18 03, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up #124

By | Saturday, March 18, 2017|19 Comments

Hello Lovelies! Welcome to my weekly wrap up! I had some time off early this week and I spend it mapping out posts for the week. My Miguel left last Saturday for San Antonio and returned on Wednesday night. I spend some quality time with my babies and took them to the Pez […]

16 03, 2017

How to Calculate Your BMI and BMR and why you might want to

By | Thursday, March 16, 2017|8 Comments

BMI and BMR are calculations used to determine what you should weight and what your daily caloric needs are. Although the two terms are independent of each other, your BMI may indirectly affect your BMR. What is BMI? BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a quick way to see your probable body fat […]

12 03, 2017

Back from a Break

By | Sunday, March 12, 2017|21 Comments

This post has been a month in the making. I took over a month off and now I am back. Despite not blogging, this month has been busy. I needed a break. I worried so much that I wouldn’t make time for fitness after I started working. I should have worried more about […]

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