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It’s that time of year again. Time to make plans if you are going to attend BookExpoAmerica. You have to start pretty early if you are going to need a hotel and flight there. You need to buy or request your press pass now, if you haven’t already. If you want to attend any of the author breakfasts or get a avid reader pass, you need to buy them early. I did a lot of thinking about BookExpoAmerica this year. Originally, I planned to go. It is so close, just like 3 hours from where I live, why wouldn’t I go, right?

I had an amazing time at BEA last year. I met a lot of nice people and got ALL the books I really wanted. Belle and I went together and made some amazing memories. I know we both had a good time, but….I am not going to BEA this year.

Reasons why I am not going:

Last year I spent over $600 on a hotel. That may not sounds like much, since I did shop around and I know we paid less then some other but, that is a crazy amount of money for some one with 4 kids. Also, no way I would get a decent hotel for around $600 this year.

Parking a car in New York is insanity. Last year I paid $15 a day to park my car at the convention center. That was Chicago, I know New York will be $23+ to park each day, is if I can even find a place kinda close by. Plus parking at the hotel, if that is even an option, will be pricey. That really adds up. Last year the parking was right there and I was able to unload a few times a day (books are heavy). This year I have no idea how parking is going to work.

There is a lot of pressure at BEA to get the books that everyone wants. I didn’t have a plan until day 2 and missed a few not-to-be-missed books. I still have major anxiety just thinking about the Penguin and Harper Collins pub areas. There were lines everywhere I went.

Belle won’t be going with me this year. I met a lot of bloggers at BEA I really wanted to meet. This year most of the lovely bloggers I follow won’t be going. That means two things for me; 1) I won’t be able to try to share costs by splitting a hotel, 2) I won’t know many people that are going so less social perks.

Here is what I am doing instead of BEA:

I am going to freely spend that $600 on any book I want. No restrictions.

I am buying a new bookshelf and re-doing my book room. I need a place for those new books I am going to buy.

More monthly subscription boxes. Not necessarily Owlcrate or Uppercase, but LootCrate for sure and maybe Litcube, maybe. I haven’t really decided which other one I want.

I am going to Laconia for a motorcycle rally in June and then New Orleans in July, with my Miguel.

Taking a vacation with my kids. We haven’t decided where just yet, maybe Atlantic City? This will probably just be a weekend trip, but they will have fun.

Request books on Edelweiss and NetGalley. I am still going to be looking at what books people are getting at BEA, but I’ll be requesting them in eARC format instead this year. I tend to read books faster when they are in eBook format.

I might do armchair BEA. Maybe. I know I won’t be the only one not attending BEA, but it sure feels like it when it comes around and that is the only thing people are talking about. Armchair BEA looks fun too though, so I might give that a try.

So that’s it. I won’t be going to BookExpoAmerica.

Are you going to BookExpoAmerica this year? Why or why not?

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