Blog Tour- BLYSS by J.C. Cliff –  Review, & Giveaway

Blog Tour- BLYSS by J.C. Cliff –  Review, & GiveawayBLYSS by J.C. CLIFF
Series: The Blyss Trilogy #1
Published by J.C. CLIFF, LLC on September 14th 2014
Pages: 314
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance
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Everyone will have their own definition of "Dark" vs. "Contemporary", and perhaps there is a mixture of the two. I like to call this the “Grey” genre. However, there is one thing for certain; you haven't ever read this type of story before. Blyss is an original, one of a kind storyline in theme, circumstance, and character action. You will definitely need all three books in order to put together the pieces of this puzzle, but isn't that what makes reading fun? Book one sets the stage while you begin to embrace the thrill, the suspense, and the anticipation. There is a romance story amongst all the turmoil…you will just have to hang on for the ride.


Blyss is something the world has been trying to create since the beginning of time, the ultimate aphrodisiac, a drug used against women with one single purpose in mind.... Julianna Oakley has just finished up her junior year at college and flies home to spend her last free summer with her father on their prestigious Georgia estate. Julianna isn't the stereotypical rich girl, a spoiled prima-donna. She's down to earth and has an independent streak a mile wide, insisting she makes her own way in this world. Nick has been setting the stage for a long time, and sparks fly when their separate worlds collide. She is Nick's ultimate obsession, and he will stop at nothing to own her. When Travis, Nick's right hand man, lays his eyes on the prize, all hell breaks loose. He should know Nick is playing for keeps, and while Julianna is fighting for her freedom, a lifetime full of secrets and twisted perceptions slowly unravel as Julianna gets caught in the fray.

Warning: **Mature Audiences Only** This book is intended for mature audiences only (18+) and contains explicit descriptions of sex, drugs, dirty talk, strong language, kidnapping, and violence.

Reading time 5 mins

What if you found yourself torn from your perfect life? About to marry the man of your dreams and live happily ever after? This is Jules, a 20 year old junior in college, and life as she knows it is over. A business deal gone bad with her father and she is taken as a slave. Forced to pay for his bad deal, she finds herself in “training” for the boss Nick by a man called Travis. Her training involves the use of a drug called Blyss. A drug meant to drive her into a sexual frenzy, submitting to her owners sexual whims.

I really enjoyed this read. Jules is falling in lust totally against her will. Nick is a man completely obsessed with Jules. Nick has been planning to take ownership of her for years. He enlists the help of Travis to make her the perfect submissive. With the help of Blyss she should be putty in his hands in no time. These guys have never seen girl like Jules. They don’t know that she is actually a virgin. She fights off their advances and training techniques. The drug is making her see the men holding her captive differently. She has to find a way to stop taking the drug.

She is fighting with everything she has to keep her head on straight, bad guys= bad, her old life= good. But the temptation of sexual release is so much. Even for a virgin like her and after she stops taking Blyss, things are still not clear for her. She doesn’t accept that this is it, that she should just submit. She fights so hard. This brings Nick so much displeasure. He becomes a sadistic monster when he is angry. At least that is what Travis and Nick keep telling her. Travis tries to convince her to be good. He tries to warn her that it will get worse for her if she doesn’t act right, show respect. Jules just doesn’t care anymore.

Travis tries to make her perfect. In doing so, he sees just how different she is. It seems he is falling for her, or is he? He does more for her than he should. He crosses lines he should not cross. Although Jules is sexually attracted to both men, Travis shows her a tender side and seems to want to protect her. Nick is not like that. He can’t see past his obsession to realize a girl like Jules will never fall for a setup like this. If she keeps fighting she may end up being punished severely, maybe even sold to someone else.

I liked this story right away. The author doesn’t waste too much time before getting to action of Jules being taken and the start of her training. Training might be the wrong word. She is more or less being broken in. The sex scenes in this book are well played out. It isn’t just straight sex, or kinky sex, it is sex played out in the mind. I like it. I hated that this book ended without resolving the main issues, any issues really. This is part one of a 3 part series, and now I have to wait to find out what happens.



“You know…it’s really not nice, Princess, to not acknowledge me properly after I’ve introduced myself.” He pauses for me to catch up to the fact he knows my nickname. My heart stops beating and I feel frozen. “I do expect a little gratitude, since I’ve taken good care of you and have given you such elaborate accommodations. I believe a simple ‘thank you’ should be in order, as well.”
His words are laced with slight displeasure, and it puts my senses on high alert. Shrinking back under the safety of my covers a little more, I bring my legs up to my chest and find myself clutching the sheet underneath me in a death grip. I don’t have it in me to thank him for ripping me from my home, my only family.
With my lack of response, Nick decides to gracefully meander his way to the other side of the bed, like a lion stalking its prey. His movements portray a self-assured and confident man who is comfortable in his own skin. He stops right beside me and leans over my trembling form, studying me with his rich, caramel eyes. I swallow hard; his cologne assaults my senses. This close, I can see the lights above catching sun-streaked highlights in his dark-brown hair. Oh, yes, he’s definitely a handsome man; he even looks freshly-shaven, but my body is screaming at me to run. My heart rate picks up as his eyes narrow on mine.

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About the Author

J.C. CLIFF is an independent author who strives to deliver a strong story line, keeping the reader captivated throughout. She loves the element of surprise, creating unique twists and turns while creating thrill and suspense. Oh yes, and lets not forget, making a little explicit romance happen in between.
She’s a die hard 80’s rock’n roll fan, loves the ocean and salt water fishing. What does she do when she’s not raising kids, running a business, and doing all the tasks that come with being a wife and mother? You got it – writing. It’s the ultimate escape from reality when the ocean isn’t nearby.

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