Handmade Vegan Flogger


I love a good flogging! The smack of falls, the sounds, and the stingy pain. Something about the pain helps me to release. I know this is mostly an acquired taste. Most of my swinger friends do not play this way. One of my favorite memories was a night at the club when they had flogging demonstration. I was introduced to the BDSM community that night. I have been an eager student since then and Miguel and I have enjoyed discovering exactly what about this turns me on. Admittedly, Miguel and I only dabble in BDSM. Being submissive and getting flogged is something I really enjoy from time to time. When Agreeable Agony asked me what I might like to review on the site, I was overjoyed to see that they had a Handmade Vegan Flogger available.


I am not worried too much about whether something is vegan. Just so you know, it doesn’t matter to me. I liked the fact that this flogger was customizable. I liked the fact that it was shipped fast. I loved the fact that I learned the name of the man making it for me and that I could choose how big I wanted it to be. The flogger I ordered was the standard sized (it comes in small or giant as well). I was also able to pick the style of handle, I choose the dragon scale. The other styles of handle they offer are standard (wrap over wood) or deluxe (leather/vinyl style). They also give a choice of four sizes for width of the falls. (I chose the standard/medium falls) The price of the flogger you choose will change slightly depending on what style, size, and handle you choose. The one I received for review had 18 falls. The handle was a bit over 7″ and each of he falls were about 20″ long.

The flogger is made out of recycled materials, with rubber falls. The handle is a good size and the whole thing has weight. The flogger is over 30″ long. Miguel reports that the flogger performed really well for him. I can tell you that this flogger packs a punch. The site says that their vegan flogger is a bit more stingy than a leather flogger. They were dead on. The falls didn’t leave any marks, but the session had a bit more bite.

This may be because they cut all the falls at an angle. I couldn’t tolerate the long sessions with this flogger. The pain produced by this flogger is quick and intense. This would not make a good beginner flogger, except maybe for those overachievers that want to dive right in.

This flogger can be cleaned with soap and water if it becomes soiled. It is really easy to keep clean really. The handle has a loop on the end so it hangs easily. The nice thing about this flogger is that it if you do store it folded it won’t stay folded. The rubber will pop right back into shape.

We have purchased a few floggers over the years and I can tell you that this is one of the most reasonably priced floggers I have found. The only floggers we have ever bought that were in the price range of this flogger were mass-produced and wimpy. They were light weight and couldn’t produce a sting or a thud without wearing out the weilder. They couldn’t hold a candle to this thing. This flogger is heavy enough to produce a good smack. A handmade flogger at this price is a steal.

The Handmade Vegan Flogger can be purchased at Agreeable Agony. Agreeable Agony also sells rope, sensation toys, and candles.

I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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  6. Ben says:

    Looks very cool, checking out the site!

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