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toolkitpicWanna see my blogging toolkit? I use all kinds of tricks and plug-ins to help get me blog.  Here is a list of almost everything I can not blog without…

WordPress I started on blogspot but have since moved on. If you are blogging you should know that unless you own your domain, you can be deleted at any time. If you love your blog, you should claim your content and buy your domain. I use wordpress for functionality and freedom to post what I want.

♥Wordpress Plug-ins I love♥ (It took me a long time plug-in witch hunting, as I like to call it, to find the free plug-ins that do the most good.)

  • Broken Link Checker– since I do round-up posts, I use this to help me keep up. This plug-in draws a neat little line through links that are dead.
  • Jetpack– Jetpack gives me my stats and so much more.
  • WordPress Book Review Plug-in– This is a free plug-in that gives my posts the synopsis, buy links, cover art and rating. I have personalized this plug-in with my own rating system and buy link images. The rest it does automatically with the isbn number.
  • WordPress SEO– this plug-in is so easy to use, it makes SEO easy.
  • CommentLuv– because I love to link back for commenters. I love comments, so it is the least I can do.

There are more I am sure. If you see something or want to know how I did that, just ask.

~Other Essentials~

  • Hostgator– I host my site through Hostgator. They have stellar customer service and great plans. I have three seperate domains hosted by them. I wouldn’t use anything else.
  • Twitter– I blast my posts, link with authors and publishers, and hashtag topics. I did a blog post about what bloggers need and this is one of them. If you don’t use twitter you are missing out.
  • Goodreads– Of course I use goodreads! I use goodreads to blast my reviews and learn about new books. They have book clubs on there and run giveaways, too.
  • A Paper Calender– (this link goes to my exact calender, but mine is pink) I use a paper calender to stay organized. I know there are tons of online calenders but I like being able to check it off and then scratch it out when I finish something.

If you want to know what tour hosts I use check out this page. If you have any questions just ask. Thanks for stopping by!

What’s in your blogging toolkit?

#BookBlogWriMo, a writing event focusing on what it means to be a book blog hosted by the lovely Book Bumblings. Check out all my posts here and find out more details about this challenge.

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