30 09, 2017

Review: THE RULES OF MAGIC by Alice Hoffman

By | Saturday, September 30, 2017|4 kisses, Fantasy, Magical Realism, reviews|4 Comments

I am so excited to tell you about THE RULES OF MAGIC by Alice Hoffman. I watched Practical Magic years ago and loved the story. I only recently found out it was based on a book when I saw a review for it on Avalinah’s Books. It was then that I decided to […]

27 09, 2017

Review: RINGER by Lauren Oliver

By | Wednesday, September 27, 2017|4 kisses, Adventure, reviews, Science Fiction, YA|2 Comments

This review contains spoilers for REPLICA. RINGER is the second (and final) book in the REPLICA series. It tells linear stories of two girls; Lyra, who was raised as a replica but actually isn’t and Gemma, who is actually a replica but was raised as a normal girl. I enjoyed this as much […]

26 09, 2017

Review: THIS DARKNESS MINE by Mindy McGinnis

By | Tuesday, September 26, 2017|3 kisses, Mental Illness, reviews, Thriller, YA|6 Comments

  Well THIS DARKNESS MINE is another dark book by Mindy McGinnis. I am not sure how she does it, but each book seems to getting darker. This story explores the life of a Sasha Stone as she becomes something else. Something much darker than anyone thought possible. Sasha Stone has her whole […]

18 09, 2017

Review: THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE by Katherine Arden

By | Monday, September 18, 2017|4 kisses, Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, reviews|8 Comments

*This trailer features the European cover for this book. THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE really took me by surprise. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was not this. This story actually reminded me of WINTERSONG without the music. That’s not to say that this story isn’t wholly original, just that […]

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