LELO Ella ~Follow-Up Friday


I have to admit, I had to dig through my toy drawers to even locate my LELO Ella. It has been almost a year since I reviewed the Ella Now that I have played with it a bit I have no idea why this isn’t in my top drawer. The LELO Ella doesn’t look like anything special, but it is.

The LELO Ella is one of the best toys I have found for g-spot play. It is comfortable on my g-spot and hits it right every time. This is awesome for someone like me, that likes clitoral vibes and wants a little something extra. I use this dildo with a little bit of water-based lube and a clitoral vibe.

The LELO Ella is about 7″ long. It is covered with smooth matte silicone. It is hard and firm and has a small LELO stamp in it on the side. It has a slight g-spot curve with a smooth flat surface. Many toy makers have tried to duplicate this shape simply because it works so well for g-spot. This dildo came with a black satin storage bag with a drawstring and a one year warranty.

The only reason I can figure for it’s lack of use is the length. If it were a bit longer it would be absolutely perfect. It is a small bit uncomfortable to try and thrust this toy into my g-spot. I have heard that the Picobong Moka might be even better for solo g-spot play since it is even longer than the Ella by about 3/4 inch. Since they are both actually made by LELO this isn’t a bad deal. 1 Even better than that would be the Pure Wand. 2 Really though I am glad to have re-discovered the Ella for follow-up Friday, it is worth the trouble. This is a toy that I can get out and it works every time. The LELO Ella is something I can still recommend for g-spot play.

I think follow-up reviews are gonna be a regular feature. It might help me re-discover some things I have forgotten about. Thanks to BuzzOnVibes and Nymphomaniacness for coming up with the idea.

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  1. The Moka comes with the same warranty and it does vibrate (a little or so I have heard)
  2. One day I hope to have this toy that everyone raves about!

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