Black Chandelier Pasties


I love wearing things that make me feel sexy. I was really elated when House of Kandies asked me to review a pair of nipple pasties for them, especially when I saw their selection online! They have many really beautiful pasties to choose from.

House of Kandies is based out of Los Angeles, CA. They sell a large selection one-of-a-kind handmade pasties and unique bustiers. I had a really hard time picking out which ones I might want to try. I finally decided on the Black Chandelier Pasties. The Chandelier style I got for this review comes in white, green and black.


I am very happy with this selection. They look just like they did n the website. The pasties came to me in a discrete envelope and wrapped in pink paper. These pasties are handmade with lots of love in the details. The are really pretty and look expensive. They are lighter than they look and look really great on. The backs are vinyl and rounded to fit on the nipples.




They are made for more than one use. The pasties do not come with adhesive, so that is really the only downside. I used a bit of lingerie tape for the review. The tape I bought at target for about $8. It held the pasties in place for a good while without showing signs of wanting to come off. The pasties are detailed, but not heavy at all. If I was going out wearing these I would use some spirit gum for a good secure adhesive. Spirit gum has a bit of a learning curve, but there are spirit gum removers on the market that make removal painless. The House of Kandies website says you can use eyelash glue as well. Eyelash glue is made for use on the skin, but I am unsure about how to remove it without creating ouchies.


I really wanted to wear these to the New Years even party, but it just didn’t happen. There are plenty more events coming up… Most of the venues we attend require the nipples to be covered. These black chandeliers are a great way for me to feel sexy and revealing without actually breaking the rules. These pasties add a lot of flair to the pastie look. I have seen woman wearing lots of styles of pasties, but I have never seen anyone wear pasties with this much wow! They are not only comfortable to wear but really original. I think these will work for any woman wanting to add some pizzazz to their look.

I am storing these pasties in the envelope they came in until I find something safer. I have handled and worn these quite a bit and I am happy to say that nothing looks like it is coming apart. With a bit of care these pasties can last for a long time. The lingerie tape I used came off clean without leaving any sticky residue. Vinyl can be cleaned with a bit of soap and water.

You can purchase this and many other really pretty pasties and bustiers at House of Kandies.

I received this product from House of Kandies free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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