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November always make me sentimental and reflective. Especially now with recent tragic events in my life. There are so many books I am grateful I found because it seemed the right time, the right theme, and/or the right characters. Life is tough but books are always there when I need them.

These books aren’t just my favorites, they filled me with gratitude.

This was my very first bedtime fantasy story. It may have helped that I had some experience with the author. I didn’t know authors could write so diverse. This book spoke to my inner child and I read this more than once. I am so grateful for this introduction to fantasy.

This was my first fantasy book about gender fluidity. It was also another fantasy book that helped fuel my love for distant worlds that live in the imagination. This was so fantastical it made me realize a book could take me anywhere.

This story is about a lone wolf type character that found me at the perfect time. It was one of the first books I ever reviewed for this blog and I still think about the character. This book is mainly about courage and I am still striving to be more like the heroine in this book. I was changed after reading this book.

I wish I had a Pops in my life for a coming of age like this. This story is written so well and contained such a riveting adventure. I wept for days after reading this. It didn’t just touch me, it tore my heart out of chest and made me feel.

This might have been my first real science fiction out in space. After reading all the Star Wars novels I could find I needed more. None of them had a character like Ender in them, or the same high stakes that Ender faced. I loved this book. I read the whole trilogy and it whet my appetite for other science fiction that I would never have considered if not for Ender.

I recently published a review for this book and tried to explain why it was so important to me as a reader. The character made me a true fan-girl. I understand people loosing their mind over a book because I did that for this series and this character. I bonded with strangers who I saw reading this and claimed an immediate connection with those strangers.

This list would not be complete without my first YA read as an adult. I didn’t think I could enjoy the YA genre and completely dismissed it from my reading until a co-worker convinced me to pick up this series. The rest is history.


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