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This week we are talking about our favorite mentors (or teachers) and why we favorite them.

Actually this was suppose to be just (1) one favorite, but I honestly couldn’t narrow this down to one person. Which is funny, since I am the one that picked this topic.


I imagined it would be cool to learn about the people that made you feel good and gave you knowledge, but for me this is more than one person. So instead of talking about one person, I make a list.

(are you guys beginning to understand how much i love lists yet?)

  • My 5th grade teacher, Mr. Knox– for reading The Hobbit to the class and making me love books.

  • An LPN at my first CNA job named Lynn– for taking the time to explain why she loved nursing and setting a daily example of holistic nursing care.

  • A Funeral Director/Funeral Home Owner named Richard– For expecting nothing but the best from me, and then showing me why I wasn’t meant for that field.

  • A Nursing instructor named Judy– for believing in me and answering my endless questions.

  • The woman who trained me for my current job named Ruth– for having the patience of a saint and taking what we do so seriously.

All of these people made me feel like:


These great people did that!

No, seriously, I am grateful to everyone on my list. I hope y’all have a life full of awesome mentors like I did. Writing this list, and thinking about these people made me feel grateful.

I can’t wait to hear about your favorite mentors!

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