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For all the awesomeness of blogging, there are a few things that get under my skin about it. I have been blogging for years, and I still do these things. I am a bit of a perfectionist, although I am not even close to where I want to be on blogging. I wish I didn’t do these things but on this I am guilty. Part of this stems from the fact that I put pressure on myself and want everything perfect. Part of this is out of my control. So here to make you feel better about yourself, are my blogging pet peeves.

These are things I hate that I do…

  • Seeing typos way late in the day in a published post. Dammit! I just became a bad blogging statistic.

  • Overbooking for book reviews. I know every book blogger goes thought this phase. Can one of you tell me how long it lasts? This is the third, fouth, fifth, eighth straight month of overbooking for me. I never really realize I overbooked, until I start the month. April already isn’t looking too good. I love that I am getting a lot of books read. I hate having to read them so fast.

  • Forgetting to add tags/categories or the featured image for a post. This is another thing that just irks me. I should create a checklist for things prior to posting. That would be just one more thing I could forget though.
  • Having someone comment something that points out what is wrong with the post. Okay, do I post that comment and then fix it, or fix it and then delete that comment. I want to do the latter, but I always do the former. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll just put my dunce cap on now.

  • Hitting the Publish button when I meant to hit Preview. Gah! Doing this sends a little something, something out to all my automatic social media links. They are so convenient up until this point in my blogging career. It also sends an email out to all of the subscribers that a new blog is published, only when they go to look I will have deleted that post. I fixed this by using mailchimp, but still ugh! I am always in the middle of a post when that happens. I think it is because I blog when I am tired. Is there anything worse? Well, yea actually just look at the list.3
  • Seeing cool plug-ins and stuff on other blogs and thinking my site is inferior. I look at a lot of blogs. I gleaned the best, from the best. It is not everyday I see a site that makes me jealous. When I do though, it is usually something I should have done a long time ago and it is too late to try that now. Why do I doubt myself and my site so much?


Things out of my control that drive me batty…

  • Having a question at the bottom of a post and then no one responding. After all these years I should know when a post is engaging enough to warrant a comment. I still have no idea how getting comments works. I hate posting a question and then ….crickets. I am just going to start posting questions at the end of every new blog post now so it can seem like it is no big deal to me.

  • Making affiliate links. Why can’t this be simpler? (B&N/Kobo I am talking to you) This is the main bitch for me about blogging products. I tried going the donations route, that didn’t work. At one point I knew adding an affiliate link would bring a little money, not anymore. On this site, I think I have made $2 in affiliate money. Since last May, people…That is a lot for work for no return.

  • Posting questions/thoughts on other another blog’s comments and never getting a response. I know not every comment needs a reply, but some really do. Recently I posted a comment on a blog I lurve and gushed about how awesome I thought they were. They never even replied with a thank you. (and yea, they probably still don’t care that I exist) I feel stupid now and want to take it back. You are not awesome!

  • Requesting the latest new release and not getting it. What did I do wrong? I am salivating over this book and my social media is blowing up about it. I am not too proud to say that I have probably added to the hype over this book because I am commenting on everything that mentions it with how much I really want to read. I am also not too proud to ask the publisher directly, if all else fails. When I do write the publisher and then don’t get it, well, I am really disappointed.

What bugs you about blogging? Do you make stupid mistakes? What was the last book you coveted and didn’t get? Why can’t every affiliate program be as easy to link from as amazon?

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