New Years Eve

Today is the last day of the year. New Years fills me with optimism. I found a really cool list on Rebecca Ammon’s site. She lists some Swinger New Year Resolutions. These are great tips for successful swinging. Which reminds me that this is a great time to be updating my sexual bucket list. The first thing on that list from last year were gender-bending fantasies. Most of the guys we met that were into gender-bending were also really looking for a mistress to discipline them. So that is still on my list. We did have lots of sex in the car and even once on side of the road last year, so I can knock those off the bucket list. There are still some things I would love to do.

I always make a few resolutions for New Years. Last year my resolutions read more like a list of things to do. I think having a list of goals is important. I read something a few years ago about using the number 3 and setting immediate, short term, and long term goals. Basically I set goals for 3 weeks, 3 months, and 3 years away from now. I have found just writing things down put the ball in motion for me. I didn’t do everything on my list. I did manage to knock some big to-dos off the list. (Including filing for my divorce and getting a new car!) Reflecting back on this past year and knowing some of the big things actually did get marked off gives me hope that this year will be even better and more productive.

We are going out tonight to the club. New Years Eve and Halloween are probably the biggest party days for us. Most swingers love a packed party. The club will be packed tonight. Last year the club was crazy on New Years Eve. This year they are allowing people to sleep over. This will be great since driving home new years eve is one of the main deterrents for people, not wanting to drink and then drive home. We aren’t getting out as often these days, so I am really looking forward to tonight.

I wish you all a safe and sexy New Years Eve!

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    Thanks Karen, and you too!!!
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