

Without further ado….

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Tsunami Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway. I always feel so bad writting these posts. As much as I am happy for the winner….yeah!…..I am feeling terrible about all the people that played every single day and then didn’t win. I am glad to announce the winner is someone who has entered almost every single one of my contests.

I am hoping to do a subscriber contest really soon. You won’t have to do anything to be entered, those of you that subscribe to kissinbluekaren are already in the running. I will be sending out something more about that soon.

For now I’ll just say

Congratulations Matt!

What are you going to do with this dildo? I am sure he has something, (or someone), special in mind for it.

Thanks so much to SheVibe for hosting this giveaway!

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Icicles #9 Winner!

Thanks again to everyone who played along and shared my contest on the web.

The winner of the Icicles #9 harness-able glass dildo was Julia, for “liking” RelaxationInc on Facebook.

Thanks to RelaxationInc for sponsoring this giveaway!


Make Me Over Winner

The winner has been notified by e-mail. Just one for this popular prize, sorry. I wanted to give everyone of you this toy, it is just so cool.

The winner was Alanna. Thanks to everyone that entered and the onslaught of tweets on twitter helping to get the word out about this contest. BTW, Alanna won with a tweet…

But seriously, I may have to delete that option in the future. It makes me phone blow up since my twitter account is connected. I gotta think about it really, I feel popular for about a day and then I am totally over it. It is false popularity. Maybe next time the prize will be more exclusive, like you must follow me on SLS or something. Wouldn’t that be funny? I may end up sponsoring that contest myself!

I want to thank Babeland for sponsoring this cool contest. They have a LELO giveaway going right now if you sign-up for their newsletter via e-mail, plus you will save 10% on your purchase. Please help me to thank them for this cool contest by clicking the link…