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I haven’t been book blogging long. Also, I have to disclose that my man detests me having a large collection of books. For him I have donated so many of my collection. He bought me my first kindle e-reader. I am on my second kindle now, a Fire HDX, it is overstuffed with books. At last count I had 278 books in my kindle, and that number grows almost weekly. My Miguel would probably leave me at the next move if I insisted on keeping that many books in my house. Books are heavy. Anyways, here is a pic of my current physical bookshelves.



The top picture is my personal collection that I keep in my room. The bottom pic is the shelf in the living room and includes two shelves full of children’s books, some fiction, and few reference texts. My older kids keep their books and their rooms on their own bookshelves. My little guys, six and four respectively, have a kindle they share which also has a nice collection of books.

Anyways, that is it for now. I hope to have twice as many by next year.

#BookBlogWriMo, a writing event focusing on what it means to be a book blog hosted by the lovely Book Bumblings. Check out all my posts here and find out more details about this challenge.

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