Blog Tour: WRAPPED AROUND YOUR FINGER by Alison TylerWrapped Around Your Finger by Alison Tyler
Series: A Story of Submission #3
Also in this series: Dark Secret Love, The Delicious Torment
Published by Cleis Press on August 18, 2014
Pages: 240
Genres: BDSM, Erotica
Also by this author: Dark Secret Love, Never Say Never, The Delicious Torment, Flying High: Sexy Stories from the Mile High Club , Those Girls
Paperback provided by Cleis Press

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A story of submission Samantha is loving her 24/7 BDSM-lifestyle: costumes, erotic toys and role-playing fulfill her dirtiest dreams. And Jack, the ultimate dominant's Dom, pushes Sam's boundaries to the limit, making her do things she'd never thought she could do. Yet can she manage to stretch her love for Jack to incorporate his carnal need for his male assistant, Alex, as well? Take the ride with this deviant trio. This diary of a submissive ups the ante with intense sensuality that will have you hanging on by your handcuffs!

Reading time 7 mins

If you read just one book this year…no, that would be too sad. If you read just one series this year, you should make it this one. Forget that the writer of this book is my absolute favorite author, forget that I am a submissive who lives to hear a submissive’s tale. Let’s just focus on the writing, the story as it unfolds. The way the author grabs us by the wrist and draws us into her world. This book went beyond my expectations. It is the book I will compare every other book to this year.

So this is book #3 in the series. This is Alison’s almost memoir. “As much as I am able to tell.” The man she loves, the lengths she goes to for him, the things he teaches her about herself. In the first two books, the story didn’t follow day by day. In fact, in Dark Secret Love (the first book in the series), Alison skips through time catching us up to where the character Samantha (a version of Alison) first meets Jack. She gives us the back-story and then she shows us the ropes of her introduction to BDSM 24/7. In book two, The Delicious Torment, we meet Alex who is Jack’s assistant. Alex is also Jack’s sub and Jack uses Alex to further expand Samantha’s limits. I loved the first two books, this book is my favorite, though.

In this story, Jack has a special surprise for Samantha. He lavishes her with a special treat, but she has to wait. Since waiting is not really her style, she gets anxious and in doing so she gets 7 days of spankings. These 7 days are the heart and soul of this tale. The things that Jack plans out and does to Samantha during these 7 days give us a glimpse into what it really means to be Jack’s sub. I don’t want to give it all away. This book was such a delight to read. In Wrapped Around Your Finger we get a daily account of what Samantha’s life is like with Jack. The ways that he engages and tops her are simply…, well not simple. I don’t have the adequate vocabulary to put into words what I feel for this story. It was perfect, and horrifying. It was sexy and a bit of a mind fuck.

Alison invites us to interpret her devotion for Jack, and their devotion for each other. This book (this series really) should be called a great romance. Yes, it was really sexy. I loved the way Alison writes about the pain, the humiliation, the lust, but she also works in her uncertainty. This is for real. This is not for faint hearted players or someone that wants to read a flippant summer romance. This is a couple (threesome really) that expounds on what it means to go all out for someone. Stepping out of her comfort zone repeatedly for growth, Jack opens up Samantha’s world and with that her trust is multiplied. We can see how Jack is Dom always, and also a great teacher.


Fade in with a snip. A memory. A highlight from yesterday. Fade in…
            “You’ve known,” he whispered next. “You have to have known. Alex’s been with me for years. We’re not…” he hesitated, rare for Jack, who always seemed to have the right words to say. “We’re not exactly lovers.” I knew he was being cautious because Alex was standing right there. “Not exactly. But….”
            “But you have been,” I guessed, and Jack said, “Yes.”
            Jack moved his body off mine and he undid the cuffs. And then, while I watched, he snatched a shirt from his dresser drawer and handed the soft tee to me. I slipped on the shirt, swimming in the excess fabric, while Jack turned his attention to Alex. In moments, Alex was naked on the bed under Jack, Alex was being kissed and stroked and carefully attended to. Alex was being turned over, facedown on the mattress, while Jack lubed up his own cock with easy, thoughtful strokes. I sat on the chair against the wall, and I watched breathlessly as Jack fucked his assistant.
            I wouldn’t have left if the room had been on fire. I was mesmerized. Unwilling to move. Unable to think. I watched, the way Jack liked to watch me, watched as he bucked against Alex, as he gripped Alex’s hips, as he rode the young blond with the smeared eyeliner and the ripe bottom lip.
            “Can you deal with that? Can you live with that?”
            I didn’t close my eyes. I didn’t turn away. I drank in every single second.
            Once, at SFMOMA, I attended an unforgettable exhibit. A video screen was mounted on the floor in a small, darkened room, the screen facing up toward the ceiling. Displayed on the flat glass was an endless loop of people having sex—at least, that’s what the film appeared to be. You could see the naked back of the person on top, and by peering down you received a voyeur’s dream shot, watching the rocking motion, the rhythmic thrusting. The exhibit was the only item on display in the tiny space, and I never wanted to leave.
            I wanted to stay and watch forever.
            Could I live with what Jack was describing—or what I thought he was describing? Could I accept that Jack would never solely be mine?

Each book in this series could be read as a stand-alone. There are no annoying cliffhangers or questions left unanswered, there is just more of Samantha’s journey. I am so excited to hear that there are more from this series. It is not a trilogy as I was first lead to believe, there are a few more books coming. I am anxiously awaiting the next one. Only because I am so greedy for this story. Since this story is so real, I know it will appeal to lovers of BDSM old and new. This is just a great example of how it can really work, and is the only way to nirvana for some. Get this and get a clear view of Dominance and submission.

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About the Author

ALISON TYLER draws on twenty-five years of penning sultry stories. Called “a trollop with a laptop” by East Bay Express, “a literary siren” by Good Vibrations and “the mistress of literary erotica” by Violet Blue, Alison Tyler is naughty and she knows it. She has written twenty-five explicit novels including Banging Rebecca, Dark Secret Love, Those Boys, and has edited about 50 collections. Her stories appear in over 100 anthologies. Her novels and short stories have been translated into Japanese, Dutch, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Greek.

Ms. Tyler is loyal to coffee (black), lipstick (red), and tequila (straight). She has tattoos, but no piercings; a wicked tongue, but a quick smile; and bittersweet memories, but no regrets. She believes it won’t rain if she doesn’t bring an umbrella, prefers hot and dry to cold and wet, and loves to spout her favorite motto: You can sleep when you’re dead. She chooses Led Zeppelin over the Beatles, the Cure over NIN, and the Stones over everyone. Yet although she appreciates good rock, she has a pitiful weakness for 80s hair bands.

In all things important, she remains faithful to her partner of seventeen years, but she still can’t choose just one perfume.

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