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Today is day #7 in the #BookBlogWriMo. I am still blogging today, but I don’t want to follow the prompt. Today we are suppose to post pics of what our blog looked like way back when we first started. I am not really in the mood for the past today. Today I just want to focus on my future. Thinking about the way my blog used to look or be just makes me sad. I have regrets. I wish I had more freedom and anonymity. I didn’t and so it is what it is. I am really happy/proud/excited, about what my blog is today. This season of my life, my blog is what I want it to be. That is enough for me.

move on

This month we are doing a lot of planning. We are hiring the movers and setting up the survey for what we are taking. This is my first experience with other people moving for us. I am not even allowed to pack a few boxes. They want to know what they are transporting. I thought this was going to be our easiest move yet with movers. As it turns out, I am more stressed about other people transporting my crap than I am willing to admit to myself. This weekend we will set about tagging things that we know are going. My extensive collection of books (and vibrators) to be included. I am horrified to learn that these companies don’t offer any kind of guarantee on our stuff. If they break shit, we have to file a claim and hope the make it right. It is too late now to back out.

We are also trying to find a place up there we can call home for a few months. I am not even going to address the weather we are heading into. But seriously, those places with heat included are looking very tempting. The truth is, we might end up staying in place in a bad area. It might be run by a slum lord, or worse. I have to trust that we will end up somewhere and it will be okay, because we are together. We will make it through this.

This is what is consuming my mind. This and the fact that my house is overcrowded at the moment. To make matters a bit more complex, I invited my brother and his family over for Thanksgiving dinner. This is almost comical because 1.) my brother and I have just recently reconciled, putting the past behind us and moving forward and 2.) I don’t cook normally. I have made some exceptions, but why bother when there are so many good cooks in the house. I have cooked the past few three years with Miguel and the kids, but I am working this year anyways.

I haven’t done as many reviews as I wanted to this week. This is like the first week in months that I didn’t have a bunch of tours planned and I didn’t get as much read as I had hoped. This is not suppose to be so high pressure. I should just relax about posting. This is my twenty third posting day in a row. I celebrate that and know that I have a lot going on. I have to go easy on myself and look with optimism into the future.

So that is what I got for today. Thanks for stopping by!

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