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This post has been a month in the making. I took over a month off and now I am back. Despite not blogging, this month has been busy.

I needed a break. I worried so much that I wouldn’t make time for fitness after I started working. I should have worried more about how I would continue blogging. I feel like this break was the best thing for me. I got a good chance to miss my blog and reevaluate why I do this. I missed all the wonderful things about blogging and being part of a community. I plan to do some major blog hopping soon.

Since I’ve been away…

I learned we are not moving to South Dakota. This is a huge load off. I actually did get the job there I applied for, but Miguel didn’t. I was in shock at first, but now I have relaxed into the idea of staying put. I really like my job and my new boss is maybe the best boss I have ever had. Despite the taxes, there are a lot of things to love about living in New England. And hey, winter is almost over.

Lately we did get a few nice days here in Connecticut, so I got to ride my motorcycle a bit. I am dying for warm weather so I can ride my bike to work. I got a new seat and a new helmet this month. I can’t wait to break them both in. Since we are not leaving anytime soon, we are planning a trip to the oldest Bike Week in the nation in Laconia, New Hampshire in June. This year they are celebrating their 94th year of the rally.

My Fitness

I have invested both time and money in my fitness since my last post. I bought some new workout clothes, new trainer shoes, kettle bells, weights, a food scale, and I traded in my FitBit Flex 2 for a Charge 2. The main difference is that the Charge 2 tracks my heart rate. For Valentine’s Day my Miguel bought me a stationary bike. The nice thing about the bike is that I have been able to do more cardio at home when the weather outside is terrible.

I am still doing Fit Body Guide by Anna Victoria. I am on week 8. I should be on week 9, but I took a week off due to illness a few weeks back.

Weight loss since December 20, 2016 – 16 lbs!

I was 164 lbs when I started working out, now I weight 148 lbs. I am 5’8″ so my BMI is 23. I am down a dress size and I am starting to actually see definition. I don’t plan on stopping this lifestyle anytime soon. I admit I have altered my diet quite a bit. I plan to talk about that more in future posts.

My Book Haul

Books Read

The two hour commute means I now love audiobooks. I have also been taking full advantage of the fact that my job is a bit slow. I have been bringing books to work. I can’t tell you how nice is it to know I can read at work. I have 2 co-workers and a few patients that have similar reading tastes, so we have been swapping books.

Coming Soon

I am far behind on my new release posts. In February alone, I had 7 new releases I wanted to read and I only got one done. I hope to have some new posts up this week. So many ARCs waiting for me to read.

I have about 6 drafts written up and ready to go right now. For sure, I will be posting a few reviews, and some discussions. I also have a giveaway coming up, as well. Yea, that’s pretty vague! Sorry, I just don’t want to make a bunch of promises.

How have you been? Got any posts I need to check out or that you want to share?

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