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It seems to be a bit more mainstream to actually believe in ghosts these days. I never thought television shows would make ghost hunting such a cool career choice. This season’s theme for American Horror Story is a haunting. I really like the interview and then reenactment style of story telling that AHS and other paranormal shows have made famous. It is nice that people are becoming more familiar with the topic of hauntings and ghosts.

I remember the first time I watched TAPS and I thought it was the best show ever. I can tell after years of watching it (now mostly because my Miguel is a bit addicted to it) that they almost never find any evidence. The camera is always looking the wrong way and we are mostly left with the hunters telling how how creepy the room feels. Ghosts are illusive and hard to catch on camera, in pictures, on recording devices, and in person. Is there strong evidence that they probably exist? Yes and no. It really comes down to your experience.

My Ghost Story

I know this is going to sound crazy, but I actually have had first hand experience with a ghost (or ghosts, I am honestly not sure). When I was growing up, we had a ghost follow us for two addresses. My friends all thought I was crazy and doubted me, until they witnessed strange things for themselves.

The weird things started when I was 8, and they ended around the time I turned 15. The strange events actually started with me and a radio I used to listen to. One night for no reason the radio came on full blast in the middle of the night. I will never forget being awoken to the noise. What played was not music, but instead sounded like rough wind through trees and an evil laugh. In the background I could hear a baby crying. I woke with a start and tried to turn off the sound, that was when I realized the radio was unplugged. I screamed so hard and my mother came running into the room. As soon as she appeared the sounds stopped. She heard the radio for herself. It never happened again.

Soon after that, our big console radio in the living room started acting up. It would turn on by itself and the volume/station was never where we left it. This wasn’t a big deal and we all sort of wrote it off as being just the old console acting up. We soon realized that this was just the beginning. Things really escalated when my mom bought her first home.

This home seemed pretty normal when we first moved in. It took a few months for things to start feeling different. Some of the things we dealt with in this home were:

  • Cold spots
  • Every room had a different personality, so you could go in a room feeling one way and come out feeling completely different.
  • It felt like someone was staring at you whenever we were in the family room.
  • The radio in the kitchen and the TV in the living room would go on and off by themselves, at the same time.
  • The garage door was always open, despite the slide lock everyone always used when closing the door.
  • In my brother’s room the dial to his radio moved all by itself.
  • Voices were heard from other rooms when no one was home.
  • Lights would go on and off by themselves.
  • Our dog would bark at spots in the house and avoided some rooms altogether no matter how we tried to coax him.

We never actually saw a ghost. No one in my family dabbled with the occult prior to our experiences. We weren’t religious growing up, so no one called anyone to bless the house. We all agreed something was happening, but no one wanted to move out. Besides, it seems to have followed us from our apartment to our house, so there was probably no running from it. It was never malicious or really terrifying except that one night with the radio in my room. Probably everything else could have some explanation, but not that. That was truly frightening and I will never forget it.

Our haunting stopped when we moved from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando when I was 15. To be honest, I was almost hoping it would stay with us, because it became part of our family. We had a little haunting and it made us think about life beyond death. Not that anyone can prove anything, but I never doubted it was a real thing. I don’t know why it stopped when we made that last move. I mean, why wold a ghost be limited by distance? I have no idea how that all works.

Every time I move into a new place, I pay close attention to how a place feels. So far both our home here in Connecticut and my home in Florida appear to be haunt free. Dammit! I do believe in ghosts, but I also believe that a lot of things have a rational explanation if we only take time to look (or as the guys on TAPS like to say, “debunked it”).

Do you believe in ghosts?

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