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Double Penetration

Monday was really rough for me at work. I was hungover and so tired from all our fun over the weekend. Saturday night was very nice, but I am going to skip right over it and tell you about our hot date on Sunday night. I almost said no, when Miguel asked if I wanted to do something Sunday night. I though I might have been too tired from all the partying we did over the weekend. I am glad I didn’t.

Miguel was online at craig’s list looking for a male that I could peg. See, I got this new strap-on from California Exotics and the dildo glows in the dark. I really wanted to fuck a guy with it. Miguel enjoys a bit of prostate massage from time to time so it would have been a turn on to watch me fuck him! Miguel actually found a great looking guy that had no problems with being pegged. Unfortunately, I didn’t even take the strap-on out of the bag, so I will have to review that some other time….damn, I know right?

We met the guy at his house and right away he was a great host. We brought a 6-pack, thinking it would be an early night. But Oh Shit! He had crown royal and cock, oops! I mean coke, a little Freudian slip there! He was in great shape! A runner too, how about that? Anyways, we had great conversation. He was intrigued about the website, instead of being intimidated, yeah! So after a few drinks I got comfortable enough to get naked. We all stripped down and went to the bedroom. I showed him all my toys and he pulled out some handcuffs. Since this was my show I put the blindfold and handcuffs on him. I had him on his back and handcuffed him to the headboard. I lubed up both my prostate massagers and alternated working them in his ass. Then I got out some of my favorite glass toys for anal play and fucked his ass with them. I stroked his cock and licked and sucked it so he would really enjoy himself. After about 30 mins of play, he asked for a break. It had been a while since he got ass fucked. So we went back and had another few drinks and stood around naked talking about …umm somthing, I don’t really remember, oh well!

We went back to the bedroom and then I handcuffed him back to the bed. I sucked his cock so it got good and hard. We had this great idea to have Miguel fuck his ass. Miguel tried to enter him while he had his legs up high but it was too tight. While they were working it out I sat on the dresser and worked the MiMi on my clit. I was so wet watching Miguel dominate another man I came almost instantly. Miguel said I looked like I needed so cock so they abandoned their efforts. Miguel helped him put the condom on him while I got ready to ride him. I rode his cock leaning way forward, he was a great kisser and I wanted that mouth. Miguel saw his opportunity and slide first one, two, then three fingers into my ass while I rode his cock. He then slid his cock into my ass. I got my first dp and it was ecstasy! Miguel said he could feel his cock in my pussy and it was such a fucking turn-on. Miguel had knee issues and so we un-cuffed him. We thought it would be easier if I rode Miguel’s cock while the guy fucked my ass. So I got ass fucked and cock fucked both ways, by both guys. I could feel both of their cocks scissoring my holes and I came and came. Miguel was laying on is back and I was riding his cock, while this guy fucked my ass. I sat up and had a great view in the mirror of all three of us in our lust. He was grabbing my tits and Miguel was telling me how hot it looked.

Then, he got a phone call…bad timing right? He stepped out to take the call and Miguel and I went to fucking. Miguel fucked me good, knowing all the ways to make me cum. Then the guy came back and apologized for the phone call, but he would love to suck Miguel’s cum out of pussy to make up for it…okay! Miguel came a big load in my pussy and I laid back and let him lick some of it out. When he couldn’t get anymore, he had me sit on his face so he could get it all. I rode his face and he cleaned all the cum out of me. I think we tried to fuck some more after that. He assured me that he needed help to cum so he laid on the bed and masturbated while I egged him on. I wanted him to cum so bad so I licked an pinched his nipples and when that didn’t work I licked his balls while he stroked his cock. This was what he needed and he came all over his stomach. He apologized for having whiskey dick, but umm we all came and it was a lot of fun! It was the fuck of my life! Miguel got his wish and it couldn’t have went better. I know we will be meeting this guy again for more fucking fun very soon!

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Oh my weekend fun!

