Thrones of Desire

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Thrones of Desire is a fantasy erotic book that contains 14 short stories from various authors. I am a big fan of romantic chivalry. Anytime you can throw a knight in front of a dragon for the love of a woman, you have my undivided attention! There are a few fighting heroins in this book as well. The woman in these stories are as strong as their male counterparts. The stories are complete with adventure, myths, legends, and swords. The characters are full of lust for life and love.

Romantic chivalry is alive and well in these mythical kingdoms, but so are secrets and hidden yearnings as the battle for flesh rivals the battle for power. In editor Mitzi Szereto’s own words, “You’ll find it all right here: corrupt kings, lusty queens, handsome princes, virginal princesses, randy knights, wicked sorcerers, kickass heroines, vengeful witches, mysterious shape-shifters…and we’re definitely not short on a few dragons either!” Inspired by the television series Game of Thrones, these imaginative, steamy tales transport the reader to romantic and dangerous realms.


Thrones of Desire is edited by Mitzi Szereto and includes a Foreward by Piers Anthony. The book contains stories by Janine Ashbless, Sacchi Green, Ashley Lister, Eric Del Carlo, Kim Knox, Anna Meadows, Madeline Moore, Jo Wu, M.H. Crane, Aurelia T. Evans, Nyla Nox, Megan Arkenberg, Zander Vyne, and Mitzi Szereto.

This book touched on mythical kingdoms and secrets. All of the main characters are heroes in their own right and more than a few start off as captives and must fight their way out and into the arms of the ones they love. I was swept away into the worlds of these stories. If you love fantasy writing, this book is for you. All of the stories contain an erotic element, but I felt that the sex was not the main attraction. This book is not smut. These are fantastical stories of myths and knights, with a sexy element.

I loved this book!

My absolute favorite love story in this book was in Key to the Queen’s Elixir by Jo Wu. This story was about a snow queen and an intruder. The love story backdrop was, well…it was haunting. A knight is hunting for the elixir that will save the children of the kingdom and he gets much more than he expected from the snow queen.

The story Flesh and Stone by Sacchi Green was another very memorable story. Sacchi Green writes with such passion that I can feel her characters. This story follows the sale of a girl at the slave market. She becomes the possession of the ‘woman champion from the mountains’. A woman that can turn men to stone. The slave soothes her mistress before redirecting her attention to the man who turned to stone. “The mind is the body’s most sensuous organ.” Indeed Sacchi! This tale is very sensual.

All of the stories had thick plots that are tough to try to describe in this little review. I know the fantasy writing of this book won’t appeal to everyone, especially since the sex is buried beneath such armor. To those that love fantasy worlds though, this book will be such a good fit.

Thrones of Desire is published by Cleis Press, it can be purchased here and here.



  1. Idebenone says:

    The title of this book, and perhaps even the conception itself, is something that has most likely been born from the kinky corners of the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire bandwagon. That is not to say that George R. R. Martin doesn’t dish out his fair share of kink – but even his Santa Clause beard wouldn’t hide the inevitable mischievous flush. Thrones of Desire is a collection of short stories from various established authors, all of whom are well respected wordkinksmiths in the fantasy/high fantasy/erotic genres. The caliber of writing is nothing short of superb and although the collection is quite literally story after story of sexy olde worldy frolics; there is no repetition or mediocrity.

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  3. Jo Wu says:

    Thank you so so SO much for mentioning my story “Key to the Queen’s Elixir”! I’m touched and unbelievably pleased that you said it was your absolute favorite.
    Jo Wu would like you read..Manuscript!My Profile

  4. Sacchi Green says:

    Thank you, Karen. I love it when someone gets swept up in my characters.
    Sacchi Green would like you read..Helping Vampires to Save the WorldMy Profile

  5. So pleased you enjoyed the book!
    Mitzi Szereto would like you read..Featured TitlesMy Profile

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