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The LELO INA 2 is a luxury rabbit style vibe. I got a chance to review the INA and I was really impressed. The new INA 2 has the same sort of functionality with some improvements. The new INA 2 is 100% more powerful, 100% waterproof and has a slightly modified design for more pleasure.

Materials: Silicone and ABS plastic

Dimensions: 8″ x 1.5″, 4.5″ insertable with 2.25″ clitoral arm


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The INA 2 is a silicone covered hard rabbit style vibrator. The type of silicone LELO uses repels dust which helps to keep it clean between uses. The INA 2 is seamless with no texture. It feels smooth and has a great g-spot curve. It is not a rotating rabbit, it only vibrates which makes this toy great for thrusting.  Being silicone it is only compatible with water-based lubrication. The tip is tapered which may help with insertion, but a small amount of lube will probably still be necessary to accommodate the new wider girth of the shaft. The clitoral arm is offers more reach for users than the original. The INA 2 clitoral arm bends back with pressure, but still offers firm pressure on the clitoris during use.

The INA 2 is rechargeable and gives about 4 hours of play with a 2 hour charge. As far as it being 100% more powerful, I am not 100% sure. I can feel that the shaft motor is much improved. The whole thing has more of a deep rumble to it. It makes the old INA feel buzzy in comparison. Vibration wise, the clitoral shaft feels almost the same, but the original INA was pretty impressive to me, so that is not really saying much. The improvement must have been in the shaft, which now vibrates my whole pelvis when it is inserted. I almost can’t stand it, but then it is just wonderful. I don’t even need to go to max vibrations to get off on the new INA 2. The shaft is so powerful now that even when the clitoral arm is in a mode that gives it no vibration I can feel the vibrations from the shaft traveling down. I have to give the new INA 2 4.5 stars out of 5 for vroom, it is pretty powerful. 1

The shaft design has been modified for even further reach. The shaft has a bit more girth for a more full feeling. I had no problem with the old design, the new design is good for me as well. It has a fuller feel when it is inserted. The clitoral shaft has no problem hitting my clit just right without needing to be adjusted so much. The clitoral shaft is a bit more girth as well, which might add to the no miss factor. It doesn’t hug my mound as closely as the original but it allows for easier thrust. The problem with the old INA hugging so closely was that during thrusting the shaft needed to be lifted to find my clitoris. The new INA 2 has no such problems. The INA 2 I recieved is orange and the original INA is green, you can see the design differences when they are side by side.

The INA 2 is available in brilliant green, orange and purple colors that may appeal to folks like me who are sick to death of pink. It is slighly more expensive than the original, but then again this is waterproof. That upgrade makes this toy so much more appealing to people like me who love to play in the shower. The INA 2 is also easier to clean now that the buttons can get wet without worry. The INA 2 works on a four button interface. With a (+) to turn it on and the turn the vibrations up and a (-) to turn the vibrations down and off. The top and bottom buttons have up and down arrows that allow you to scroll through the functions.

The buttons are still covered with a soft silicone, making them easy to depress. The INA 2 also has the same locking feature on the buttons which makes this toy great for travel. The difference is there is now no gap between the buttons and the base which makes it water-tight. The buttons still light up and flash when it is charging. The lights get steady when it is at a full charge. The lights behind the buttons also light up when they are pressed. The INA 2 has 8 functions. The functions range from steady vibrations, isolating either the shaft or the clitoral arm, and various pulses, escalations, and waves of vibration. Sadly, the functions are set and the clitoral arm and shaft do not work independently unless one of them is off completely. I liked the variety of patterns, but I wish I could turn down the shaft a bit while turning up the clitoral arm.

That is not to say that I didn’t enjoy thoroughly testing the new INA 2. It’s power inspired me to find new ways to enjoy this toy. The shaft is so powerful that I could use it on my clitoris and labia with no penetration and still orgasm. The INA 2 is also just as quiet as the original. The INA 2 produces a very low humm < 50dB. It would not be heard through a closed door, but maybe across the room. It is slightly louder than a cell phone on vibrate, if that helps.

To charge the INA 2 just plug in the power cord to the base. The charging cord has a silicone cover which when in place keeps it water proof. To clean the INA 2 just use soap and water or a sex toy cleaner.

The INA 2 comes in deluxe packaging which includes the satin drawstring pouch for storage. The pouch is large enough for the INA 2 and the charger. The pouch makes storage discreet, as you can just slip it into the pouch and place it a draw. The pouch also keep it from touching everything. The charger is exactly the same LELO charger that they use for all their toys. 2 The black luxury box also comes with a sample of LELO water-based lubricant, a user guide, the charger, and a warranty card. The card is a huge upgrade from the warranty pamphlet that used to be included when you bought LELO toys. The card is less likely to get ruined or ripped and can be discreetly placed with other cards for say… 8 years down the road when you might need to use the 10 year guarantee. All LELO products come with a one year full replacement warranty and a ten year guarantee. 3

My opinion of the new LELO INA 2 is that it is worth the investment. It is not every toy that is as powerful, is waterproof, is as quiet, and has as many functions as the INA 2 offers. The warranty means this toy is not going to fail on you. The new design will accommodate almost every female body type. Thank you LELO for making a great toy even better (and waterproof)!


Review Summary
1 being weak, 5 being earth shattering.
The volume of the toy on it’s highest setting.
Material Safety.
Value of toy for the price.

I received this product from LELO free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

  1. A 5 star on this scale is reserved for vrooms matching the hitachi.
  2. Except the Mia of course, which uses a USB to charge
  3. The guarantee states that if the product should fail mechanically within ten years of purchase, they will give you 50% off a new product to replace it.


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