I am so exhausted Lovelies! Our weekend kicked ass!. Friday we went out to a club. Fridays are hit and miss and this time it was definitely miss! There were only about 25 people there. It ended up being a great night though! Miguel and I went over to the lodging and got our freak on twice. At first we went to the dungeon, where Miguel tied me up and blindfolded me. I had on my tight blue jeans and a strapless black top. I looked pretty hot, too hot for the lame crowd, but anyways…. I slid my jeans off and Miguel strapped me to the cross. First I was facing him. He played with my tits and then put his fingers on my pussy. He rubbed my slit and fingered me to orgasm. Then he had me turn around so he could smack my ass. He continued to play with my clit with one hand while he smacked my ass with the other. I came so hard all over his hand. I kept thinking that we must purchase a good flogger soon. He dominates me so good, a flogger would just add to the pleasure!

He took me off the cross after some great play and pushed me to my knees. I know we had an audience when he put his cock near my mouth and I engulfed it as deep as I could. I covered his cock with my saliva and stroked it between sucks. He pushed my head deep as he could and remarked at how I wanted him to fuck me face. I did and he pulled me hair so I would go at his pace. He took the blindfold off and told me to wrap the towel around me so we could get a room. He said he wanted to lick my pussy.

We got in a room and I helped him undress so I could suck his cock some more. He positioned himself next to me so I could suck his cock as he played with my clit. He had me stop after a few minutes and then he lowered himself to the floor so he could lick my pussy and finger my g-spot. He licked me furiously and fingered me so well I came all over his hand. Then he fucked me so I could cum on his cock. He didn’t finish, he said he wanted to drink some more and hopefully find another cock to satisfy me. We got dressed and headed back to the bar for a while. Unfortunately, there was no one that really got my attention. I was really focused on Miguel and finishing what we started!

We went back for more, we even got the same room. He and I stripped down and then he handed me some of my toys. “Did you bring the glass ones?” Mmmm, I knew exactly what he meant when he said that. He loves to fuck me with the glass toys in both holes. he told me to get ready so he could fuck my ass. He put one in my pussy and I rubbed my clit with the MiMi. I came so fucking hard that lubrication was not a problem. He pulled the glass toy out of my pussy and then he worked it into my ass. Then he positioned himself on top of me and shoved his cock all the way into my slippery pussy. I was so wet and each of his thrusts sent the glass toy into my ass a bit deeper. I was so lubed up that when he said he wanted to fuck my ass it was no problem. My cum coated his cock and it slid in so easy. He used the other glass toy in my pussy and I got all my holes filled while I rubbed the vibrator on my clit. He finished up by having me get on all fours and he fucked me from behind. His cock thrusting into my ass while I thrust the glass toy in my pussy. I abandoned the vibrator because I was cumming and cumming at this point. It was an awesome fuck.

I’ll have to tell you about last night at another time. I am so wet thinking about this, I need to go take care of business. Till next time lovelies, keep it sexy!

Newbie Q and A

Swinger Q & A

We went out Wednesday night to a local Irish Pub. This place is a little hole in the wall really, but the drinks are cheap and the pool table was free all night. Miguel was leaving Thursday morning for a week on business. I was hoping for a night out before he left and I got my wish! Miguel had set up a date there with another couple. Just a meeting he said, no intentions of a hook-up.

Sometimes dates are like that. This couple was a newbie couple he met on craig’s list. People can say what they will about craig’s list, but I have found some awesome people on the site. I guess Miguel does a really good job of screening out the weirdos. This was just a meeting, but I dressed up anyways. I had on my tight jeans and a cute top with some sexy black high heels.

We got there and the couple was already finishing their first round. They turned out to be an awesome couple, and really sexy. They were a bit shy and totally new to the lifestyle. We sat at the bar with them and broke the ice. We had a few beers and decided to shoot some pool when the table opened up. I noticed alot of flirting from the guy, I guess the outfit paid off for a nice ego boost! Especially when I found out this guy was 24! Miguel made sure to bring it up later when we were having sex too, that I had a 24 year old wanting me….but I get ahead of myself. At some point during the game the guys were engrossed in conversation. I had already brought up the fact that I am a sex blogger and I love the lifestyle. The girl started in at this point with the questions….

