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I hate these lists. I agree it is good to see what people are reading to on my site, but I feel so much pressure to perform. Also, I think we have to take into account the age of the posts. I know that some of the posts from this challenge will probably be in my next top ten, they are just too fresh right now. I have loads of great posts, even if they aren’t in my top 10.

Here is my list according to Jetpack:

  1. Bloggers, please
  2. Never Say Never Giveaway
  3. BOTM Giveaway: A Princess Bound & Lustfinger Vibrator
  4. Book Blitz & Giveaway: Pandora Boxed Set
  5. About Me
  6. Book Blitz & Giveaway: Found in Us by Layla Hagan
  7. Introduction to Erotica
  8. Blog Tour & Giveaway: Kiss Me – There by Abbie St. Claire
  9. Blog Tour & Giveaway: Undone by Kristina Lloyd
  10. Blog Tour & Giveaway: Can’t Get Enough

If we ignore the ones involved in a giveaway, since I know that drove traffic, we have a list that looks like this:

  1. Bloggers, please -this is a post/rant about what I (as a reader) look at when I read blogs
  2. About Me -a page about me, so that’s self explanatory
  3. Introduction to Erotica -in this post I talked about what my first erotic read was and how I ended up reading so much erotica
  4. Blogroll -yup, cuz peeps like to see who I like
  5. Contact Me -weird, cuz I don’t get much contact from readers. Maybe they just want to see what the form looks like?
  6. Slave Girls- Erotic Stories of Submission -this was a pretty negative review. All I saw were people loving this collection when I posted this, so I am not too surprised that people wanna balance all the love for this book on the web.
  7. Blog Tour: The Big Book of Submission -69 Kinky Tales -this is not surprising since this book had almost 69 authors. I am sure the all wanted to see what reader thought of this
  8. Lovehoney Silencer Bullet -this is a sex toy review. Sex sells.
  9. Backdoor Pleasures- anal erotica -this was a tiny anthology, but again, sex sells
  10. Down and Dirty: 69 Super Sexy Short-Shorts -I totally rest my case on sex sells. I am so elated that my favorite author edited this collection of naughty stories.

Looking at this list I realize that giveaways drive a lot of traffic, but that isn’t the only kind of traffic I want. Erotic book reviews also drive a lot of traffic or maybe it is just because of the age of these posts. I am not gonna change what I am doing. I like my blog exactly the way it is. I hope you get a chance to check out my top posts, leave a comment if you do. Thanks for stopping by!
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