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This month the prompt is email marketing.

Pick any part of your email marketing that you want to improve. If you don’t currently do any, pick a few things to get yourself started.

If you don’t do any email marketing yet, here are some tasks you could challenge yourself to complete:

  • Start an email marketing list.
  • Replace your Feedburner emails with a gorgeous RSS-to-email email marketing campaign to send blog posts to your subscribers.
  • Start a weekly or monthly newsletter.
  • Add signup forms to your blog and social media profiles.

If you already have an email list going, here are some ideas for you:

  • Update your email designs.
  • If you currently only have a newsletter, start using RSS-to-email.
  • If you currently only have an RSS-to-email campaign, start a weekly or monthly newsletter.
  • Optimize your signup forms and locations.
  • Add signup forms to your social media profiles.

And here are challenges for email newbies and veterans alike:

  • Create a lead magnet to attract subscribers.
  • Optimize your website for email growth.
  • Customize or update your signup forms and confirmation emails.

Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable… Some of you may not know, last month I was “forced” to start using mailchimp for my blog emails. What? It’s a funny story actually. I had a glitch on my website after I purchased my theme. In the great tradition of glitch witch-hunting I did what any WordPress user would do and went disabled all of my plug-ins thinking it may have been a compatibility issue. I had tinkered with mailchimp in the past but decided it was too difficult and so after importing my subscriber list, I did nothing with mailchimp. I use jetpack for emails from posts and decided it was just as well to leave it alone. Jetpack is a plug-in and so…when I disabled and reinstated it, I lost all my subscribers. Well, laugh.

So last month I started earnestly with mailchimp. All of my subscribers were there anyways. I don’t have a newsletter. I am not sure I really want to make one. I will definitely be making time this month to tweak the rss-to-mail options.

Last month I did it out of necessity. This month I am going to make it awesome. Also, I have decided to do a subscriber giveaway (or two). Because I think subscribing is the best form of blogger flattery. When I subscribe to a new blog, what I really mean to say is: yes you, I want you in my inbox every time you post something new, I want to be reminded to check out your site. Does that sound crazy?

Anyways, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update 1/28/15

I worked a bit on my email campaign on mailchimp and I like the way it looks now.It is an rss to email campaign. I might start a newsletter later on down the road, but I don’t feel like I need one right now.

On mailchimp:

  • I changed the header and colors.
  • I added recent posts.
  • I took the ads off my email. (I even had a free book on there for a few weeks until I realized it violated my AA agreement, oh well.)
  • I added all my giveaways with links to the posts. (some are only for subscribers)
  • I added some bookish quotes that I like and I plan to change them out every few days.

On the site:

  • I added a slide out subscribe box. I had it going for a few days, but took it down when I realized people might not like that. I don’t particularly like them myself.
  • I added a subscribe prompt at the end of my posts.

I might tweak it more later, but for now I am happy with the changes. I didn’t get a big boost in subscribers like I was hoping, but I know they will come in time.

About Be a Better Blogger

Be a better blogger is put together by the lovely Brittany of Book Bumblings. She says: Managing a blog isn’t just about blogging. There’s the blog’s design, staying on top of networking with publicists, authors, and other bloggers, keeping your social media accounts active and optimized, and a ton of other things. Most blogging challenges focus on writing posts. Be a Better Blogger focuses on the rest of it.

For more information and to sign up for updates about each month’s challenges, check out the challenge page.

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