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Mother, Lover, Writer, Reviewer, Social Media Princess. Karen has been a blogger since 2010. She is a US Army veteran, a medical professional, and the mother of four. She reviews books and shares mind vomit for this blog in her ‘spare’ time. Karen lives in New England.

29 10, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up #144

By | Sunday, October 29, 2017|28 Comments

Hello Lovelies! Welcome to my weekly wrap up! Something surprising happened this week. I kinda forgot to that my Miguel was scheduled to work in New Hampshire all week for a supervisor’s conference. Monday and Tuesday I went to work. Tuesday I got this crazy idea to play hooky on Wednesday and drive […]

22 10, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up #143

By | Sunday, October 22, 2017|23 Comments

Hello Lovelies! Welcome to my weekly wrap up! This week felt really busy for me. I worked everyday but Tuesday. Tuesday my Miguel took a half day off with me and we cleaned out our garage. That took quite a while considering I thought it was just a little unorganized. It feels good […]

18 10, 2017


By | Wednesday, October 18, 2017|6 Comments

  It’s really hard to describe this book. BEASTS OF EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES was such an amazing read. The characters are well fleshed out and so easy to love. The story contains magical realism and a boy raised by wolves. Weylyn Grey is anything but normal. Being orphaned at a young age he wanders […]

16 10, 2017

Review: THE DARK INTERCEPT by Julia Keller

By | Monday, October 16, 2017|13 Comments

THE DARK INTERCEPT featured some really interesting sci-fi concepts. I had hoped hopes for it. Violet is the New Earth president’s daughter. Her mother is dead. Violet works at crime prevention at the intercept headquarters. The Intercept is a crime prevention chip that records and can play back emotions and memories. Everyone in […]

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