Elastabind Restraint Corset Review


The Elastabind Restraint Corset is a sexy addition to the Sex & Mischief line of light bondage play things for couples. I was really intrigued by the idea of a corset that not only cinches by serves as a restraint device.

Made for the small to average female, the Elastabind Restraint Corset is made of an elastic material with a PVC panel where the laces are located. It measures 19″ across and 3.5″ in height. It stretches quite a bit and the laces allow for a tighter or looser fit. The laces could be pulled out to fit. My hips measure about 40″, I did not pull out the laces at all though, if that gives you some idea about the stretch of this material. The corset is designed to sit right on the hip line, and line up with the wrists just touching the bottom of the hem. If the corset is too tight it will try to slide to a more narrow space (like the waist) and force the arms to be uncomfortably bend. Having the wrists restrained will keep this corset in place on the sides, but it won’t keep it from rolling under skin. Keep the size in mind if you decide to purchase this.

The restraints can be worn with the laces in the front or in the back for a more corset style fit. I found them a bit more comfortable to wear with the laces in the front since it seemed like it put my arms more in front of me. The laces are the thick shoe-string type.

The wrist restraints are tight but not uncomfortable on me. They are larger than the average wrist restraint by more than double. They came up pretty far on my arm. My wrists/arms are pretty slim so this was a nice tight comfortable fit for me. There are no adjustments on the arm restraints. I found this a bit difficult to get my wrists into, but even more difficult to get out of.

Miguel really loved the idea of this corset. The execution took a little bit of effort. My hands/arms become useless in these restraints so even though doggy style looked ideal, I had nothing to hold myself up with. When we tried to use this during sex missionary it was a bit easier, but the whole corset slides up to the smallest part of my waist. Bending over something that actually matched the height of my hips was the most ideal use for these. Anything closer to the ground then that and it became a bit uncomfortable. Sitting down in these restraints required some effort as well, as they sit on the hips. Standing or kneeling in these is no problem, obviously.

The packaging for this was a large hard cardboard box. The box said that this could be used ” as a suggestive belt” since it is reversible. You can wear it with the wrist restraints tucked inside, it bulks up a bit with them under, but you really have to be looking for it to see the bulge. I haven’t worn these out, but I might someday. It would be a fun and discreet way to carry my own restraint.

I don’t think restraints are meant for the comfort of the wearer as much as they are to render them restrained. I didn’t get hurt when we used these. I probably could have gotten myself out with a lot of effort, nothing is really Karen-proof. But, I am a willing submissive….

The Elastabind Restraint Corset is available at Play Passion for about $20. I think this is a good buy for something that adds spice to bedroom play.

I received this product from Play Passion free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


  1. Doggy would mean facial carpet/friction burns! LOL perfect for humiliation play though.

    I am having weird thought of having Miguel try it on too. @.@

    Great review!
    Matt (macho99) would like you read..Toy with me Tuesday: I Spy 2My Profile

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  3. Sunnie says:

    It looks like fun, and where your arms are, it seems like itd be less painful then bent behind your back. Looks hot too.

  4. Little Miss says:

    I think this looks like a really cool restraint!
    Definitely a great price.
    I can imagine how hard it was to sit down though x
    Little Miss would like you read..Spirit Of The LeafMy Profile

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