ALCHEMY XII- March by Tasmin FlowersAlchemy XII- March by Tasmin Flowers
Series: Alchemy XII #3
Also in this series: Alchemy XII- New Years Eve Prologue, Alchemy XII- January, Alchemy XII- February, Alchemy XII- April
Published by Tasmin Flowers on March 1, 2015
Pages: 58
Genres: BDSM, Erotica
Also by this author: Alchemy XII- New Years Eve Prologue, Alchemy XII- January, Alchemy XII- February, Alchemy XII- April
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This is the third episode in the Alchemy xii series. If you're new to it, read the prologue episode Alchemy xii - New Year's Eve first.
Back at Alchemy after their trip to the Rockies, Harry surprises Olivia by inviting her to meet his other three subs, Beth, Mia and Mason. But there's nothing benign about this dinner and as usual Harry's playing games to keep Olivia on her toes. When he unwittingly collides with one of her hard limits, Olivia is forced to confront a long-buried memory.
Meanwhile Belladonna picks up the pace in a training session with Olivia and Mia, pushing both subs to their limits until Olivia makes a catastrophic error… Questions start piling up in her mind. Will Harry be able to forgive her? Is she really suitable to train as an Alchemy sub? And can she lay the ghosts of her past to rest? Harry's the only person who can provide her with the answers. But will he?

Reading time 3 mins

This is book 3 in the Alchemy XII series. This series is coming out in monthly installments. In New Years Eve Prologue, we meet Harry and Olivia. In Alchemy XII-January Olivia is accepted into the Alchemy training program with Harry Lomax, and Harry lays on the rules. In Alchemy Xii- February Olivia reacts to being cut off by Harry and she deals with her apprehension to this lifestyle. In Alchemy Xii- March we see how Olivia deals with jealousy in her face and she conquers some of her other fears.

This series keeps getting more and more complicated. I have to say I was incorrect that Harry might not be training anyone else, he definitely is. In March, Olivia gets to meet some of the other subs in training. I found the scene in which she meets them rather cruel, but I enjoyed seeing how Olivia handled it. She is tougher than I am. This book shows Olivia getting a bit more personal with the head Dominatrix and Harry’s boss, Belladonna. She doesn’t seem so fierce in this story, I can’t wait to actually see her in action. It is hinted that she will top Olivia sometime soon, so hopefully I get my wish.

As far as Harry and Olivia, their relationship is really complicated. It isn’t a relationship, she is a sub in training and he is the Dom. Olivia gives him so much trust, as a good sub should. I am not sure he is so deserving of that trust. Seriously, he flaunts his intimacy with everyone for her to see. I have to keep reminding myself that she entered into this willingly, and she agreed to the terms. This isn’t the usual fairy tale BDSM that I have grown accustom to. It is just different. I am sure that these exchanges work IRL, I just didn’t expect it. She could walk away at any moment, but she really wants to push herself. She approaches a hard limit and…..I don’t want to spoil this for you. This series is really good and I am enjoying it so far. April 1st the next installment comes out, and you can bet I want to find out what happens next.

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About the Author

Tamsin Flowers has been writing erotica for several years. She started out with short stories and has featured in more than 20 anthologies to date from Cleis Press, Go Deeper Press, House of Erotica, Xcite Books and Velvet Books. Her works have featured in collections curated by some of today’s most celebrated editors – including Violet Blue (Best Women’s Erotica 2014 and 2015), Rachel Kramer Bussel (The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales), Alison Tyler (Twisted: Bondage with an Edge, Bound for Trouble: BDSM for Women, Just for Her, Just for Him) and Kristina Wright (Best Erotic Romance 2014 and 2015, Passionate Kisses: Erotic Romance Fantasies for Couples).

She has also self-published a sizzling collection of zombie erotica, Zombie Erotoclypse, and has had novels and novellas released by Xcite Books (The Christmas Tattoo, Her Boss and His Client), Secret Cravings (The Crimson Bond, The Scarlet Bond) and Totally Bound (Doing It for the Coach).

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