Once Upon A Time


On a night that all the children went to bed on time, we found the time.

I purchased these under the bed straps with just this scene in mind. I was helplessly tied down, unable to see where he was or what was about to happen to me.

I’ll leave you to guess what happened next…

That night is etched in my memory. It reminds me that our sex can only get better.

Sinful Sunday is all about the image.

See who else is playing.
Sinful Sunday


  1. Molly says:

    Yay for children going to bed on time…. and my imagination is running riot about all that could have possibly happened next. Oh and the image…. leaves me breathless.

    Molly would like you read..Hands OnMy Profile

  2. KaziGrrl says:

    Mmmmm… I have a set of those straps that we have not yet broken in. I am impatiently awaiting that day :)

    ~Kazi xxx
    KaziGrrl would like you read..Sinful Sunday: Stone BenchMy Profile

  3. You look positively sexy while waiting for what would follow next! I love it when the kids go to bed and we have time for some sexy fun :)

    Rebel xox
    Marie Rebelle would like you read..Waiting…My Profile

  4. Hubman says:

    We have a similar restraint system, love it. You look great laying there, I can only imagine what he did to you!
    Hubman would like you read..Sinful Sunday – TreatsMy Profile

  5. Sunnie says:

    Id like to get some of these, they look they do the job at holding down but not painful. Good picture, we like to save it for when the kids are in school so I can get loud!

  6. Penny says:

    Oh wow, all kinds of dirty thoughts are going through my mind right now…I’m sure he enjoyed your helpless position ;)
    Penny would like you read..Hide and SeekMy Profile

  7. Kira says:

    We have some under the bed restraints and use them almost daily. One of the best purchases we ever made. Great photo and I hope you enjoy much use out of your new restraints!
    Kira would like you read..Collared – Sinful SundayMy Profile

  8. MrM says:

    I love this position. Makes me go from 0 to ravage it 4.5 seconds. Good purchase!
    MrM would like you read..Human Form as ArtMy Profile

  9. Kim says:

    Oh the joys when the kids go to sleep early. Very rare for us, but we find the time. These straps are a lot of fun. Beautiful pic! You look amazing!
    Kim would like you read..This is…My Profile

  10. Newt Kai says:

    Ridiculously sexy :) Anticipation at its truest form. Hope you had a fabulous time.


  11. Beck says:

    My under the bed restraints are always on my bed. I love them. Your pic is hot!
    Beck would like you read..Toy With Me Tuesday – Splish In The MistMy Profile

  12. Beautiful shot. We know what it’s like having to delay sex until after bedtime, and we know how gratifying it is to actually have the time. And your attitude (“…our sex can only get better”) is admirable. Great post!
    Jack and Jill would like you read..Cowboy and the Harlot – A Serial StoryMy Profile

  13. What happened next? Many photos were taken; you were tickled mercilessly; and then that lovely bottom was fondled and groped and more! That’s my guess, anyway :)

    xx Dee
    Curvaceous Dee would like you read..Flowing From My FingertipsMy Profile

  14. Thinking about all that came after gives me shivers of pleasure. (pun intended) Looks like a lot of fun!
    Yes, THAT Tonya (@TisforTMI) would like you read..Seeing eye to eyeMy Profile

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