The questions that come up vary some what with every new couple. They have the same theme though and I know this part helps with making a new couple (female) feel comfortable.

  • How long have you guys been swinging? 2 1/2 years
  • Who’s idea was it? his of course!
  • What was your first experience like? see How it All Started for this fun story
  • How do you deal with jealousy? We don’t have this issue. Miguel was really careful to make sure the first few experiences all about me. I trust him completely. Especially after he send me the whole conversation of a unicorn trying to hook-up with him behind my back! Cheating is not worth it in a swinging relationship. If I wanna fuck someone, why do it behind his back when he could be there to enjoy it? It works both ways.
  • Do you guys have any rules? Yes. We never play separately, and we always use condoms. Also, and this is really important, no one ever takes one for the team. If either one of us doesn’t like the couple, we don’t play.
  • Have you ever had a bad experience? Umm, yes. But in the end, the lifestyle is still pretty great. We have had a few lack-luster hook-ups and it just re-affirms that Miguel and I are fucking awesome together. When it sucks I am always so reminded of how well Miguel can please me, how well he knows my body. When it is great with another couple, we are both there to enjoy it. I enjoy watching him and he enjoys watching me.

Swinging is not a quick fix for a broken relationship, though. I always tell new couples that you have to love and respect your partner for this to work. There is alot of trust in a swinging couple or it shows. You don’t wanna end up being the drama couple that fights at every encounter! We always schedule time for ourselves. We have to have somethings that are just about us.

At this point, I gotta give her the spiel about how being the woman means she has the final say…on everything. It may have been his idea, but the women gets all the power. What I mean is that at any point she has the ability to say “stop”. It is that way because there are less women in the swinging world (hence the unicorn). A women can always get laid, her man had better bring his “A” game to every meeting. She liked this and it put her at ease. I swear it is so true and any woman in the lifestyle will tell you the same thing!

I am so used to meeting new people. I think we have a knack for putting people at ease. Miguel and I are just a typical couple. We really love each other and I hope new couples notice that. Swinging has brought us closer together. We have this awesome sex and we share that with other people. This couple said they felt at ease with us. I am looking forward to a more intimate enconter in the near future…

We played some darts with the couple and had a few more drinks (at least I did, I think Miguel had stopped drinking at this point). We had a good time and then we said goodbye. We got home and had some fan-nominal sex! We put both the glass toys to use and Miguel ended up cumming in my ass while I had a glass toy in my pussy and the MiMi working on my clit. I have two glass toys, one is about 1 1/2″ longer than the other. I worked one into my pussy and the other into my ass in anticipation of Miguel’s cock. His cock went in with ease and he gave me an awesome fuck to day-dream about while he is away.

In the meantime, I got a whole week without my Miguel to get me though! Oh Lovelies! What AM I gonna do with myself? I gotta stay busy, so I the time goes quickly! I’ll probably be on twitter all weekend, drop me a line….

Till next time, keep it sexy!



Anal fun

I tweeted yesterday that we were going out looking for trouble. We ended up at a swinger club that was pretty packed. The FetCon is in town so I am guessing alot of folks were looking for trouble after all the demos at the show. There were quite alot of sexy people at the club. We drank and danced with quite a few people but in the end….I just wanted to fuck and not have to wait for a hook-up. I had brought a box of toys with me, just in case, and we made sure to bring it with us when we went to play.

We went over and got a room on the lodging side. Miguel and I stripped down and then he put the blindfold on me. He turn the lights down low and handed me a toy. He told me to work it on myself. It was my new Bimini Flash! I worked myself to orgasm with this little wonder then worked my clit some more. He then handed me my MiMi. The MiMi is a very strong personal massager that is rechargeable. I love this vibe because I can use its awesome vibes on my clit while working something else in my pussy.

