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I just love a good challenge. So of course, when I see Shelly and Octavia at Read.Sleep.Repeat are doing an early ARC challenge, I am going to sign up. I have a ton of ARCs planned for this month anyways, why not go for a gold silver star and the mental reward of completing a challenge.

The Rules:

  • ARC April, like ARC August is all about YOUR personal goal in regards to YOUR ARCs! This was made as a “low pressure” but maximum benefits kind of challenge and I really want to continue that! The only real rule for ARC April is any books you count towards the challenge MUST be an ARC. It can be an e-ARC or physical ARC. It can have a 2017 release date or an overdue date of 2010! As long as it is an ARC we won’t judge you or take that accomplishment lightly.

My Goal:

5-9 ARCs read for the month = The Silver Reader Level

This year they are doing tiered prizes. They sound really cool. (i never win prizes so i don’t get hopes up for them). I just want the gold star for hitting my goal.

The ARCs I Plan To Read:

There are more than 9 there but I am trying to be realistic. Also, I reserve the right to change any of these as I see fit. Sometimes I get in a mood and I read what I want instead of what is suppose to be next. I’ll be posting my progress of this page and on my Weekly Wrap Ups.

ARCs read in April:

Sign ups are open until April 15th, so get on it if you want to play along.

Are you participating in ARC APRIL? Link up so I can cheer you on!

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