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Physical book or ebook? That is a tough question for me.

I have a really nice kindle. My Miguel just bought me the new Kindle Fire HDX 7. I fucking love that thing. I am so torn on these options. I have one company that I work with that always asks if I want an “ebook or physical copy?” I always say “both, but physical copy if I have to pick only one.” (They usually send me both, which is awesome)

I am a big lover of stationary, (I even put that on my page- about me). Books are like organized stationary with pretty covers. What’s not to love about books? Physical books are awesome. Unfortunately, they are not so easy to sneak a peak at while I am at work. I do take physical books to work with me, but in my field it is not cool to be caught reading them while I am suppose to be working. So I can really only read them on my break. There are things to love about both ways to read….let’s list them.


  • easy to highlight & make notes
  • doesn’t take up space
  • easy to move with (no heavy boxes of ebooks)
  • easily stores on the cloud
  • less expensive (most of the time)
  • some can be listened to with text-to-speech

Physical Books –

  • look great on my bookshelf
  • I get the whole experience turning pages
  • easy to put down, and pick right back up, literally
  • you know about how much is left in the book without clicking on the page
  • make me look/feel smart when I am out
  • drive Miguel crazy (bonus!)
  • easy to share with friends
  • can be used as decorative items in a house
  • can be used to fix a wobbly table, to start a fire or as toilet paper (in a zombie apocalypse)
  • can be used as a spanking device or for interrogation
  • can be made to open to my favorite part with a little wear, ebooks don’t do that unless I put in a book mark

I like real books now, but I see the allure of ebooks.I might chage my mind later about this.

I have recently been dabbling in audiobooks. I don’t prefer those. It takes me much longer to listen to a book than to read it. I can read a 300 page book in around 8 straight hours. If I listen it will take much longer. It is not the same. I have to speed it up so my mind doesn’t wander, and it never sounds right being read fast. Also, I seem to comprehend much better and get inflection better with a book. Although audiobooks offer inflection, text-to-speech does not. Nothing can replace reading a good book.

This debate (that has been raging in my mind for a while) is shared here for you to enjoy, or cringe over. Thanks for stopping by!

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