He then inserted my glass dildo and it put me right over the edge. I was so wet it slid right in. My glass dildo is a little something called the Pink Swirl G. This glass toy has a bit of a curve to hit for g-spot stimulation. It also has a swirly ridge going up and down the shaft. The pleasure of the MiMi combined with the glass toy was unbelievable.  I was cuming all over these toys. I asked Miguel if he was gonna fuck me as I lay there with the blindfold on and he replied “Soon”. He then put his cock in my mouth as i continued to fuck my self with my toys. He said he wanted to double penetrate me with the glass toy.  I stopped sucking his cock and I asked him to put some lube on the glass toy. He slathered it with a bit of lube and then I slowly worked it into my ass. Once the big head went in, I was able to get it all the way in to the bulb at the end. Then Miguel came up and put his cock in my mouth. I had it in all the way before Miguel came over and put his dick in my pussy. He fucked me missionary at first. The glass toy still in my ass and me working the MiMi on my clit. He said he could feel the ridges of the glass toy and it felt incredible! I suggested we turn around so that he could work the glass toy while fucking me. I flipped onto my stomach and he fucked me a few minutes working the glass toy by leaning his body on it as he fucked me hard and deep. I had both my holes filled and the MiMi working my clit, it was such a hot fuck! “Ready for the real deal baby? I wanna cum in that ass tonight!” I responded by pulling the glass toy out and begging him to fuck my ass.He slid his cock in and worked the head a bit before going in all the way. I was so caught up in the pleasure that I forgot the MiMi and just concentrated on his cock filling my ass. I wanted all his cum, I wanted him to cum in my asshole so bad! My ass was stretched from the glass toy and now accommodated Miguel’s thick cock with no problems. He worked it in and out and was soon able to fuck my asshole with full gusto. He came with a grunt just as I finished another great orgasm. It was a really hot anal fuck!

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!

Anal Sex Advice

Okay I am going to share everything I know and have learned along the way about anal sex. I was a bit leery at first, but now I love it and it is something we both enjoy. I love anal sex now and with a few basics I know you and your partner will enjoy it to. The anal orifice is full of nerve endings. The male body has a prostate that is a treasure trove of pleasure if it is stimulated correctly.

1) Make sure both parties are really into it. I know this sounds basic, but if your partner is just doing it to please you then they will probably not be able to relax and enjoy it. Talk about it first, do not be ashamed to bring it up. Your partner may be lusting for it, too!

2) Do not be too grossed out to play down there a bit. If it is good enough for your cock, then a little foreplay fingering won’t hurt. I have fingered out that this is what does it for me…3 fingers. Not at first, work your way up from one finger, then two, then three. Yes!

3) LUBRICATION!!!! This area will not “lube up” with stimulation so please have this close by….water-based is great but it will need more than one application if it is going to last a while. A silicone lube like System Jo is great or something thicker like Maximus should keep it wet and slick!

4 ) Use a condom if you are not sure about your partners status. The lining of the rectum is very thin, and can rip if there is too much stress put on it. By wearing condoms, you can greatly reduce your and your partner’s chances of transmitting most STI.

5) Give your partner something to occupy themselves. I use a vibrator on my clit, If your partner likes the penetration to get them off, then give it to them as you work your up. A little manual manipulation can easily be accomplished.

6) Go slow! I know you guys have all seen the porn where he just sticks it in, but real anal muscles need some time to adjust to your girth. Most people are not porn stars and have anal sex everyday, be patient! I sometimes have to push out a little to loosen up enough for his girth.

7) Stop, if your partner asks you to. Miguel and I had a few failed attempts before success. I would not have been as willing to try again if he didn’t listen when I said “Stop!”. Anal sex should not be painful! Anal sex should be pleasurable for both parties so just try working a finger in and out if your partner puts on the brakes.

8) Don’t give up, if it turns you on!

Miguel and I are at a nice point where I actually ask him for it. His patience paid off…for both of us! Remember to be patient and to listen to your partner. We are hoping to do our first double penetration really soon, I feel we are ready (or I am anyways!).  Also I am looking for anal sex toys for future purchases. I love the idea of getting my ass ready for a good fuck! As always, I welcome you comment and questions.

Till next time Lovelies, keep it sexy!