Zero Expectations


Monday all the schools were closed. No school because of a potential hurricane that ended up going somewhere else. We had winds and some rain, but not much else. Miguel was busy on the internet while I enjoyed some garbage television. Miguel hollered over to me around 4pm that we would be going out tonight. As nice as it is to have to kids back in school, I find I am overwhelmed by all the shuffling I have to do on a daily basis.

Even though I wanted to ask a million questions. Miguel offered very few details about where we were going or what to expect. He told me their names and we headed out around 8pm. I am amazed at how normal some of our routines become. I am so glad I stifled my million questions, we had such a great time. It turns out they were having a little Monday night house party and we were the first to arrive. The couple were really great hosts and we had a whole lot of fun Monday night with them. I was drinking screwdrivers and I had a great time. There was some music playing, then there was a belly dancer. Then people lost their clothes. I guess these things happen…

I assumed that it would be a sort of awkward meet and greet. I had crazy fun. Like more fun than our last few times going to the club. I am sure this is because I had zero expectations. This is a rare thing, since I usually have a bit built up when meeting new people. It is hard not to when you meet new people. I have talked before about good icebreakers, house parties have a different set of rules. Of course I want the host’s attention, but we try to talk to everyone and get people involved in whatever it is that might be going on at the time.

Saturday this past weekend found us at a pool party at a friends house. There was a lot of socializing going on with couples standing around talking and food scattered all over the place for us to nibble on. Hardly any of it was eaten. We were all too busy drinking too much. There was so much alcohol the hostess had to retire early. I have been there, not this time though. When they called for people to go in the pool I stripped down and got in. I might have been a bit more inhibited, but Caliente has broken me of shame for my nakedness. We ended up leaving a bit early to make the drive home before tiredness took over. I try to keep the long drive a bit interesting. I go through my bag and give Miguel something to be distracted about enough to pull over…I think we have had more sex in the car this past weekend then at home all week.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Miguel has got our schedule full, I am gonna try not to get too excited since even the mention of it here could be a jinx. It is tough not to have expectations, but I am going to try not to ask too many questions. What is the worst that could happen? Plenty actually, but being open to new experiences is why I got into the lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy your sexy weekend!


  1. Raine says:

    Glad it was fun and everything went smooth. I hope the enjoyment without any issues continues. :)

  2. Thank you for the updates during the belly dancing. Those pictures helped improve my night.

    I try hard to always go into new situations with no expectations. I always have more fun that way and tend to relax more.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  3. Aaron says:

    Have fun! We’re just going out for a few drinks and do some karaoke at our friendly neighborhood bar tonight

  4. The Fornication says:

    Hey sexy lady, “you only live once!”

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