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Today we are talking about what we would do with $1000. Paying off bills is so boring. The last time I actually did have $1000 I took my kids to the mall and gave them free reign. That felt so good.

Let’s pretend that all my bills are caught up. If my bills were all caught up (well laugh, that shit is funny) and I could pamper myself, I would probably spend it on a night of fun. That totally sounds like me.

  1. fill the house with food ($300)
  2. pay my kids to babysit for the night ($100)
  3. get a hotel ($120)
  4. get drunk ($40)
  5. go on an amazon shopping spree ($200)
  6. go gamble the rest ($240)

In that order.

I am not sure $1000 would be enough realistically, and I wouldn’t have much to show for it. It would be fun though!

If I had to only spend it on a big ticket item, I would put it down on a sleep number bed. Comfort is important, and the bed I want is more than $1000, but I would put the money towards that purchase.


I don’t care how hard it would be to keep this bed made, it looks awesome. I want it!

I can’t wait to see what fun things you would buy!

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