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This week we are talking about Stress Relievers. How do you keep your cool with everything going on? I have a pretty stressful life. So do you, I’m sure. I was going to say here that I play on the internet, but that is not a stress reliever for me anymore. I read other blogs and stress over my latest/next post and/or see a book I need. I read articles and know I need to raise the bar on my own writing. I go on facebook or twitter and find drama in the book world. Although I spend a ton of time here on the net, it is far from being a stress reliever. Here is how I unwind…


I once heard a nurse say that humans need eight hugs a day to be happy. (i honestly can’t say that is true, but i preach it to all my kids and i get hugs whenever i ask now) I am not a big hugger when it comes to strangers, but I believe in physical touch being healing, so I am a bit touchy. Every Friday I have off, I spend the day with my 5 year old. Honestly, some days we just sit on my bed together; him on his kindle or with his trucks, me on my computer or with a good book. Then he stops and throws his little arm over me, “I love you Mommy” Best stress reliever ever.


Obviously, this is one of my biggest stress relievers. A good book can make me forget about all my problems, or realize they could always be worse.

Games on my phone.

My favorites are Farm Hero’s Saga, Candy Crush Saga, and Candy Crush Soda, in that order. My favorite thing to do is listen to books while I play these. (pure joy!)

Garbage television.

My favorites lately are Shahs of Sunset, Alaskan Bush People, and Deadliest Catch.

Hey, it’s off season right now. When September rolls around you will find me obsessing over The Walking Dead. (and that’s not garbage, that is entertainment!)



Bubbles sitting pretty



I love my little pets. Did you know that simply petting a dog or cat can relieve stress? I even heard that pets control blood pressure better than drugs. I hope that is true. Even if it isn’t, my pets make me happy.





Honorable mentions:

  • Food

  • Sex

  • Sleep

  • Alcohol

What do you do for Stress Relief?

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