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bbbbbbBeyond the Books is a weekly meme hosted right here at KBK. Beyond the Blog is a weekly meme where I throw out a topic (mostly non-bookish), and you guys blog about it. Come back here and share the link to your blog post, and we all have fun learning about each other. For more information and future topics click click here.

This week we are Setting a Goal, and the talking about our plan to accomplish it. I have mulled over this post for about a week now. I have tons of goals and I totally believe in writing them all down. I am a list lover (like you didn’t already know that!), so it only makes sense that I may lists for my goals. Today I am going to share my biggest goal with you.

Here are some keys for setting a goal:

  • Be specific about your goal.
  • Set a date for reaching this goal.
  • Devise a plan for reaching the goal.
  • Indicate where and with whom you will accomplish this goal.


My Goal is to find and buy a home.

  • Qualify for enough money to buy a home in the expensive f*cking state. (it is so ridiculous here, but the houses are much bigger then the ones in florida)
  • Find a home big enough for my clan/in the desired school system/close to employment/that we all love. (we kinda picked one, but i know there is always a chance someone else will snatch it up, as much dread as i feel about that. at least now i know what i am looking for)
  • Budget enough money for closing costs and moving expenses. (this would usually include a down payment as well, but we are going to use a VA loan, so zero down payment)
  • Buy the house. (and all the fun that involves; survey, appraisal, inspection, haggling, agonizing for an answer, etc..)
  • Hire movers. (no way i am packing and moving us…again, especially since Miguel’s knees don’t work anymore)
  • Move my clan into my new home. (i hope to do this by 1/15/16…or sooner)

How exciting that I get to do this with all of you to witness my woes! This is going to be a long process and I promise to BORE YOU ALL TO TEARS with the details, (are you getting as excited as i am?) I bought a house two years ago and it was the most stressful thing ever. That doesn’t stop my excitement for this or my motivation.

How about you, feel like setting a goal?

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