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I hope we have all read books that have made you consider something you didn’t before. I think this might be my favorite thing about books, the way books change the way I think. By being in the head of someone else, while reading, I am able to see something from their point of view. Sometimes this change is small, sometimes this change is HUGE. Sometimes I can help but want to shout from the rafters about how a book changed the way I think.

Books that changed the way I think:


The Diary of Anne Frank made me think about what it would be like to be hunted for no reason. It made me think about WWII as a child my own age (at the time). I wept when I considered how it would have felt going through something like that and how bad my life would have to be to be relieved to be outside in a concentration camp. I realized reading this that I had it pretty good.

the invisible life of ivan isaenko

The Invisible Life of Ivan Isaenko had me wondering why no one ever talks abut Chernobyl anymore. I spent hours researching the children born after the event that are still suffering from the effects of that mistake. I think about those kids almost everyday now.

the female of the species

The Female of the Species made me relive aspects of my youth. This book made me realize how prevalent rape culture really is in American High School. I can’t believe how we just accept things as female in society. This book also made me realize how easy it would be to make revenge a life mission.

we are unprepared

We Are Unprepared inspired me to think about my own carbon footprint. I admit to thinking things will never change, but they are changing so rapidly. I admit to wondering how my life would will be effected by mother nature when she comes to collect.

a deadly wandering

A Deadly Wandering made it’s point loud and clear with me. This book spotlights the first distracted driving case in the country. I still think about the kid who did it and the families that lost everything because we all believed a lie. I don’t text and drive anymore, or believe I can do a few things at the same time successfully.

Okay I have to admit most books change the way I think about something. The books I mentioned actually changed the way I live. There are probably many more that I am just not remembering right now. Books do that, they change the way you think. That’s probably why I love them so much.

What books changed the way you think?

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