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Hey Friends! I just wanted to let y’all know I am starting a new meme here at KBK called Beyond the Books. It is going to be a weekly feature here, and I hope you all will join me in blogging the topics and sharing your posts.

I am thinking with my new job I may not get as much reading in now. Although I will still have a good amount, I just want more posts that aren’t reviews. I had been looking for a weekly feature, that is not another review type post, for a while. I found Life of a Blogger on a blog I love to stalk follow called Novel Heartbeat. Sadly, I caught on a bit too late. I only got to participate about three times before Jessi @Novel Heartbeat posted her last Life of a Blogger saying goodbye. So this idea is borrowed from her, (with permission). I am hoping that this feature will help fill in the gaps in my weekly schedule. I do love blogging, though, so I can’t imagine just cutting down on blogging. (no way i could do that, it is all or nothing for me. the busier i am , the happier i am)

I am going to keep this feature on Thursdays like she had it. The idea is pretty simple. I throw out a topic and then we all blog about it, say anything you want in your post, then you come back here and link your post. The hope is that we all get to blog something other than books once in a while. You are not required to participate every week. You are not even required to post your post on Thursday. Post any day you want. However, I would like you to hold off for each weekly topic until after my post goes live on early Thursday.

So this feature starts this Thursday, June 11th and the first topic is Stress Relievers. I have listed topics for each week going all the way to Thanksgiving, so you can always blog ahead and schedule your post, (just be sure to come back and add your link to the post so we can all find it). You can find the list of proposed topics on my blog site by clicking the Beyond the Books tab in my header, or just click here.

I do hope you all will consider participating. Commenting on other blogger’s posts is highly encouraged, as well.

Let me know what you think of the idea (good or bad, just give it to me, i can take it).

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