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I have been really intrigued by this toy since the first time I laid eyes on it. I imagined all the ways I could use this toy on my anatomy but my expectations were not very realistic. I found myself wishing for more length and options then this toy was able to offer. The Icicles #30 from Pipedream could have been a great glass toy, but it’s fixed dimensions won’t fit every body. In the end, this toy just frustrated me and left me thinking of ways I would have designed it better.

Materials: Glass

Dimensions: 7.5″ x 1″ main shaft (5″ insertable), 0.5″ x 2″ small shaft


This is a really beautiful toy. Just look at it! you can probably imagine why I really wanted it.

The nice thing about glass is that it is non-porous and good to use with any lubrication. I love using glass for anal play. Not only does glass not harbor bacteria, but it is super easy to clean and compatible with almost any lubricant. Glass can be used for temperature play by either soaking the toy in hot or cold water. The glass hold the temperature for quite a while. The temperature aspect of this toy makes the texture almost obscene. Inserting this toy while it is cold and thrusting carefully created a delicious combination of cold/texture to my vaginal entrance. The frustration of shape was almost forgiven until either I got used to the chill or it warmed to me a bit. Then I was left with a toy that is almost right for me, but really not. The clitoral shaft is retarded in it’s flat angle. The curve on the main shaft goes opposite of my g-spot when I used this for double penetration. That is frustrating! If only this toy had a curve going the other way, I might have been able to love it.

I imagined this toy would be great for double penetration and that the smaller shaft could be used for firm clitoral stimulation. The curve in the main shaft could be great for g-spot stimulation, but my g-spot is so high up I could not get this to work for me. I had to really angle this toy against my public bone to feel the texture of the smaller shaft on my clitoris. I did not get to enjoy the texture on the clitoral shaft, and I didn’t really want it to just poke me there. When I tried to use this for anal and vaginal penetration, the curve on the main shaft felt wrong. The smaller shaft has a bit of texture to it but when I used this toy for double penetration I couldn’t feel the smaller shaft’s texture hardly at all. The ridges on the main shaft are so stimulating, it made the small shaft seem dull.

This is labeled as a unisex toy and could be used by a male for anal play with the smaller shaft stimulation the external p-spot. On a male, the curve would work much better since the shaft will be angled toward the prostate. I do think that the texture on the smaller shaft will be missed on the male anatomy as well. Unless this toy is at a 45° or more acute angle the small shaft will be rendered useless. The shaft left me wishing for more girth. One inch is rather slim for the main shaft of a dual stimulator. The ridges on the main shaft are delightful, but I could not really thrust this as much as I wanted to due to the smaller shaft just getting in the way. Plus the ridges don’t go down that far. I loved the ridges so much on the main shaft I ended up just using it to stimulate my clitoris between thrusts. This resulted in a much longer play session then I had expected. I was not able to orgasm as quickly as I would have liked. I could take it for a few thrusts and then I needed to re-adjust it to keep from creating bruising. The rounded works nice as a handle but it is really slick once it gets lube on it. The glass doesn’t absorb the lube and no matter how hard I tried it always seemed to end up on the handle which resulted in slippage in my hands.

Cleaning this toy is easy with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. I had to pay special attention to getting it clean around the texture and ridges, but it wasn’t that difficult. Glass toys are meant to last a lifetime. The will not splinter if they break, but instead shatter like a car windshield. Still it is always a good idea to check a glass toy prior to use looking closely for cracks. The Pipedream Icicles #30 comes in a magnetic box that is oversized and has a foam cut out to keep the toy safe. I am sad that there is not storage pouch, but as I don’t see this toy getting much use I guess it doesn’t matter.











On the box it looks like the same ridges that are on the main shaft adorn the smaller shaft, but this is just the way it is photographed. If the smaller shaft would have had the same type of texture this toy might have been forgiven for it’s dimensional flaws, but it doesn’t. This toy would have been better if I could have adjusted the smaller shaft just a bit. Made it flatter, fatter, or curved the main shaft a bit more for my high g-spot. I ended up being frustrated with this toy. It is a beautiful addition to my glass collection, but not a good functional toy.

Review Summary
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

The Icicles #30 can be purchased at FunWares.


I received this product from FunWares free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.


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