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As I mentioned on My Sunday Post, this is a loaded question for me. I am from Florida. The last place I lived in Florida was Saint Petersburg, which is a peninsula attached to a peninsula. I know all about the beach. I have gone to great lengths to enjoy the beach while I lived in Florida. When I was a kid my grandparents took us every single weekend. When we moved the Orlando we drove out to the beach almost every weekend. I have been to the beach more times than I can count.

Best things about the Beach:

  • loads of people
  • coolers
  • fold out light weight chairs
  • frisbee or football tossing
  • shell seeking
  • feet being sucked into the sand
  • kids running and screaming

I love the beach, but I prefer the pool.

Best Things about the Pool:

  • NO sand (in my hair, or car, or shoes)
  • restrooms that have air conditioning
  • shade is usually close by
  • chairs are already there
  • cleaner water
  • the water is cooler (usually)
  • no long trek through hot sand
  • you don’t have to “make a day of it”

  I don’t ever remember getting that wiped out feeling after swimming in the pool. The beach always made me want to sleep for a few hours once I got home. I prefer chlorine to salt water. I loved having my own pool in my backyard. That is the best way to survive the heat.

That being said, I will still go to the beach. It is just not the novelty it is for most people. I know you can’t take out a boat from your pool, but since I don’t have one I don’t care. Oh, and it is always about 10° hotter on the beach, compared to the scorching temperature inland. I feel about the beach, the way most northerners feel about the snow. It is pretty for a few minutes but then it is just a pain.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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