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Cleis Press has agreed that I should host a giveaway for this BDSM story. I loved this book and I want you to win a paperback copy for yourself. Please check out my review and see why I loved this book. For more Carrie’s Story reviews please check out the blog tour.


Carrie’s Story is regarded as one of the finest erotic novels ever written—smart, devastatingly sexy, and, at times, shocking. In this new era of “BDSM romance,” à la Fifty Shades of Grey, the whips and cuffs are out of the closet and “château porn” has given way to mommy porn. Carrie’s Story remains at the head of the class. Imagine The Story of O starring a Berkeley Ph.D. in comparative literature who moonlights as a bike messenger, has a penchant for irony, and loves self-analysis as much as anal pleasures. Set in both San Francisco and the more château-friendly Napa Valley, Weatherfield’s deliciously decadent novel takes you on a sexually-explicit journey into a netherworld of slave auctions, training regimes, and enticing “ponies” (people) preening for dressage competitions. Desire runs rampant in this story of uncompromising mastery and irrevocable submission. 

Molly Weatherfield, the pen name of Pam Rosenthal, is also the author of Safe Word, the sequel to Carrie’s Story. A prolific romance and erotica writer, she has penned many sexy, literate, historical novels. She lives in San Francisco.

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This contest is open to US residents only and ends 4/11/2013.

Good luck!

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  1. Travelnurse says:

    This is a must read and a re read!
    Travelnurse would like you read..Bad Dragon Giveaway!!!!My Profile

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  3. john says:


  4. fire says:

    I’ve never heard of the story, but then again, I sort of go in circles with my erotica… I just keep clicking on “recommended” titles :/
    fire would like you be careful who it is you’re talking to // tmi tuesday #20My Profile

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  6. fire says:

    I love the Velvet Kiss series of hentai manga. It has an actual story and, as hilariously trite as the story sounds, the author-artist incorporates sex very cleanly, without the sense of randomness that permeates a lot of erotica (of all varieties) I’ve consumed recently. An office worker runs into a bit of financial luck, but then finds himself paying off a huge debt by “befriending” an aloof and demanding young woman. The plot goes a bit twisted and devious from there, and I am eagerly waiting for volume 3! I’ve done a poor job of summarizing it, you can see a real summary here:
    fire would like you be careful who it is you’re talking to // tmi tuesday #20My Profile

  7. brick says:

    ooh! pony girls and boys! should be a good read.

  8. Sunnie says:

    I have not heard of this book, but your review sounded great, it made me interested and curious about it.

  9. Sunnie says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, I thought this book looked good!

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