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Today we are talking about things that make us green with envy

I am pretty content person. I have achieved a lot in my life, so I shouldn’t be jealous of anyone else. But I CAN’T help it sometimes.

Things that make me go green:

People who win large amounts of money


My Miguel plays the lotteries here every week. I don’t play because I am extremely unlucky. I don’t even touch his tickets for fear that I will jinx them. I have never won money. I can’t help but feel a bit jealous when I see people who have won and are now living the big life. I am more likely to be hit by lightening then win a lottery, but I am very envious of people that do.


Seeing homes that look like they were just staged


I try to keep my house clean. No matter how hard I try, my house will never been magazine ready. Some of my very functional furniture does not match. Oh how I wish it was, but I AM POOR. If you look too long, you are bound to see a random sock under the couch or that pile of shoes by the door. My kids and pets are not helping with my situation. Not only that but I have too much stuff, and I put it on top of stuff, so it looks cluttered. I don’t know where those people with staged looking homes put their stuff, cause I don’t see it. If we hit the lottery, I am buying all matching furniture and hiring a maid.


Seeing people with perfect teeth


Yea, my teeth aren’t perfect. They are not even close. I was supposed to get braces when I was a kid, but my mother opted not to shell out the money for them. As I got older, my teeth got worse as a result of crowding. It was way too late for realignment once I could afford it. My smile is flawed by my UN-perfect teeth. My kids will NOT know this horror. I just spent the equivalent of a car for my oldest daughter to get invisalign. Today she has a perfect smile. I am so envious.


Seeing people with stacks of ARCs


No matter what it looks like here, I am completely out of the loop. I don’t get ARCs from publishers. I am not on any publishers list. I get Edelweiss copies most of the time, and rarely I get NetGalley. I buy a ton of books. I get a little green when I see people who get ALL the ARCs.


People who rule Instagram


I admitted last week that I have no artistic talent. I also have no talent for picture taking. Oh how I wish I had an eye for what would look good. Or props. Or motivation. I just don’t have any of that and I wish I did. You guys make it look so easy.


Blog Events and Tags I am never part of


I have never been tagged. I see those posts where people say at end I tag YOU, meaning anyone who wants to do it. It is not the same as actually being tagged though. I feel like I miss out on major blogging events that EVERYONE else is part of. I would call this blogger envy, but I like my blog. I just wish it got included in things more often. I know most bloggers feel this way, so I know I am not alone….right? RIGHT?


That is all I can think of for now. If you are one of the people I described on this list, just know you are motivating me to try harder. I want to be you when I grow up.

What makes you green with envy?

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