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Maybe I’m Crazy but…

I work better amid distractions. I read with music or tv in the background, same for blogging.



 I am a bit OCD about the shower curtain, I gotta have the it closed!



I like to control the radio station. I just want to hear my own music.


I prefer to mow the grass over doing the laundry.



I get obsessive-compulsive about foods I like. I will eat the same things everyday.

(ask my kids about the spaghetti faze)



I stress about little things, but major things don’t bug me.

(we are out of creamer vs. the car is broken/ the creamer would be the thing I stress about)



I also fall asleep like a vampire, on my back with my hands crossed over my chest.

I couldn’t find a picture that fit this that wasn’t of an actual vampire. A picture of me actually wouldn’t have been good because I also sleep with my mouth open. (that is not a good look)

 What do you do that makes you think you might be crazy?

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